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Training programme on "Big Data Analytics" for SAC-ISRO

Looking into the demand of the Big Data Analytics professionals in various sectors of industry, department of Computer Engineering proposes an executive industrial training programme on Big Data Analytics. Looking into the volume of data generated in the form of images and various other devices at ISRO it becomes mandatory to store, manage, analyse and visualize the data in an effective way. The large data have very different processing tool sets and skill requirements for their management unlike the mining of conventional data set. The industrial training programme will be conducted in six days, 6 hours per resulting into total of 36 Hrs. Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Institute of Technology, Nirma University will be conducting a one week Training Programme on Big Data Analytics for Engineers/ Scientists/ Application Practitioners of SAC, ISRO, Ahmedabad during 24th October 2016 – 30th October 2018.

Scintilla 2018

# Technophilic events:

1. Robo Soccer: This event is designed to check the circuit implementation and accuracy of the participants. In first session, participants will learn some basic fundamentals of circuit making based on real life application and basics of the robotics and what are different kinds of robots are made in current scenario. And second part is a robot competition. In which participants will perform a competition based on a game of soccer or any other task based game .

# Workshop

Google’s Smart Home: In this, we would provide the students with Wi-Fi development board to connect to various devices in their home. They will get knowledge about the basics of coding of Arduino and insight into artificial intelligence. In which they will be acknowledged by the glimpse of the artificial intelligence and brief application based thorough understanding of the internet of things. And they will be able to use this concept to operate their own devices and projects by this techniques.

Special Event:

1. Tesla Talk: As being most researched topic, we would organize a session and give idea to students on this topic and advancement which can be bought in the field of electric vehicles and participants will get thorough understanding of how the research can be made in this field and will realize that better and best is always yet to come.

# Technophobic events:

1. Nerd Quiz: This is fun nearly non-technical event. In which; a presenter will be asking questions related to electrical terms in comics and movies, and the participants will be answering it intelligently. The main focus of this quiz will be marvel and DC movies and comics stuff. 

2. Finding Potencia: Mock Placement session would provide participants the glimpse of Placement process. Participants are required to give an Aptitude test, followed by the Group Discussion round. Qualifying Candidates would appear for the Personal-Interview session, besides from mock placement the event also prepares you for of GRE, CAT and GATE,the preparation includes round of above exams followed by Group Discussion round and Personal Interview. 

3. Clue Minati : A treasure hunt is one of many different types of games for players who try to find hidden objects or places by following a series of clues, and as it is related to electrical department all the clues will be related to it. The main aim is to combine a fun activity with more of knowledge in electrical domain.

Foundation Day Celebration 2018

Institute of Technology, Nirma University is going to celebrate its 23rd Foundation Day on October 03, 2018. The students, faculty members and staff members having remarkable achievements in the last year will be felicitated on this occasion. The students securing First/Second/Third rank in B. Tech. FY/SY/TY will also be felicitated by Gold/Silver/Bronze medals on that day. Nirma Institute of Technology Alumni Association (NITAA) offers scholarships to needy students based on the merit cum means on this occasion. NITAA “Alumni Award” will also be given for alumnus contribution to national development, having significant achievements and effective linkage with the department. On this occasion, various activities like social or technical events organized by student associations. The celebration will start in the gracious presence of Dr. Anup Singh, Director General, Nirma University at 10.00 a.m. C--Auditorium in Nirma University Campus.

Organizing Seminar on "Research Skill Development" - IEEE Student Branch Nirma University

The seminar aims to familiarize and educate the students with the recent trends in projects, teach them how research papers are written, give information on what tools can be used to produce good quality research paper and encourage them to conduct some research work.


1. Recipe of Becoming a Researcher (On 23rd August, 2018) - By Dr. Dhaval Pujara
2. Art of Writing Research Papers and Report (On 30th August, 2018) - By Dr. Dhaval Pujara
3. ICT Tools for Effective Research (On 31st August, 2018) - By Dr. Santosh Vora & Dr. Sachin Gajjar
Time: 4:10 pm to 6:15 pm
Venue: A Audi

