Institute of Technology

Civil Engineering Department

Established in 1996, the department offers a B.Tech. programme, M.Tech. Programme in Computer Aided Structural Analysis and Design and Ph.D. Programmes in Structural Engineering and Geomatics. The department comprises of divisions of Construction Technology, Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Material Testing, cement & concrete, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Water Resources, Surveying and GIS. Well equipped state-of-the-art laboratories like Material Testing (approved by Government of Gujarat) and Environmental Auditor Status (accorded by GPCB) offer testing and consultancy services in all the respective divisions. The department also organizes Training Programmes and Workshops for students as well as professionals from time to time. The department also offers Minor Specialization in Structural Engineering for the students of B.Tech.

The resources at the department, both literary resources as well as equipment in laboratories facilitate the teaching learning process and help students imbibe the theoretical concepts, their real time implications and their applications. The 4 month practical training in the 8th semester acts as a buffer between their transition from students to professionals and introduce them to on-site projects.

Programme Specific Outcomes

A graduate of Civil Engineering Programme will have an ability to:
  1. Apply principles of Civil Engineering to propose application-centric Solutions utilizing modern tools and techniques
  2. Plan, Design and Construct Sustainable Infrastructure satisfying Economic, Environmental, Social, Ethical and Safety Constraints
  3. Communicate effectively with Stakeholders and add values to multi-disciplinary domains in addition to Civil Engineering