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Expert Lectures


Mr Pandya shared his own experiences from his workplace during the lecture. He elaborated on how he could cope up with the atmosphere at the industrial workplace. He enlightened the students on the type of skills required in the present circumstances. He explained to the students the two broad types of job assignments, that is, the first being Departmental Operation and the other being Design & Consultancy. He opined that it is important to be polite and obedient at the workplace, concentrate an
The journey from campus to corporate is a tough one. And it is important that we realize this at our earliest and start working from this very point. To guide us with our preparations, Mr. Firoz Raja and Mr. Suraj Asnani provided some useful insights and kept the students entertained by their joyful demeanor.
He shared a well known approach to troubleshooting and improving bottom line profitability called Lean Six Sigma, which is being currently being implemented at SVM. He discussed fundamental technology capability needs of industry and key engineering topics that industry needs today - the importance of tiring academic study to industry needs like chemical informatics, artificial intelligence, green technology, applications of software and data analytics etc. The session was extremely beneficial
Mr. Ronak Soni began his talk by introducing himself. He shared his experiences and also about the areas where he worked and gained his knowledge to us. He began his teaching by giving us a general idea on Optimization of Temperature in Heat Exchangers. He discussed about LMTD and ?Tapproach of the hot fluid and cold fluid. The concept of ?Tapproach was explained by few examples and plotting a graph of Cost vs. ?Tapproach . He began to widen this knowledge and informed the students about the
Mr.Ronak Soni commenced the lecture by talking about his experiences in field of chemical process industries and the basic requirements for designing projects questioned by clients. He further stated the bifurcation of the designing companies providing us with a detailed review of each like Licencer,EPC engineering and Detailed Engineering Consultancy. He then talked about his own experiences in the designing field and various projects he came across providing us with various heuristics for
The expert lecture was based on the Process safety management and safety culture. Process safety is basically the proactive identification, evaluation and mitigation of the chemical released in the failures of chemical processes. The safety measures are thus implemented to prevent such hazards and provide a safe working environment in the industries. Then we were given the examples of the Flixborough disaster, Bopal disaster, Piper Alpha oil and many more. The one common factor in all these