Institute of Pharmacy

PhD Guidance

StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Saurabh Agarwal Effect of perindopril and its combination with serine protease inhibitor on cardiovascular complications associated with Diabetes Melitus Pharmaceutical sciencePursuing
Thakare Vishnu Namdeorao Neuropharmacological evaluation of Silymarin, Ginkgo biloba in various experimental animal models Pharmaceutical sciencePursuing
Bora Vivek Ramesh Evaluation of the potential of anti-diabetic agents for treatment of cancer cachexia Cancer cachexiaPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Nisha Hemantbhai Parikh Phytochemical and Pharmacological Investigation of Ocimum basilicum Seed Indigenous medicinal plant investigation along with isolation of markerPursuing
Shah Ankur Impurity profiling and degradation behavior of some selected pharmaceutical drugs Impurity profilingPursuing
Patel Misari Bioanalytical Method for some selected drugs Bioanalytical Method DevelopmentPursuing
Patel Mital Degradation study of active pharmaceutical ingredient and its marketed formulation by QbD approach Degradation StudiesPursuing
Prajapati Kunal Impurity profiling of antiasthamatic drugs Impurity profilingPursuing
Shah Manan To study Pharmacovigilance System of India Regulatory affairsPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Borisa Ankit Chandrakant Design and Synthesis of Novel Pteridine Derivatives as Aurora Kinase Inhibitors for Treatment of Cancer SMALL MOLECULE KINASE INHIBITORSPursuing
Chaube Udit Jaiprakash Design, Synthesis and Anticancer Activity of Nitrogen/Oxygen Containing Heterocyclic Molecules Anti-cancer AgentsPursuing
Vishwakarma Keerti Design & Synthesis of Novel Heterocyclic Compounds as telomerase inhibitors for the treatment of cancer Telomerase inhibitors for the treatment of cancerPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Chothani Pritibahen Bipinbhai Design, development and evaluation of Pulsatile dosae forms of Licofelone for the chronotherapy of arthritis PharmaceuticsPursuing
Vyas Gunjan Co-crystal engineering enhancement in physicochemical attributes of API PharmaceuticsPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Dwivedi Nitin Ligand Anchored Nano Carrier Effective in Management of Some Neurodegenerative Disorders Neurodegenerative DisordersPursuing
Thakkar Prashant Design and optimization of taste masked formulations for bitter tasting drug Taste Masking formulationsPursuing
Patel Pankti Targeting Triple negative breast cancer using combination therapy of metformin and anthracyclin compound along with Hesperidin. Triple Negative Breast CancerPursuing
Rakesh Daude Effect of Some Drugs on Inhibition of Matrix Metalloproteinase (MNP-2 and MMP-9) and Histone Deacetylase (HDAC) on Streptozotocin induced Diabetic Nephropathy in Rats Diabetes NephropathyPursuing
Kartik Vikani Evaluation of clinical potential of purified Spirulina C protein C-phycocyanin in arthritis disease management Clinical trialsPursuing
Patel Parmi Investigation of potential effects of vitamin D and gallic acid in Alzhimer's disease Neurodegenerative DisordersPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Chaudhari Khushbu Improvement of Physical Properties of poorly soluble drugs using co-crystallization approach Pharmaceutical ChemistryPursuing
Dahiya Sandip Design and Characterization of formlation of poorly soluble drugs PharmaceuticsPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Parikh Jignesh Kantilal Design Synthesis and Pharlacological Evaluation of some heterocyclic molcules Pharmaceutical sciencesPursuing
Vivek Vyas Design and Synthesis of Dihydroorotate Dehydrogenase (DHODH) Inhibitors as Pharmacologically Active Agents Pharmaceutical ChemistryCompleted
Barot Kuldipsinh Piraji Design, synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of Benzimidazole analogues for antitubercular activity Pharmaceutical SciencesPursuing
Jain Shailesh Vinodkumar Design and synthesis of DPP-4 inhibitors as antidiabetic agents Pharmaceutical SciencesPursuing
