Workshop on “In Vitro: Art & Science of Cell Culture”

The cell culture workshop was organized by Dr. Amee Nair and Dr. Sonal Bakshi at Institute of Science during 2nd to 4th February, 2016. It was attended by a faculty, 4 Ph.D. students, and 4 M.Sc. students from St Xavier’s College, M.S. University, IIT Gandhinagar, Central University Gandhinagar, and M.Sc. Biochemistry, and Biotechnology of Institute of Science, Nirma University.

Three-day hands-on workshop included cell culture methods related to suspension culture and adherent culture, basics of cell culture lab establishment and maintenance, sterile practices, etc. guided through lectures, practicals and videos. The participants were from biological as well as engineering and material science backgrounds and were focused and interested to fill the knowledge gaps hence this was a truly inter-disciplinary team. Dr. Amee Nair conducted animal house and hepatocyte culture related experiments. Dr. Sonal Bakshi conducted human blood short term culture experiments. All the participants were actively involved in hands-on practicals, interactive lectures, and examination that helped them summarize both the topics and clarify any doubts over the discussion that followed. In addition to workshop manual as useful reference material and videos were also given in soft copies to each member. The participants found the workshop very interesting, informative, and useful. They also appreciated the facility, hospitality, and involvement of Ph.D. students of Institute of Science, Madhvi, Suhani, Shikha, Aditi, and Navin during the practical work.