Institute of Technology

Subjects - Computer Science and Engineering - Information and Network Security



Semester : I

Semester : II

Subject CodeSubjectCredits
3CS2201 Securing Interconnecting Systems 4.00
3CS2203 Cyber Security and Laws 4.00
3CS1E12 Parallel Algorithms(Elective) 4.00
3CS1E02 Simulation and Mathematical Modeling (Elective) 4.00
3CS1E14 High Performance Architecture (Elective) 4.00
3CS1E15 Information Theory and Coding (Elective) 4.00
3CS1E16 Wireless Ad Hoc Networks (Elective) 4.00
3CS1E03 Optimization Techniques (Elective) 4.00
3CS1104 Computer Architecture (Elective) 4.00
3CS1E05 Formal Specification and Verification of Programs (Elective) 4.00
3CS1107 Database Systems (Elective) 4.00
3CS1E08 Mobile Data Management (Elective) 4.00
3CS3202 Information and Retrieval Systems 4.00
3CS1E09 Distributed Algorithms (Elective) 4.00
3CS1E10 Multicore Computing (Elective) 4.00
3CS1E11 Service Oriented Architecture (Elective) 4.00
3CS1204 Distributed and Parallel Systems (Elective) 4.00
3CS2204 Intrusion Detection Systems 4.00
3CS1106 Software Engineering 4.00
3CS1E04 Software Testing and Quality Assurance (Elective) 4.00
3CS1E07 Modern Databases (Elective) 4.00
3CS1E13 Cloud Computing (Elective) 4.00
3CS1E17 Wireless Sensor Networks (Elective) 4.00
3CS1E35 Machine Learning (Elective) 4.00
3CS1E23 Data Warehousing and Mining (Elective) 4.00
3CS1E24 Web Search and Mining (Elective) 4.00
3CS1E28 Artificial Intelligence (Elective) 4.00
3CS1E32 Computer Security (Elective) 4.00
3SP1204 Research Methodology  
3CS1201 Research Seminar 1.00
3CS1205 Comprehensive Assessment - II 1.00

Semester : III

Subject CodeSubjectCredits
3CS1301 Project Part- I 13.00
3SP1301 Practical Training 0.00

Semester : IV

Subject CodeSubjectCredits
3CS1401 Project Part- II 14.00