Institute of Science

PhD Guidance

    All faculty members of Institute of Science are well experienced and recognized Ph.D. guides. There are 30 full time Ph.D. students working under them in various fields of Life Science. Most of the Ph.D. scholars are having scholarships from CSIR-NET, INSPIRE and Maulana-Azad National Fellowship or through Research Projects. Faculties not only have funding support from University but also from external funding agencies like DBT, DST, GSBTM, GujCOST, etc. for specialized research.    

StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Madhavi Joshi Effect of Hyperglycemia and Insulin Treatment on Myelination in Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic Rats. Registration no. 13FTPHDS25 dated 20.09.2013 Neurobiochemistry of DiabetesPursuing
Dhriti Shah Effect of altered glycemic levels on Synaptogenic Adhesion Molecules┬ámediated insulin secretion. Registration no. 16FTPHDS39 dated 3.10.2016  Pursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Mehta Vijay Prakashchandra Determination of molecular basis of protein thermostability in silico analysis and its experimental validation Protein StabilityPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Purvi D. Zaveri Investigation of functional microbial diversity and exploration of inherent bacterial flora in common effluent treatment plants of South Gujarat for hydrocarbon bioremediation. Registration no. 12EXTPHDS37 dated 14.09.2012 Hydrocarbon bioremediationPursuing
Patel Rushika Development of bioprocess for identification of pollutant levels in industrial waste water. Registration no. 14FTPHDS31 dated 12.09.2014 BiodegradationPursuing
Rathod Visha Mansukbhai Transcriptional dynamics study of resistant host Peanut plant against foliar disease to reveal molecular insights involved in resistance. Registration no. 15FTPHDS63 dated 17.09.2015 Plant molecular biologyPursuing
Anwesha Mukherjee Microbial Fuel Cell development for wastewater treatment. Registration no. 17FTPHDS41 dated 3.03.2017 Microbial Fuel CellPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Naisargee Patel Artesiminin Resistance in Plasmodium falciparum. Registration no. 16FTPHDS38 dated 10.03.2016  Pursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Hardikkumar Bipinchandra Patel Understanding the changes induced in Liver-stage specific CD 8 + memory T cells following infectious sporozoite challenge that ensue long-lived protection against plasmodia infection. Registration no. 11FTPHDS12 dated 8.09.2011. T-Cell Dynamics at Liver-Stage of MalariaPursuing
Manoj Patidar Development of a Chimeric IL-15 to augment T-cell Response and Memory. Registration no. 12FTPHDS17 dated 18.09.2012 Studies of CytokinesPursuing
Naveen Yadav Rerquirement for Pre-erythrocytic Malaria Vaccine: Maintaining Protecting T-cells while keeping Auto-reactivity in check. Registration no. 12FTPHDS18 dated 18.09.2012 Malaria & Auto ImmunityPursuing
Aditi Mathur Role of Non-Immunogenic Antigens in Determining Immunogenicity of Target Antigen to Induce Protective Immunity. Registration no. 12FTPHDS21 dated 19.09.2012 Role of Non Target Antigens in Formation of Memory T-CellPursuing
Rajesh Parmar Understanding the Nature of innate immunity induced by infectious Sporozoite Challenge that Ensue Long-Lived Immunity to Liver-Stage Specific Plasmodia Infection Medicated by CD8+ T Cells. Registration no. 12FTPHDS22 dated 20.09.2012 Inate Immunity in shaping the fate of memory T-Cell to liver stage AntigenPursuing
Trivedi Varsha Bhagavatprasad Study of Antibody Mediated Rejection and Infection in Renal Transplant Patients Single Centre. Registration no. 13EXTPHDS45 dated 23.09.2013 Role of common infection among Indian Populations in Transplant ManagementPursuing
Zala Dolatsinh Balvantsinh Development of Immunodiagnosis for Early Detection of Leptospirosis. Registration no. 12EXTPHDS36 dated 6.09.2012 Development of Rapid Diagnosis for early Detection of LeptospirosisPursuing
Vishakha Bhurani Induction of Memory T Cells by Mimicking Natural Course of Infection Registration no. 14FTPHDS30 dated 11.09.2014 ImmunologyPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Jog Rahul Narendra Diversity and plant growth promotion abilities of actinomycetes in wheat rhizosphere of Gujarat region. Registration no. 08FTPHDS01 dated 8.01.2009 Actinomycete DiversityCompleted
Pandya Maharshi Piyooshbhai Role of non-rhizobial rhizobacteria and rhizobia on the nodule development in legumes. Registration no. 09FTPHDS04 dated 3.11.2009 Rhizobium - Legume InteractionCompleted
Rajput Mahendrapal Singh M. Carbon Catabolite Repression of Organic Acids in Phosphate Solubilizing Klebsiella Species. Registration no. 09FTPHDS07 dated 10.11.2009 CCR of MPS PhenotypeCompleted
Bhagya Nagarajan Iyer Biochemical basis of repression of MPS phenotype in rhizobia Registration no. 13FTPHDS24 dated 21.09.2013 CCR in RhizobiaPursuing
