One Day Seminar on Radiation Effects in Semiconductor Devices, Physics, Modeling and Mitigation

Course Objectives:

This short course will cover a broad range of topics related to the radiation effects of semiconductor devices in general, and related to single-event induced soft error in particular. This full-day course is aimed at IC design engineers and semiconductor device engineers who wish to learn more about the theory, experimental facts of radiation effects, and the mitigation design techniques against these adverse effects.

Intended Audience:

This course is aimed primarily at IC designers, device engineers and product managers who wish to learn more about the growing concerns over radiation-induced soft errors in both ground and space environments. Due to the multi-disciplinary nature of the materials covered in this course, introductory tutorials on nuclear technology, microelectronic devices and processes will be provided for participants from IC design background. A basic undergraduate education in science or engineering is assumed.

Benefits to Attendees:

Upon completion of this course, attendees from all backgrounds will have an overall understanding of radiation effects in both ground and space environments, which enables one to meaningfully participate in technical discussions during procurement and test of existing chips, or during design and implementation of new radiation-hardened chips. Additionally, IC designers can expect to learn the radiation-hardening-by-design techniques that have been proven effective. Device engineers will learn about the process options relevant to radiation tolerance, and EDA models needed in a radiation-hardened design. IC product managers can expect to learn about the radiation-hardness specifications achieved as the state of the art, and rational and trade-offs behind these specifications.