Institute of Science

Major Thrust Areas

    The faculty of Science is actively engaged in cutting edge research besides teaching modern biology. The faculty members have expertise in diversified subject areas pertaining to Life Sciences. Institute of Science encourages all its faculties to take up their research ideas and is helping to develop facilities required for conducting research in various fields of Life Sciences. Major thrust areas are listed below.    

Faculty NameThrust Area
Prof. Sarat Kumar Dalai Memory T Cell Generation and Maintenance
Prof. Shalini Rajkumar Molecular Physiology of PGPR - Breach of Rhizobial Legume symbiosis; Actinomycete diversity; Catabolite repression of MPS phenotype
Dr. Sonal Rajiv Bakshi Molecular genetic determinants of human congenital disorders mainly Ideopathic mental retardation with dysmorphism, and cases of multiple spontaneous abortions; In vitro assessment of genotoxicity of various agents and compounds for cancer risk asses
Dr. Sriram V Seshadri Hepatocarcinoma, Probiotics and gut Immunology and Gut Microbiota alteration in Diabetes, Understanding the role of mitochondria in male reproductive physiology
Dr. Vijay Kothari Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR); Bioactive natural products; Plant antimicrobials; Biological effects and applications of microwaves; Bioacoustics; Biofilms; Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM)
Dr. Nasreen Shakil Munshi Functional Microbial Diversity, Bioremediation of Hydrocarbon and Heavy Metals, Wastewater Management, Microbial Fuel Cell Development, Development of PGPR for Jatropha cultivation
Dr. Amee K Nair Sleep modulation & epilepsy, Diabetic Prevalence in Gujarat, CNS demyelination, Beta cell synapse modulation & insulin secretion