Institute of Science

Institute of Science Alumni Association



OBJECTIVES OF ISAA (Institute of Science Alumni Association)

 The association has the following broadly identified objectives in the field of Life Science and allied branches.


  • To establish and maintain contact between the past students, present students and the Institute of Science, Nirma University.
  • To pursue and sustain excellence in Education by interaction between the alumni, faculty members and present students of Institute of Science.
  • To strengthen Industry-Institute-Interaction and operate related activities for the benefit of students of Institute of Science.
  • To extend all assistance and co-operation to the institute in its endeavors for the growth and development of education and research in the field of Life sciences.
  • To encourage and assist the students of the Institute of Science in various academics and culture activities.
  • To create followership for the Alumni to pursue research.
  • To project research activities of Institute of Science in India and abroad.
  • To provide common platform for exchange of ideas and disseminating knowledge in professional areas, thus enhancing the skill and knowledge of the members of the association.