FDP on Systems Biology

The Second module of Faculty Development Programmes at Institute of Science was a Workshop on Systems Biology which was held on 16th December, 2015. The primary objective of the workshop was to provide a forum to educate faculty members with the latest developments in one of the fastest growing field of life science, systems biology. It was intended to keep faculty members abreast with the recent developments in systems biology and sharpen the edge in research as well as teaching-learning.

   The invited experts were Dr. Samrat Chatterjee, TSHTI, Faridabad; Dr. Shekhar Mande Director, NCCS, Pune and Dr. Ramray Bhat, IISc, Bangalore. The expert lectures covered the topics on - Connecting high throughput dynamical networks with small scale mathematical models to understand disease mechanism, Systems Biology: Insights into some Biological Problems and the systems biology of the (glyco) microenvironment.