National conference on "Malaria Parasite Biology: Drug Designing & Vaccine Development"

Institute of Science, Nirma University is going to organize a conference on “Malaria Parasite Biology: Drug Designing & Vaccine Development” during 9th – 10th September, 2016.  Malaria is one of the most debilitating diseases in the world related to humans in terms of morbidity and mortality. The two major weapons against malaria are vector control and chemoprophylaxis/chemotherapy. Unfortunately, attempts to eradicate the disease based on these methods have had only limited success due to the wide spread development of drug resistance by the parasite and insecticide resistance by the mosquito vector. Presently, there is no single malaria vaccine available due to complex life cycle of malaria parasite. As pipeline of antimalarial drugs has dried up, designing of novel drugs and their targets with effective antimalarial activity is urgently required. Therefore, there is an inevitable need to converge the research ideas of scientists working at addressing this insurmountable issue of malaria drug discovery and vaccine initiative. This conference is organized with an intent to bring Indian malaria community onto a common platform to foresee a plausible solution to eradicate human malaria parasite.

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