Visit by Faculty Members - Pile Load Test at Construction of Foot Over Bridge on Sabarmati Riverfront

Faculty members of Civil Engineering Department have visited pile load test on 04th December, 2018 at Construction of Foot Over Bridge on Sabarmati Riverfront between Ellis Bridge and Sardar Bridge. M/S P&R Infraprojects Limited is the contractor for construction of said foot over bridge. The test was done with very recent and unique technology as described below:

The 38.5 m deep pile, designed for 1750 tonne safe load, is being tested using Bi-direction pile load test method, using super cells technology. The said technology is recently developed and patented by Mr. Snehal Patel, Prosperity, Super Cell Bharat. The pile is loaded using four super cells, each having capacity of 500 tonne, installed 1 m above the end of the pile. The test data in form of load carrying capacity, displacement and strain, measured and recorded using data loggers. During the visit, faculty members have seen the said technology and various instrumentation (sensors and data loggers). Faculty members have also interacted with Mr. Snehal Patel & his team and Engineers of P&R Infraprojects Limited. Apart, faculty members have also visited dredging and sand filling to create artificial island to be used as pathway for supply of materials and equipment.