Patel Bhumika Dipen Rational Designing, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Antidiabetic Agents Design and SynthesisPursuing
Parikh Palak Kirtibhai Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Heterocyclic Compounds as Anticancer Agents. Pharmaceutical sciencePursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Chokshi Nimitt Viren Formulation and Development of Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery System for The Treatment Of Tuberculosis Improving therapeutics efficacy of anti-tuberculor agentsPursuing
Khatri Hirenkumar Natvarlal Formulation and characterization of paclitaxel loaded liposomes for oral delivery Tumor targeted drug delivery systemPursuing
Agrawal Milan Formulation, Optimization and Characterization of Transdermal Drug Delivery System for the treatment Schizophrenia Transdermal drug deliveryPursuing
Raval Shruti Design, Development and Characterization of Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery Systems for Targeted Delivery of Anticancer Agents Nanotechnology, CancerPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Barai Priyal Sunil Study Of Mechanism of Action of Some Neuroprotective Agents from Indian Medicinal Plant Neuroprotective natural agentsPursuing
Shah Unnati Ripalkumar Phytopharmacological investigations of bioactives from symplocos racemosa bark with specific reference to anticancer activity Anticancer bioactives from PlantsCompleted
Patel Jagruti Jaydevbhai Phytochemical and pharmacological evaluation of Clerodendrum serratum roots with special reference to asthma Antiasthmatic effect of traditional drugCompleted
Shah Parth Design, Development & Optimization Of Novel Anti-Acne Formulation Antiacne formulation and developmentPursuing
Patel Vaibhav Phytopharmacological evaluation of antiurolithiatic activity of some Indian Herbal Medicinal Plants Antiurolithaic agents from plantsPursuing
Halder Trupti Development of Novel Approaches for Targeted Delivery of Natural Bioactives for Neuroprotection Target delivery of bioactives through BBBPursuing
Patel Bharat Design, Development and evaluation of novel approaches for the management of neurodegenerative disease Novel approaches for the management of neurodenerative conditionsPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Khatri Deepak Mohanlal Studies on stability Indicating Assay methods and impurity profiling of active pharmaceutical drugs  Completed
Sherikar Omkar Diwakar Study of degradation behavior of some active pharmaceutical ingredients Stability of PharmaceuticalsCompleted
Gandhi Deesha B. Impurity profiling and degradation behavior of active pharmaceutical ingredients in its bulk drug and formulation  Pursuing
Dadhaniya Tejaskumar Madhavji Development and analysis of long acting depot formulation for pharmaceutical use Long acting dosage formsPursuing
Patel Prutha Nayan Conventional and Microwave Assisted Forced Degradation Studies of Pharmaceuticals in Bulk and Dosage Form Stability of PharmaceuticalsPursuing
Chaudhary Komal Vikas Development and Analysis of Long Acting Parenteral Formulation Long acting dosage formsPursuing
Gandhi Dipal M. Phytochemistry of Anticancer Plants Belonging to Family Brassicaceae And Dilleniaceae isolation of anticancer phytochemicalsCompleted
Shah Rushil V Development and optimization of liquid formalution of poorly water soluble drugs. Injectable formulationPursuing
Prajapati Pintu Babubhai Development of Analytical methods for determination of Drug Substances & related degradation products in Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients (API) & Drug Products Stability of PharmaceuticalsPursuing
Desai Priteshkumar Rashmikant Impurity Profiling and Degradation Behaviour of Drugs Active against Cardiovascular Disorders Stability of PharmaceuticalsPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Pansara Chintan Formulation Development of Wound healing dosage forms Wound healing dosage formPursuing
Dhal Chetan Novel Formulation Strategies for the Treatment of Surgical Site Infection Formulation for surgical site infectionsPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Patel Prerak Jayprakash Design, Development & Evaluation of nanoparticulate carriers: A vector for treatment of refractory central nervous system disorders  Completed
