Institute of Technology

Electrical Engineering Department


The Electrical Engineering Department, Institute of Technology under Nirma University offers B.Tech. programme in Electrical Engineering (EE) and two M.Tech. programmes viz. Power Electronics, Machines & Drives (PEMD) and Electrical Power Systems (EPS). Doctoral research programme is also offered by the Department in the areas of Power Electronics and Power Quality, High Voltage Engineering and Electrical Power Systems. The programmes are designed and updated keeping in view the constantly changing industrial needs, skills to be developed, and challenges emerging out of new research. The programmes are well – received by the industry, and academia as well. The department emphasizes towards imparting quality education, rigorous teaching-learning, hands-on expertise and helping students to shape their all-round personality.

The Department with its strong pool of faculty, well-developed laboratories, latest software and hardware facilities, contributes to develop life-long learning skills to its graduate and post-graduate students, while producing worthy researchers by offering doctoral research programme. The department is actively involved in funded research projects apart from offering design, analysis and testing based consultancy work to relevant industries.

The Electrical Engineering programme is very well equipped with laboratory facilities and constantly upgrading available hardware and software to create conducive teaching-learning, and research / testing environment leading to a great opportunity to learn and progress in different technical domains. Some of the faculty members have obtained their Ph.D. from NITs, IITs and IISc, whereas some are undergoing their doctoral research. Faculty members are associated with nearby academia and industries by means of offering consultancy services, testing facilities, delivering expert talks etc.

Thrust areas of Electrical Engineering Department are - Power Electronics & Drives, Power Systems Engineering, Electrical Machines, Switchgear & Protection, High Voltage Engineering, Control System & Instrumentation, Electrical Networks and Electrical measurements.

Programme Specific Outcomes

  1. demonstrate dexterity in the domains of Electrical Engineering viz. network analysis, control systems, electrical machines, electronics and electrical power systems.
  2. understand specifications and requirements, apply laws, analyze, simulate circuits, interpret results and design appropriate solutions in various areas of electrical engineering with evident validation.
  3. contemplate and contribute for energy efficient use of electricity through acquired knowledge.