Speaker Profile

Dr. Dhaval Pujara:
Dr. Dhaval Pujara has 55+ publications at international/national level to his credit. He was deputed to Space Applications Center (SAC), Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Ahmedabad, India for carrying out research on ‘Antennas for Satellite Applications’. He has been awarded ‘The Young Scientist Award’ in the year 2011 by International Union of Radio Science (URSI) and as the “Best Engineering College Teacher” of the Gujarat state by ISTE.
Dr. Santosh Vora:
Dr. Santosh Vora has published 10+ publications at international/national journals and 16+ conference papers at international/national level. He has guided 30 Masters’ thesis and guiding 02 research scholars towards their doctoral degree. He has been invited by reputed institutes, industries and has offered consultancy services. At present, he is serving as coordinator at Centre for Quality Assurance and Academic Development, Nirma University.
Dr. Sachin Gajjar:
Dr. Sachin Gajjar has 30+ publications at international and national level. Currently guiding projects on Networking and Mobile chips. His areas of specialization include Wireless Sensor Networks, Embedded Systems, Computer Networks. He had secured funding from GUJCOST to conduct research on Agriculture Support System Using Wireless Sensor Network.


Registration fees (For All 3 sessions)(Including certificate)

Rs. 30 per person (Non - IEEE members) - payment via paytm included in registration form.
FREE for IEEE members
Note: Participant will receive certificate if they attend all three sessions.
Registration Form
Registrations are limited to 100 students on first come first serve basis.

Any query?

Write an email or Contact:, +91-8487007808 (Dhaval Patel), +91-9099923994 (Nitish Kulkarni)


STTP on Wheels: Industrial Automation

It is planned to contact different nearby industries to get approval for the visit of the participants. During the programme, the participants will visit the industries to get the idea about latest practices adopted in the industry. It will be planned such that in the beginning of the visit, designated person from the industry brief about the activity of the industries and also make aware the participants with current technologies being used. The rigorous plant visit will be followed by the presentation from the industry.
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Models of Computation, Verification and Validation

Computational modelling is the use of computers to simulate and study the behaviour of complex systems using mathematics, physics and computer science. Numerous new models of computation have emerged and several developments in traditional models are proposed recently to cater to various application domains. The purpose of the course is to discuss various theoretical and application aspects of modelling techniques in computer science. The course will cover computational models in language theory and automata, computational complexity theory, computational logic models, modelling for program verification and validation, petri net models, performance analysis models, cognitive models, security models, reinforcement learning models, and parallel computing models. 

For Brochure: Click Here

STTP on "Advances in Thermal and Fluid Science" 18th to 30th June 2018

The program is designed to address various aspects of ongoing developments in the field production and industrial engineering. Two weeks training program is designed to address research and development activities and current practices in this area. The course provides unique opportunity to the faculty members, the researchers, practicing engineers and students to be benefited with various talks and interactive sessions from Experts in the concern field.
Brochure_STTP_Mech_2018 can be download HERE

STTP on "Current Trends in Sustainable Infrastructure Development"

The main objective of this Short Term Training Programme (STTP) is to provide exposure of sustainable construction material and technology to all the participants. Apart, it is aimed to discuss recent trends of sustainable infrastructure development and issues faced during implementation. It is expected that participants, will able to carry out life cycle assessment of the project and will able to design the energy efficient building.

This programme is planned for academicians having ISTE membership, full time research scholars and professionals working in the field of civil engineering and architecture.


Exhibition and Demonstration of the robots prepared by the students for Robocon 2018

Robocon is an International Robotics Contest, organized by ABU and hosted by various countries since 2002. Team Nirma Robocon has been participating in the event since 2002 and has won the National Championship 8th time so far.

The exhibition and demonstration of the robots prepared by the students for Robocon 2018 national event is scheduled as follows:





04:15 pm to 06:00 pm

Robocon Lab

Ground floor,

New Building,

Beside Institute of Law




10:00 am to 03:00 pm

The demonstration is open for all the students, faculty members and staff members of IT, NU as per the above mentioned schedule.

Civil Maniacs, Nu-TECH 2018

As part of Nu-TECH 2018, Department of Civil Engineering is coming with "Civil Maniacs" on 7th and 8th March 2018.

Civil Maniacs is offering 2 workshops and 5 competitive events for the students of Civil Engineering across the country. 

Nu Tech 2018

This is an institute level technical event. So many events are organized by Information Technology department. Details are as follow.


Codzilla (Coding Event)


DATE: 7th March, 2018


VENUE: B203(1st round); B-104-5 &106(2nd round)



The sole motive of this event is to give new programmers the much-needed incentive. There will be two rounds-one eliminations round and the finals.  The event will consist of 5-6 questions testing the basic programming concepts along with advance implementation techniques and data structures and algorithms.


