FDP on Microscopy and Imaging Techniques

The Faculty Development Programmes have been arranged at Institute of Science in three modules. The first module was a Workshop on Microscopy and Imaging Techniques by the Olympus and DSS Imagetech Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi for faculty members on 4-5, December 2015. This was academic initiative of the DSS Imagetech involving lectures and hands-on demonstration of motorized fluorescence microscope. The lectures by Mr. Brijesh Alva included Basics of Microscopy and contrast techniques, Optical Slicing techniques, F-techniques and TIRF Microscopy, Super-Resolution: Scanning vs Localization Techniques, Confocal and Deconvolution, Automated Multipoint imaging and Switching of Multipoint images, 3D rendering, and Co-localization. The second day sessions included demonstrations by Mr. Vishal Sahu on basics like Anatomy of the Microscope, optimizing settings, transmitted light and fluorescence, advanced image analysis, differential interference contrast etc. using standard slides. Some of the Ph.D. students also attended the hands-on session. The workshop provided excellent opportunity to refresh the basics and updating recent advances in the field of microscopy. The participants appreciated valuable learning with the help of the experts from DSS Imagetech and Olympus.