Institute of Technology

Chemical Engineering Department

Chemical Engineering Department, established in 1995, offers Bachelors of Technology (B.Tech.) in Chemical Engineering, Masters of Technology (M.Tech.) in Chemical Engineering with specialization in Environmental Process Design, Energy System; and Ph.D. in various thrust areas. The Department also offers the B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering with minor specialization in Environment Engineering.

The Department comprises of highly qualified and committed faculty members with experience in both Academia and Research & Development (R&D) from all over the India. Their expertise covers various domains in Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Energy Engineering, Chemistry and Polymer Technology.

The Department is well equipped with laboratory facilities including high-end equipment like gas chromatography (GC), atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS), total organic carbon (TOC) analyser, high pressure reactor, atmospheric gas solid catalytic reactor, UV-vis spectrophotometer, rotary evaporator, planetary ball mill, packed bed columns and more. Department has also got a well-established simulation laboratory consisting of Aspen.HYSYS, HTRI, Suprpro Designer, POLYMATH and other open source software.

The Department has a strong desire of forging innovative alliance with industries to achieve academic excellence along with updated training on current professional practices. The Department offers consultancy services to the industries and also active in industrial problem solving through institute-industry-interaction. Department is a Schedule-1 Auditor of Chemical and Allied Industries recognised by Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB). It has organized many training programmes for professionals and faculty members in the areas of core chemical engineering, environmental engineering, nanotechnology, modelling, simulation, optimisation and many more.

The Department has won many prestigious National Awards from various organization like Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE), Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE), Indian Institute of Chemical Engineering (IIChE), SAE BAJA etc.

Programme Specific Outcomes

Curriculum of chemical engineering is designed to prepare graduates to attain the following program specific outcomes:
  1. An ability to model, simulate and validate the chemical engineering problems
  2. An ability to design or develop chemical processes incorporating impact of economic, environmental, social, health, safety and sustainability
  3. An ability to practice or apply chemical engineering principles, communication and other skills in a wide range of industrial and professional employment areas