JIGSAW PUZZLE (Coding Event)


DATE: 8th March,2018.


VENUE: B-203,204(1st round); B-104(2nd round)



There will be 9 puzzles in the event. All the coders will get a key to one piece for each successful completion of the question. Depending upon the difficulty level, the pieces will be rated corresponding to it. This event will aim to develop participant’s coding ability, puzzle-solving ability to decode the final puzzle and quick thinking in the process. The final puzzle may also test participant’s IQ and quizzing abilities.

Code Jam

Event Coordinator: Neha Kumpavat, Femi Javia
Event Date: March 8,2018
Event Time: 11:00 AM
Venue: A104, B104, B106, B205 Computer Labs
No of Participants Present: 228
----Event Description----
This was a competitive coding event different than the usual ones. The participants were given five questions in Hacker rank which involved logical problem statements. Based on these, they had to design the code to get the required output. Participants were allowed to code in different languages like C, C++, JAVA, etc. based on the participants’ preferences.
The criteria for judging the winners was
a) No. of questions solved.
b) Output obtained in required time and space.
c) Presence of mind with regards to all the possibilities of each case
d) Other criteria specific to the case.
1. Jeel Vaishnav
2. Yash Kothari



Event Coordinators: 1. Mohit Agarwal

2. Shashvat Shah

Event Date: March 7-8,2018

Event Time:9:15 AM

Venue: Yoga Hall

No of Participants Present: 25

----Event Description----

Hackathon was a 30 hours event where computer programmers involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers collaborate intensively on software projects. The idea was to collaboratively get the coding done in an extreme manner, to be started from scratch and end with a working prototype within the 30 hours.

This was the first time it was conducted at Nirma University, and it proved to be a successful event where the teams were able to come up with beautiful prototypes after completion of the final time. The teams were to work on the domain Skill India, with subdomains as Women Security, AgriTech, Health Care, FinTech, Education, and Manufacturing. The final participants worked on both software as well as hardware. Conducting this hackathon helped participants to come up with innovative ideas and helped them in self-development. The participants were mentored by well-renowned experts from the industry. The mentors were from all the three sectors of product development: Software, Hardware as well as Marketing. The final judging was also done by the jury of all the described fields.
The judging criteria were based on
1. The idea of the project and its feasibility as per the definition provided.
2. Completion of the project.
3. The marketing strategy of the idea.
4. Scalability of the idea.

Network Security and Ethical Hacking
Event Coordinator: Priya Bhalara, Bhavinee Jadav, Jugal Shah
Event Date: March 7,2018
Event Time: 11:00 AM
No of Participants Present: 51
----Event Description----
This was conducted by Arjun G. Sharma, Founder and CEO of ADDROPE TECHNOLOGIES. It was a workshop regarding network security and its different applications in ethical hacking. The attendees were introduced with Ethical Hacking and basics in Networking. Apart from that, expert showed the demo of Mobile Hacking, Website hacking and Email Hacking. Information regarding Kali Linux Operating System and Cyber Law was also given.




The biggest tech hunt in the state of Gujarat
The fiesta of culture and 
The most significant event  of Nirma University

The perfect destination for the coding champs, the rocket scientists, Arduino experts or the engine owners to be.
The most suited place for the cultural extravaganza.

With our history,
Of Having NARENDRA MODI at our launch
Or the musical magic of KAILASH KHER at our campus.
Be it VVS LAXMAN, the cricket expert on our campus or the internet sensation, THE VIRAL FEVER!
Cheers, to the concert of INDIAN OCEAN we pulled out in 2017!

Nutech has been a flagship event of NIRMA UNIVERSITY with participants from smallest of the corners of Gujarat!

For More Details : Click Here



CSI Organizes Workshop on 


Mr. Arjun Gopal Sharma
Founder and CEO of ADDROPE Technology


  • Diploma in Cyber Law and Program in Internet Crime Investigation from Asian School of Cyber Law and Government Law college, Mumbai.
  • B.Com from MSU.
  • Computer Hardware and Networking Administration from IANT

About Workshop

Live demos and case studies on Introduction to Ethical Hacking(includes brief about what is Ethical hacking, who are hackers, types of hackers,case study), Basics of Networking and Internet(IP and classes of IP, CMD commands, TOR,VPN and Proxies, Anonymous Surfing), Foot-Printing and Information gathering Techniques(Domain and hosting, Whois), Introduction to Crypto Currency and Bitcoin in Details, Windows and system hacking(Hacking methodology, cracking passwords, keyloggers, covering tracks,Stenography), What are Virus, Trojans and Backdoors(Types of viruses, Trojan and difference between virus and worm), Google hacking and Dorks, Game hacking, Email and social networking sites account hacking(Email Spoofing, Mobile number and SMS Spoofing, phishing, Countermeasures), Mobile hacking (Fake Calling, Android Rooting), Website hacking(SQL Injection, Havij, Denial of Service(DoS) Attack, Kali LINUX Operting System, WI-FI Hacking and Countermeasures, Cyber Law(IT Act).