Tripathi Nagja V. Development, Optimization And Evaluation Of A Polyherbal Formulation For Anti-Diabetic Activity Herbal formulation development and evaluationPursuing
Shelat Devang Yogeshbhai Development and characterization of bioactives scaffolds from Ayurveda for the treatment of Neurodegenerctive disorder Formulation development and its pharmacological evaluationPursuing
Raval Nisith Shilajit Nanoparticle for Liver Diseases NDDS and its evaluationPursuing
Tripathi Nagja V. Development, Optimization And Evaluation Of A Polyherbal Formulation For Anti-Diabetic Activity pharmaceutical sciencePursuing
Mayuree Ashwinkumar Patel Pharmacognostical, phytochemical and pharmacological study of some medicinal plants of Euphorbiaceae family Phytopharmacological evaluationPursuing
R. V. Padmanabha Reddy Targeted drug delivery through intra nasal to central nervous system NDDSPursuing
Bhangale Jitendra Onkar Study of novel scaffolds from natural product for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases Phytopharmacologyical activityPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Patel Manish B. Phytopharmacological investigation of some indigenous herbal plants  Completed
Raghunatha P. Pharmacokinetic Study of Hormones in Postmenopausal Women in India  Completed
Patel Pranavkumar V. Development of lipid based drug delivery systems (LBDDS) for immunomodulators and their evaluation using experimental animal models  Pursuing
Ghatak Somsurva B. Isolation, pharmacological evaluation and formulation development of a bio-active principle from crude oryza sativa bran oilic Activity  Completed
Patel Pranavkumar V. Development of lipid based drug delivery systems (LBDDS) for immunomodulators and their evaluation using experimental animal models formulation development for immunomodulatorsPursuing
Mr. Mali Prashant Phytochemical investigation, development and evaluation of solvent extract formulations of some plants (Euphorbiaceae) with special reference to anti-cancer, anti-viral (HIV) and immunomodulatory potentials in experimental animals Anti-cancer and immunomodulation activity of herbal drugsPursuing
Pithadia Anand Bharatkumar To study the role of potassium modulators on central nervous system (CNS) Neuropharmacology and potassium channel opennersPursuing
Ms. Pawar Neha Dilip Pharmacological studies on Nyctanthes arbortristis-a substitute for saffron. metabolic disorders and herbal drugsPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Prajapati Manali Dhanraj Design and Development of Lipidic Drug Delivery System To Improve Bioavailability lipidic formulation for bioavailability improvementPursuing
Hiral Dineshbhai Koradia Studies in Oxcarbazepine modified release formulations using quality by design approach Sustained release formulations DevelopmentCompleted
Vrundaben Chetankumar Suthar Development and evaluation of self-emulsifying drug delivery systems of lercanidipine HCl to improve dissolution in biorelevant media Lipidic formulation for bioavailability improvementCompleted
Rawal Tejal Lung targeted drug delivery system for the treatment of tuberculosis Drug targeting to lungsPursuing
Rajput Amarjitsing Development of nanocarriers based drug delivery for brain targeting Drug targeting to brainPursuing
Patel Milap Development of fixed dose combination for incompetible drugs Sustain release formulaion developomentPursuing
Haksar Priyanka Evalution of performance of various polymers in spary drying process Spraying TechnologyPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Bakrania Anita Kirit Investigation and Evaluation of Interferon Inducer Alone and In Combination with Chemotherapeutic Agents as Targeted Anti-Cancer pharmaceutical sciencePursuing
Kanaiyalal Kailashbhai Panchal Pharmacotherapeutic and pharmacoeconomic analysis of coronary stents in acute coronary syndrome. Pharmaceutical sciencePursuing
