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Foundation Day Celebration

Foundation day of Institute of Technology will be celebrated on 1st October 2014. On this day faculty members, supporting staff and the students are felicitated for various achievements during the year. Students of various associations will be organizing different activities to enhance their technical and managerial skills.

Column Model Making Competition

The Department of Civil Engineering had organized Column Model Making Competition for B. Tech Sem. III students on 29th and 30th September, 2014 during 04.15 p.m. to 06.15 p.m. The main objective of column making competition was to demonstrate conceptual understanding of various topics such as Direct and Bending Stresses as well as Buckling Instability of Columns, Deflection, Moment of Inertia etc. studied by the students during course of Structural Mechanics - I (CL301) and to evolve efficient column geometry.

Robotic Workshop

Two days Robotic workshop on Mobile Operated Robot is jointly organized by MESA and ECO clubs in association with ROBOCON team for the B.Tech students of various institute across Gujarat State.


It is an extension activity in which students of various schools are invited and basics of automobiles and robotics are demonstrated. Students are also exposed to various hands on experience during workshop sessions on Bike maintenance, Robotics, Car cut section model etc. The event also includes the activities like quiz, field visits, expert lectures and other learning with fun activities.

Multimedia Signal Processing Theory and Applications

The main objective of training programme is to cover the lossy and lossless compression algorithms for speech image and video compression and latest standards used in market for real time transmission. The course also contains basics of multimedia networks and advance protocol followed for multimedia content transmission. The course will have theory lectures by eminent speakers and experts working in this areas as well as hands on sessions conducted by experts from Industry and experience faculty members.

Two week ISTE approved STTP on "Future Frontiers in Catalysis"

Catalysis lies at the heart of many chemical processes from the academic research lab through living systems to the industrial large-scale reactor. By understanding and careful use of catalysis many processes can be made faster, cleaner and more sustainable. Catalysis has been proved to be a key parameter for successful process development of many technologies. Catalysis can help us to improve the performance of the process in terms of better conversion and selectivity for desired products. To make aware the participants about the latest development in the field of catalysis.

ISTE approved STTP on "BIG DATA: Data Exploration and Visualization"

This STTP will provide excellent opportunities to faculty members, In-service /Professionals/ Engineering / Researchers working/planning to work in the area of Data Mining and related areas. Ph.D./PG students aim to enhance their skills in field of Data mining are encourage to participate. To explore practical issues in the area of Data Mining and system Development.

ISTE approved STTP on "JAVA Technologies"

This STTP will enhance and provide platform for refreshing the basics and advanced features of Java Technologies, with hands on training to Faculty members/ Professionals/ Researchers /PG Students for developing software of their concern using Java Technologies.

ISTE approved STTP on "Recent Practices IN Software Testing and Analysis"

This STTP will provide excellent opportunities to faculty members, In-service /Professionals/ Engineering / Researchers working/planning to work in software development/software testing, Ph.D./PG students aim to enhance or automation in field software testing, technical adviser for decision making of project planning/ product purchase.

Earthquake Resistant Design and Retrofitting of Structures

The Two week short term training programme is aimed to discuss fundamentals of seismic- analysis & design and proliferation of earthquake engineering in recent times. Seismic analysis has seen an advancement from Linear Static Analysis to Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis and seismic design from conventional design to Performance Based Design. Due to advent of Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) material, seismically deficient structures and/or structures damaged due to earthquake can be restrengthened. These advancements in the domain of Earthquake Resistant Design and Maintenance are being discussed at length with one to one interactions with speakers and participants from Industry and Academia.

STTP on “ Trends and Innovations in Electrical Power Engineering”

Electrical Engineering Programme of Institute of Technology, Nirma University is organizing a two week STTP on "TRENDS AND INNOVATIONS IN ELECTRICAL POWER ENGINEERING" from 30th June to 11th July, 2014. This will provide an opportunity to understand, meet experts, to share experience, broaden view and observations, to hone skills and to cultivate new thoughts in the area of emerging trends in power engineering. The STTP will provide excellent opportunities for Faculty Members of Recognized Engineering Colleges & Polytechnics, In-Service Professionals / Engineers / Researchers working in relevant field and Ph.D. / PG Students working on relevant technical area of Electrical Engineering and Power Systems. The details of the program, course fee, how to apply and registration form is attached herewith.

ISTE Main Workshop on Computer Networking

Over 5 years ago, we started conducting ISTE workshops for empowering teachers of engineering colleges. We first scaled up to engage 1,000 teachers at a time, in subject specific training workshops of two week duration. In 2013 we scaled this program further, to train up to 10,000 teachers at a time (T10KT), using 342 established remote centers across India. IIT Kharagpur is our partner Institution. Together, we have a mandate through a funded project from the National Mission on Education using ICT (NME-ICT) of MHRD, to train 1,50,000 teachers in 15 such workshops.

Workshop on Mobile application development (5 days).

The android beginner level workshop was conducted for students, staff and faculty members. Total 49 students, 5 faculty members of other college and 6 staff members of our Institute had registered for the workshop. The session was covered by internal faculty members (Prof Saurin Parikh, Prof Sharnil Pandya and Prof Dhaval Jha). Two Alumni Members were invited as external experts to deliver few sessions. The Programme was conducted based on blended teaching methodology. All open source softwares were used during practical sessions. The course material was shared on and the same will be used as Q/A platform for answering future queries of participants (if any). Industry persons are also included as experts on The participants were satisfied with the workshop and had good hands on experience during the workshop.