Institute of Technology

CUDA Teaching Center

Institute of Technology, Nirma University has been a CUDA Teaching Center since 2011. Some of the activities carried under and CUDA Teaching Center at Nirma University is as mentioned below:

  • We had introduced a new subject named Multicore Computing in our curriculam of Masters of Technology in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE), wherein the programming and optimization based concepts were covered. The course content is focused  at making students acquainted with parallel programming concepts in multicore systems. The practical sessions are carried out using CUDA based architecture leveraging GPGPU capabilities.

  • In the course on Computer Architecture in MTech (CSE) and MTech (Network Technologies), the  hardware aspects of vector and GPU architectures are introduced. The laboratory sessions focuses on CUDA programming and hardware based visualizations by studying profilers and analyzers 

  • Final Year students of MTech (CSE and ICT) in association with our faculties, are involved in carrying out project work using GPGPU systems in different domains and publications in International Journals and Conferences have been done.

  • A National Level short term training program (STTP) on Multicore Computing, was also conducted for the faculties of various Institutes across Gujarat and other states. During this  NVIDIA personal named Mr. Sandarbh Jain was also invited for technical sessions and interaction.

  • Currently department has purchased a multi-GPU based system for R&D activities.

  • Latest edition of CUDA based books has been included in the Institute's library

Apart from this, we are also working for using GPUs for accelerating high performance applications in the domain of computational science, bioinformatics, multimedia systems and large database systems. These projects are being coordinated by faculties who are currently pursuing their PhDs ( at  IIT Kanpur, DAIICT and Nirma University) in the area of high performance computing.

We are also collaborating with Institute for Plasma Research(IPR) a Government of India organization, for parallelization of their scientific codes. This initiatives requires more and more students to be acquainted with CUDA based programming and architectural know how. This Teaching Center will help us to popularize the architecture further and involve their participation in this initiative.