Arora Bhoomi Saurabh Assessment of relationship among inflammatory diseases - hepcidin - iron status Pharmaceutical sciencePursuing
Ingawale Deepa Krushna Herbal drug as modulators in metabolic syndrome with special reference to diabetes mellitus and lipid disorders Pharmaceutical sciencePursuing
Patidar Dindayal Rameshchandraji To Initiation and Assessment of Compliance and Knowledge of Patients of Metabolic Disorders Like Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension & Obesity in Indore Pharmaceutical sciencePursuing
Variya Bhavesh Isolation of bioactive compound from fruit juice of Emblica officinalis and investigation into the molecular mechanism of action. Phyto pharmacology of medicinal plantsPursuing
Chavda Vishal Pharmacological evaluation of Anti- diabetic agents for the treatment of diabetes associated neurological disorders NeuropharmacologyPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Dodiya Hitesh Formulation Design and Characterization of Novel Bio-adhesive Drug Delivery Systems for Antifungal Drugs  Completed
Parikh Dhaivat C. Formulation Design and Optimization of Gastro-retentive drug delivery systems  Completed
K. L. Krishna Development and Pharmacological Evaluation of a Hepatoprotective Polyherbal Formulation  Completed
Shah Mohit Prakash Development and optimization of alternative routes for calcium channel blockers enduring extensive first pass metabolism  Completed
Shah Nitesh N. Formulation Optimization of Colonic Drug Delivery Systems  Completed
Chaudhary Sunita A. Formulation Development and Evaluation of Quick Dissolving Oral Dosage Forms for drugs acting on the Central Nervous System  Completed
Patel Kunal Narayanbhai Formulation Development and Characterization of osmotically Controlled Oral Drug Delivery System for Sparingly Water Soluble Drugs Pharmaceutical SciencesCompleted
Om Prakash Sharma Delivery of Drug, Acting on Central Nervous System Using Nanocarrier Systems: Design and Development Using Concept of Quality by Design Pharmaceutical SciencesPursuing
Shah Neha Surendra Formulation Development and Characterization of Multiparticulate System for Oral Fixed Dosage Combination Therapy. pharmaceutical sciencePursuing
Patel Kunal N. Formulation Development and Characterization of osmotically Controlled Oral Drug Delivery System for Sparingly Water Soluble Drugs pharmaceutical sciencePursuing
Patel Amit Ambalal Process Optimization & Formulation Development of Effervescent Systems for Histamine Antagonist pharmaceutical sciencePursuing
Kinjal Rahul Shah Formulation, development and optimization of immediate release dosage forms of an analgesic drug. Pharmaceutical sciencePursuing
Pandya Radhika Bhalchandra Approaches improve dissolution of selective poorly water soluble API's employing the concepts of DOE Pharmaceutical sciencePursuing
Chivate Amit Ashok Vrushali Design and Study of Drug Delivery of Poorly Water Soluble Drugs with Improved Pharmacokinetics Pharmaceutical sciencePursuing
Patel Viral Development of Nano Formulation For Topical Drug Delivery PharmaceuticsPursuing
Parekh Khushali Design and Development of Novel Topical Formulation for Treatment of Skin Diseases PharmaceuticsPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Shetty Raghvendra G. Liposome Formulation of Anticancer drug and its Pharmacokinetic and Toxicokinetic Evaluation  Completed
Neeraj Kumar Sharma Noval Photosenstitive Liposome for Triggered Drug Release  Pursuing
Panchal Siddharth R Quality control and standardization of some poly-herbal formulations therapeutically useful in the arthritis Pharmaceutical sciencePursuing
Khan MD Yaseen MD Yunus Lead finding for angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors from medicinal plants of Ayurveda Phyto pharmacology of medicinal plants of Ayurveda for ACE inhibitors activityPursuing
Sharma Sarvesh N. Formulation and pharmacokinetic inverstigation of co-rncapsulated curcumin and artemisinin liposomes Pharmaceutical sciencePursuing
Modi Anuj Pramodkumar Isolation and characterization of hepatoprotective bioactive molecule from indian medicinal plant Pharmaceutical sciencePursuing