Institute of Pharmacy

Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology

Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology is among the five departments within the Institute of Pharmacy at Nirma University. This multidisciplinary science is associated with the development, production and characterization of dosage forms/drug delivery as well as the disposition and action of drugs in the body.


The Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology has state-of-the-art facilities which are as per the evolving needs of the pharmacy profession i.e. the pharmaceutical and health care industry. The students acquire skills from the basic principles of pharmaceutics up to gaining knowledge on novel drug delivery systems. The department has well designed and equipped laboratories where the students have hands on training for undergraduate, post graduate and Ph.D. research.

The laboratories are well equipped with various sophisticated machinery required for imparting knowledge to the students regarding various formulations, processing and testing equipment used in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical dosage forms like tablets, capsules, liquids, semi-solids, parenterals and novel drug delivery systems. The laboratories provide the students with facilities and training for the formulation, design and development of the various dosage forms. The important equipment in the department include:

  • High Pressure Homogenizer
  • Rotary tablet machine
  • Spray drier
  • Texture analyzer
  • Freeze drier (Lyophilizer)
  • Fluidized bed processor
  • Automated dissolution apparatus
  • Extruder & Spheronizer
  • Multi-unit Diffusion cell assembly
  • Powder flow tester
  • Dehumidifier
  • Iontophoresis unit
  • Brookfield rotational viscometer
  • Digital tablet hardness tester
  • Digital tensiometer
  • Lab scale multi-purpose equipment for various unit operations and formulation processes
  • Humidity oven
  • High-speed refrigerated centrifuge, Micro-centrifuge
  • BOD incubators
  • Laminar Air flow units
  • Orbital Shaker incubators
  • Electrophoresis units
  • Reynolds’ Apparatus
  • Ultrasonifier probe & bath
  • Projection microscope
  • Vacuum oven
  • Rotary vacuum evaporator
  • Lab-scale tray drier
  • Tablet evaluating equipment’s
  • Ampoule filling & sealing machine
  • Capsule filling machines
  • Ointment filling machine
  • Tube sealing & crimping machine
  • Dehumidifier
  • Powder flow tester


Undergraduate Programme

The department is involved in teaching and training in all areas of pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical technology, with emphasis on the major interrelated areas. The department deals with the theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the following modules of courses that a student needs to acquire: Industrial Pharmacy, Bio-Pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics, Physical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Dispensing. The department curriculum consists of courses involving both basic and advanced pharmaceutical sciences. The department also caters to the need of the students for newer subjects like Bio-pharmaceutics where the basic concepts of ADME and fundamentals of bioavailability and bioequivalence are taught to the students. Students are also trained on the basic concepts associated with the novel dosage form at the undergraduate level, which is the need of the pharma industry. The department also has aseptic laboratory meeting class 10,000 standards with unique instruments like Laminar air flow unit, membrane filtration assembly, BOD incubator, autoclave, hot air oven, refrigerated centrifuge, electrophoresis unit etc. to name a few.

Post Graduate Programme

The department provides a programme in post graduate education in “Pharmaceutical Technology & Biopharmaceutics” focused on research and coursework relating to the development, production and characterization of dosage forms, as well as the disposition and action of drugs in the body. The department works towards promoting a B multidisciplinary, team-based approach to drug delivery, embracing a variety of activities in the broad area of drug formulation and delivery. Major areas of emphasis include physical and applied pharmaceutics, drug disposition and dynamics, and drug delivery. The department works towards research in the following areas: Formulation optimization & characterization of solid, liquid and semi-solid dosage forms, Novel Drug Delivery Systems including Buccal, Osmotic, Gastro Retentive, Vaginal, Colon Targeted, Microsphere, Immediate Release Formulations, Nanotechnology, Medicated Chewing Gum, Multi-Unit Pellet Systems, Ocular Delivery, Novel formulations for surgical site, Transdermal Delivery etc.

Research Activities

The faculty members and the students at the department participate in research to formulate new medications. The department has been associated academically and professionally active faculty members. We, at the Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology, work towards making scholarly contributions to the discipline of pharmaceutical sciences and related fields. Many students registered for Ph.D. Programme in the Department of Pharmaceutics are receiving research fellowships from DST- Women Scientist Fellowship, INSPIRE-DST, CII,  CSIR as well as Nirma University. The Faculty members in the department are also actively involved in Minor Research Projects of GUJCOST, Major research project form ICMR and have published three patents & filed one patent under Indian patent. The students and faculty have published many research papers and review articles in referred international and national journals. This includes  peer reviewed International Journals like Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery, Drug Delivery Technology, Dissolution Technology, AAPS Pharmaceutical Sciences, Current Drug Delivery, Pharmaceutical Technology, PDA, etc.  The Department regularly organizes several events like Workshop on Modern Equipment’s for Formulation Development, National Seminar on Recent trends in Injectable Drug Delivery Systems, Hands-on-Training for Modern Equipment’s for Pharmaceutical Technology, National Seminar on Quality-by-Design (QbD) for Pharmaceutical Research. The Faculty members and research students have received PharmaInnova Best Thesis award from Rajanibhai Patel Foundation, best paper awards from APTI, IDMA etc.  The Faculty members have presented several research works at various international conferences at USA, Malaysia, Singapore, UK, etc.

Research presentations have also been made by students and faculty at state, national and international level seminars and conferences. The post graduate students have won awards for their presentations. The research work presented is well appreciated by eminent scientist in the field. The students and faculty keep themselves updated by attending seminars and conferences on latest trends in pharmaceutical sciences. The faculty members at the department completed their Ph.D. Research projects have typically involved in development of new drug products, novel dosage forms, the release of a drug from new dosage forms, pre-formulation investigation of new drug entities, and pharmacokinetics. The department is also having projects, consultancy and testing from the pharmaceutical industries and academic institutes.