Institute of Technology, Nirma University is hosting the 3rd edition of Mitsubishi Electric Cup.

The competition aims at improving the ability of college students for engineering application, arouse their interests in learning engineering technology, build up an innovation capacity and cooperation spirit in them, as well as improve self-management ability and communication skills. It is also intended to embody the "learning for practice" ideology, review students' actual manufacturing and commissioning abilities, meanwhile enhance exchange and cooperation between university and enterprise.

The theme for this year is ‘Innovative Solutions for Smart Manufacturing’ under which students will be required to independently design and produce a complete set of devices and models by using Mitsubishi Electric factory automation products.

This year, the third edition of the ME Cup  invites participation and entries from technical institutions across the country. 

Students are required to integrate Mitsubishi Electric’s factory automation products (including PLC, servo, inverter and human-machine interface, etc.), build up and achieve an analogous system of smart manufacturing.

Click here for the details

Cubix 2018

BreakTheLoop was a traditional pen paper quiz with our own unique CSI twist. The questions of
every round were interconnected, ie the answer of the previous question was necessary to
solve the subsequent question. This event tested the participants critical thinking, logic and
problem solving skills, three important skills required in every professional. The event consisted
of three rounds with five,three and two questions for the first, second and third round
respectively. Time for each round was decreased linearly, starting at twenty five minutes for the
first round, then twenty for the second and fifteen minutes for the final round.
? Date - 18 January 2018, 4pm
? Venue - B101 Auditorium
? Coordinators - Khusboo Shah, Bhavini Agrawal
? Number of Participants - 18
? Winner - Sachin Heda (16BCE074)



CipherKings was pen and paper based event which required contestants to use their deduction
and logic to decipher text from the given information. The information provided by each question
seemed random at first, but contestants had to look for the hidden pattern and apply a
mathematical approach to solve the problem. The event consisted of two rounds.
? Date - 19 January 2018, 4pm
? Venue - B101 Auditorium
? Coordinators -Pathey Shah, Kartavya Soni
? Number of Participants - 10
? Winner - Ashish Mittal (17A047)


Code.Skills() was a coding competition exclusively for first year students, it tested their problem
solving, programming and mathematical foundations. CSI aimed to strengthen these core skills
with this competition. The event consisted of three questions of varying difficulties, to be solved
in ninety minutes. Each challenge had a predetermined score. A participant’s score depended
on the number of test cases a participant’s code submission successfully passed. Passing each
test case would grant a share of the predetermined score,based on the difficulty of the test
case. If a participant submitted more than one solution per challenge, then the participant’s
score would reflect the highest score achieved. Participants are ranked by score. If two or more
participants achieve the same score, then the tie is broken by the total time taken to submit the
last solution resulting in a higher score.
? Date - 19 January 2018, 4pm
? Venue - B201 Computer Lab
? Coordinators - Qasim Bhatia, Pradip Ghodasara
? Number of Participants - 35
? Winner - Kandarp Kakkad (17E049)



BrainHackers was a coding competition which involved questions of data structures, graph
theory, and mathematical computation. The event consisted of five questions of varying
difficulties, to be solved in one hundred and twenty minutes. Each challenge had a
predetermined score. A participant’s score depended on the number of test cases a participant’s
code submission successfully passed. Passing each test case would grant a share of the
predetermined score,based on the difficulty of the test case. If a participant submitted more than
one solution per challenge, then the participant’s score would reflect the highest score achieved.
Participants are ranked by score. If two or more participants achieve the same score, then the
tie is broken by the total time taken to submit the last solution resulting in a higher score.
? Date - 19 January 2018, 9pm
? Venue - Offsite
? Coordinators - Qasim Bhatia, Pradip Ghodasara
? Number of Participants - 20
? Winner - Ashish Lal (17G041)