Institute of Science


    Institute of Science, Nirma University has well equipped laboratories, outstanding infrastructure and qualified & committed faculty members. Apart from having good laboratory set up for modern molecular biology techniques, the Institute has well equipped animal cell culture laboratory and Insectarium which is the second in country after NII. Institute of Science offers consultancy and collaborative opportunities in the major thrust areas of research with Pharmaceutical/ Biotechnological Industry and other R&D Organizations involved in the area of Basic Research.    

Training on Laboratory Techniques regarding Cell culture, Molecular biology, & Immunology:Prof. Sarat K Dalai and Dr. Sonal BakshiConsultancy
Evaluation of effect of Green Clean Product (GCP), derived from plants, on various developmental stages of mosquitoesProf. Sarat.K.DalaiTesting
"Evaluation of Green Clean for potentiality of oil/hydrocarbon degradationDr. Nasreen MunshiConsultancy