Institute of Technology


ISA, Nirma is a group of budding Instrumentation & Control engineers striving for innovation in the field of automation. Every year, ISA conducts a number of events. TECHNOFORA is a technical fest of ISA Students’ Chapter of Nirma University which serves as an ideal platform for robo-savvy engineers to showcase their new and innovative ideas. This event is put up with a new spirit of innovation and technology to light the goblet of knowledge. This technology door opens up to you illimitable knowledge, attracting students and professionals from across the length and breadth of the nation. TECHNOFORA, as the name suggests, is a Technical Forum combining the best talents of technical institutions all over the country to give their commendable contribution to the field of Technology. Every year with the breeze of innovations we have always moved forward in our mission.

ISA, Nirma also conducts SPRINTZ- an annual non-technical event tailor-made for the freshers. SPRINTZ aims at giving talented souls, a chance to show their metal.

Every year ISA, Nirma, takes up social causes for the betterment of the people in need. It has offered invaluable services to Andh Jan Mandal – A blind people’s association.

MagIC is an annual technical magazine which aims at bringing together people from all the stages of this metamorphosing engineering life!  From a technical fanatic to an engineering brain to a thorough technical professional, all of these brought together on the same platform.

ISA, Nirma has conducted a large number of events for the Institute’s annual technical festival NUTech. NUTech ‘14 has been a tremendous success. ISA, Nirma’s robotic-oriented events namely Diamond Rush and Robo Soccer have been a grand success throughout the last few year including NUTech ’14. A 3D photography workshop had been conducted during NUTech ’14. Not only the robotics based events, this festival also saw many interesting technical events such as Techavalanche, E-mania and “How stuff works?” grab the crowd’s attention. A seminar on the various projects of ISRO was held by Dr. Debashish Goswami, Group Director, PCEG/SEDA, Associate Project Director, IMDPS, ISRO, Ahmedabad.

ISA Events Reports: