Institute of Technology, Nirma University is hosting the 3rd edition of Mitsubishi Electric Cup.

The competition aims at improving the ability of college students for engineering application, arouse their interests in learning engineering technology, build up an innovation capacity and cooperation spirit in them, as well as improve self-management ability and communication skills. It is also intended to embody the "learning for practice" ideology, review students' actual manufacturing and commissioning abilities, meanwhile enhance exchange and cooperation between university and enterprise.

The theme for this year is ‘Innovative Solutions for Smart Manufacturing’ under which students will be required to independently design and produce a complete set of devices and models by using Mitsubishi Electric factory automation products.

This year, the third edition of the ME Cup  invites participation and entries from technical institutions across the country. 

Students are required to integrate Mitsubishi Electric’s factory automation products (including PLC, servo, inverter and human-machine interface, etc.), build up and achieve an analogous system of smart manufacturing.

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