Institute of Technology

Subjects - Information Technology

B. Tech.


Semester : III

Subject CodeSubjectCredits
EC321 Basic Electronics 4.00
CE301 Digital Systems 5.00
CE302 Object Oriented Programming 5.00
CE303 Mathematical foundation of Computer Science 4.00
MA306 Applied Mathematics. 4.00
SS342 ICT Tools and Security 1.00
SP343 Entrepreneurship 0.00
SP344 Community Services 0.00

Semester : IV

Subject CodeSubjectCredits
IT401 Communication Engineering 4.00
CE402 Computer Organization 5.00
CE403 Data Structures 5.00
MA403 Probability Statistics and Numerical Analysis 5.00
IT402 Seminar 1.00
IT403 Mini Project – I 1.00
CE406 Computer Peripherals Workshop 1.00
SS341 Economics for Engineers 2.00
SP341 Ethics and Values 0.00

Semester : V

Subject CodeSubjectCredits
CE501 Theory of Computation 4.00
CE502 Database Management Systems 5.00
IT501 Data Communication Networks 5.00
CE504 Operating Systems 5.00
IT502 Web designing 3.00
IT503 Mini Project- II 1.00
SS562 Law for Engineers 2.00
SP501 Fractional Course  

Semester : VI

Subject CodeSubjectCredits
IT601 Software Engineering 4.00
-- University Elective 3.00
SP601 Capstone Course (Information Technology) 0.00
SS561 Creativity & Innovation (Information Technology) 2.00
CE601 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 4.00
CE611 .net Technologies (Elective I) 4.00
CE621 Java Technologies (Elective I) 4.00
CE631 Objective C Programming (Elective I) 4.00
CE641 Embedded C Programming (Elective I) 4.00
CE651 LAMP Technologies (Elective I) 4.00
CE661 Mobile Applications Development Technologies (Elective I) 4.00
IT612 Advanced Computer Networks (Elective II) 4.00
IT622 Machine Human Interface (Elective II) 4.00
IT632 Computer Graphics and Visualization (Elective II) 4.00
IT642 Main Frame Systems (Elective II) 4.00
IT652 Network Security and Encryption (Elective II) 4.00
IT662 Cloud Computing (Elective II) 4.00
IT602 Mini Project III 1.00
IT692 Software Testing (Elective II) 4.00
IT682 Business Analysis and Optimization (Elective II) 4.00
CE613 IT Industry Management (Elective III) 4.00
CE623 Machine Learning (Elective III) 4.00
CE633 Data Mining (Elective III) 4.00
CE643 Parallel and Distributed computing (Elective III) 4.00
CE653 Advanced Data Structures (Elective III) 4.00
CE663 Natural Language Processing (Elective III) 4.00

Semester : VII

Subject CodeSubjectCredits
IT7F4 Deep Learning (Elective IV) 4.00
IT701 Network Protocol 4.00
IT7A4 Network Programming 4.00
IT724 Artificial Intelligence (Elective IV) 4.00
IT702 Information Retrieval System (Elective IV) 4.00
IT784 Data Compression(ElectiveIV) 4.00
IT794 Compiler Construction 4.00
IT7B4 Web security (Elective IV) 4.00
SS701 Organizational Behaviour 2.00
IT7C4 Big data analytics (Elective IV) 4.00
IT7D4 Agile Software Development (Elective IV) 4.00
IT7E4 Secure software engineering (Elective IV) 4.00
SP701 Practical Trainining 0.00
IT764 System Software (Elective I) 4.00
IT754 Wireless Networks (Elective IV) 4.00
- Institute Elective 3.00
IT704 Minor project 2.00
IT714 Database Administration(Elective IV) 4.00
IT734 System administration(Elective IV) 4.00
IT744 Digital Image Processing(Elective IV) 4.00

Semester : VIII

Subject CodeSubjectCredits
IT801 Major Project 21.00