Bharwad Kriahna Lakhdhir Bio-remediation potential of nitrogen fixing PGP rhizobacteria. Registration No 14FTPHDS35 dated 15.09.2014 Plant growth promotion and BioremediationPursuing
Ekta Vishnukumar Joshi Biocontrol potential of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria. Registration No 14FTPHDS34 dated 15.09.2014 Plant growth promotion and BiocontrolPursuing
Avani Darji Isolation and characterization of drug resistant cells from acute myeloid Leukemic patient. Registration no. 14EXTPHDS56 dated 13.09.2014 Cancer ResearchPursuing
Bhavesh D. Kevadiya Synthesis and characterization of bionanocomposites as carrier for biotherapeutic molecules. Registration no. 09EXTPHDS16 dated 14.10.2009 Nanocomposites and anticancer drug deliveryCompleted
Champaneria Akshita Akshay Kavita Restoring the MPS phenotype in the succinate mediated catabolite repressed Rhizobacteria by gene manipulation. Registration no. 16FTPHDS40 dated 10.05.2016 Genetic Engineering in PGPRPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Palkhiwala Suhani Sujal Study of Genotoxicity of Nanoparticles. Registration no. 11FTPHDS13 dated 5.09.2011 Nanoparticles: Genotoxicity invitro StudiesPursuing
Fulesh Kunwar Human Congenital Disorders: A study of underlying genetic changes, manifestation & mechanism. Registration no. 12FTPHDS20 dated 19.09.2012 Molecular Genetic Determinants of Human Genetic DisordersPursuing
Saiyed Nazia Mohammedahmed A Study of Birth Defects: Genetic, Epigentic and Environemntal Determinants. Registration no. 13FTPHDS27 dated 19.09.2013 Genetic & Epigenetic Studies in Human Congenital DisordersPursuing
Tandel Kirankumar Chhotubhai Selection of therapy in chronic myeloid leukemia. Registration no. 11EXTPHDS34 dated 19.09.2011 Genetic studies in Spontaneous AbortionsPursuing
Valani Darshan Tulsibhai Study of genetic toxicity potential of pharmaceutical molecule/s. Registration no 11EXTPHDS33 dated 6.09.2011 InVitro assessement of Genotoxicity of anti-diabetec Drug MoleculePursuing
Anushka Srivastav Study of chromosomal abnormalities in recurrent spontaneous abortions. Registration no. 14EXTPHDS57 dated 9.09.2014 CytogeneticsPursuing
Shikha Tewari Study of cellular response to radiation and protective effect of herbal extracts. Registration no. 16EXTPHDS66 dated 5.04.2016  Pursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Jena Prasant Kumar Role of Probiotic Lactobacillus on the Physiology and Gastrointestinal Immunology in Response to Dietary Status of Rat. Registration no. 09FTPHDS03 dated 10.11.2009 Lactobacillus and type II Diabetes CureCompleted
Purandhar Kaveri Analysis of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP's) in Human Sperm and in Neutrophil Mitochondrial DNA. Registration no. 09FTPHDS09 dated 11.09.2009 Mitochondrial Role in Male FertilityCompleted
Trivedi Disha Hareshbhai Isolation, Characterization And Assessment Of Antimicrobial Potential Of Urino-Vaginal Microorganisms and their Application In the Development Of Microbicides. Registration no. 09FTPHDS06 dated 12.11.2009 Lactobacillius and UTI TreatmentCompleted
Prajapati Bhumika Jayantkumar Elucidating the Role of Pathogen Pattern Recognization Receptors (PPRs) and Inflammatory Mediators following Gut Microbiota alteration and in Diet induced Type 2 Diabetes. Registration no. 12FTPHDS016 dated 16.09.2012 Gut-Microbiota Alteration & Diabetes CurePursuing
Patel Sweta Bharatbhai Understanding of role of TLRs and receptors of liver following gut microbiota shift in diet induced Type 2 diabetes. Registration no. 14EXTPHDS60 dated 10.10.2014 Disease and Human healthPursuing
Deepika Mandhaliya Understanding the Role of Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs) and Its Receptors in Various Tissues in High Sugar. Registration no. 15FTPHD37 dated 21.10.2015  Pursuing
Rahul Pasupureddy Characterizing protein-protein interactions in malarial proteases. Registration no. 16EXTPHD65 dated 30.03.2016  Pursuing
Shailja Verma Evaluating the role of Ferula asafoetida (Apiaceae) for its an anti-cancer properties. Registration no. 16EXTPHD68 dated 27.04.2016  Pursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Chinmayi Joshi Investigation on antimicrobial and/or antipathogenic potential of certain natural products. Registration no. 14FTPHDS32 dated 12.09.2014 Antimicrobials and antipathogenic compounds from plant extractsPursuing
Pooja Patel Investigation on anti-quorumsensing potentialof certain natural(plant) products. Registration no. 15FTPHDS36 dated 15.09.2015 Antimicrobials and antipathogenic compounds from plant extractsPursuing
Pinakin Ranchhodbhai Khambhala Investigation on antimicrobial/anti-quorum sensing potential of Ferula Asafoetida. Registration no. 16EXTPHDS67 dated 8.04.2016 Antimicrobials and antipathogenic compounds from plant extractsPursuing