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Expert Lectures


It was organised for M.Tech (CASAD), Semester-I Students
An expert lecture was organised by Civil Engineering Department, Nirma University for the Student of M. Tech. 1 st Sem, 3 rd Sem and B. Tech. 7 th Sem (CL621 Prestressed Concrete Elective course) on 27 th September 2017 on “Post Tensioning Systems in Building Construction”. It was delivered by Mr. Arun Sankhat, Director – Engineering & Desing, Post Tension Services India Pvt. Ltd. He explained about “Step by step analysis and design of the prestressed concrete slab & beam and post te

Creativity and Innovation in Structural Design
An expert talk was organized for the students of Semester II M Tech CASAD (Civil) and B Tech Semester VI students who are studying MRS Elective.
Lecture series on Finite Element Method - FEM by subject expert and eminent professor of IIT Bombay Prof. Y. M. Desai on 18th March 2017 from 10:00 am to 04:00 pm.
This Lecture was arranged for B-Tech 6th semester students for the Departmental Elective Sustainable Building Technologies.
Expert Lecture was arranged for B-Tech-6th Semester students.
Organized by OrCES in association with "Safer Roads Safer India Campaign 2016".
Expert lecture was delivered to the students of B.Tech. Semester III (A and B Division) on 13th October, 2016.
This lecture was arranged for B-tech 7th semester students of elective subject "Traffic Engineering and Design".
Expert lecture was delivered by Mr. Ronak Shah on topic "Design of Steel Industrial Structures" for 7th semester student.
Expert lecture was delivered by Mr. Harish Chadra Jakhmola,Sr. Manager, L & T Power on topic "Quality Management" as a part of fractional course for 5th semester student.
Mr. Dharmesh Joshi delivered expert talk on topic "Anchor Fasteners in Repair of Structures" to the students of M Tech Sem. II
Mr. J S Thaku delivered expert talk to the students of M Tech Sem. II and IV.
Prof. Svetlana Brezev had interacted with students of M Tech Sem. II and IV on topic "Retrofitting of Masonry Buildings
Dr. Prakash Nanthagopalan has delivered the lecture on "Rational Mixture Design of Self-Compacting Concrete" to M.Tech students on 21st November 2015.
Mr. Ronak Shah has delivered the lecture on "Design of Steel Industrial Building" on October 23, 2015 at B-101 from 9 am onwards for DOS III subject.
An expert lecture was organized by Civil Engineering Department, Nirma University for the Student of M. Tech. 1st Sem, 3rd Sem and B. Tech. 7th Sem on 16th Oct 2015 on “Prestressed Concrete – A Theoretical and Practical Approach”. It was delivered by Mr. Nitin Patni, Design Director, Aeon Post Tensioning. He explained about “How to step by step design the prestressed slab & beam and in real field how to construct”.
An expert lecture by Dr. B. S. Munjal on “Smart Materials and Smart Structure” is arranged at 11:15 a.m. for students of M. Tech Sem. I. on 10th October 2015
Organization of Civil Engineering Students (OrCES) in association with Indian Society of Remote Sensing (ISRS) has organized an expert lecture by Dr. S. S. Sarkar, Scientist, ISRO on “Mars Mission” and painting competition for students of B. Tech Civil Engineering on 09th October, 2015.Selected paintings will be published in the Magazine of ISRS.
An expert lecture by Dr. Amit Prashant from IIT Gandhinagar is scheduled on 05th October, 2015 during 08:45 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. at C-auditorium for students of B. Tech Sem. V, VII.
Dr. H. S. Patil has delivered the expert lecture on “Mathematical applications in Civil Engineering” during 11:15 a.m. to 01:15 p.m. for M.Tech 1st semester students in PG seminar hall.
Dr. B. H. Bharatkumar has delivered an expert talk on “Condition Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Structure” during 04:15 p.m. to 06:15 p.m. for M.Tech semester I at PG seminar hall.
An expert lecture is arranged for M. Tech. (CASAD) Semester - I & III students on 12th August, 2015 between 9.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.
Expert lecture by Shri Harish Jakhmola, Project Manager, SGS on slip Form work technique was arranged on7/8/2015 during 11.15 to 1.15 for sem.VII.

Dr. Pankaj Sampat, Vice-President, Planning Department, GIFT and Ms. Khushali Modi, Manager, Planning Department, GIFT (M. Tech Alumni) has delivered an expert lecture on 15th April, 2015. B. Tech Sem. VI students have attended the expert lecture. Students have also visited construction of GIFT City on the same day, after completion of expert lecture. Dr. S. S. Kolte and Prof. Tarak Bhatt have accompanied the students during the visit.
Expert talk was arranged for Semester 4th and 6th students on 31st March 2015 between 11:15 to 1:15 p.m.
An expert lecture by Shri Balkrishen Pandit, Geologist ( GWSSB, Gandhinagar) on "Geology and its Application in Civil Engineering” for the students of 4th Semester Civil Engineering( Div A,B and C) was arranged on 23rd March, 2015 during 4:15 – 6:15 PM at A-101.
An expert lecture by Mr. Kaizad Engineer, Founder, Ustha Infinity Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara related to structural repairing and retrofitting is arranged on 21st March 2015 for M. Tech Sem. II students. He discussed various case histories of projects done by them, new types of materials used by them for repairing and retrofitting work of off-shore structures such as jetty, historical structures such as palaces etc. He has also discussed various aspect of repair and retrofitting of structures.
He has delivered the expert lecture on Solid Waste Management for B.Tech semester VI students as a part of Environmental Engineering II.
Expert talk was delivered on 19th March 2015 for M.Tech (CASAD) semester 2 students to expose them about the detailing of steel structures.
The expert talk was arranged on 14th March, 2015 for M. Tech Sem. II students.
An expert lecture by Dr. P.K.Garg was arranged for Sem. IV civil students (Division A, B and C) during 8.45 am to 10.45 am on 9/03/2015.
The lecture was organized on "Assessment of Bridges" for M.Tech (CASAD) students.
The lecture was arranged for M.Tech (CASAD) semester II students on 30th January 2015
Expert lecture was organized on "“Design of Industrial Structures" for M.Tech (CASAD) sem: II students
Interaction related to dissertation work, research work etc. with students of M. Tech semester II
An expert lecture on “Design of Industrial Structures” for students of B. Tech Sem. VII, by from was arranged on 25th September, 2014.
Dr. Kalidas from Eco-carbon Ltd. has visited our department during 23rd - 25th September, 2014. During his visit, he has demonstrated procedure to prepare No-aggregate concrete. He has also explained the same to students. He has also delivered two lectures on “No-aggregate concrete” for M. Tech Sem. I students on Tuesday and B. Tech Sem. III students on Wednesday.
Lecture on “Know your cement, know your concrete” was arranged for students of B. Tech, Civil Engineering, Sem. III (Division A and B).
He has delivered an expert lecture on “Recent Trends in Transportation Engineering” for B. Tech Sem. V students.
The lecture was on “Corrosion Mitigation in RC Structures” for M. Tech Sem. III students.
He has delivered an expert lecture on “Construction of Slip Formwork” for B. Tech Sem. VII students of Civil Engineering.
Dr. Karlsson was visiting Ahmedabad for a Conference on Fire Safety Engineering and was invited during that time to the Department of Civil Engineering, IT-NU on 28th August, 2014 and delivered an expert talk on “Fire Safety Engineering In Buildings” to the students of B.Tech., Civil Engineering, Semester V.
Participants of Pre-conference Tutorial on “Analysis and Design of Bridge Structures” attended the lecture.
Arranged for M.Tech. 1st Semester students