Management Institute

Post Graduate Projects

In the  second  year  curriculum  of MBA (Full Time),  the  students   undertake a  live project or research  project  spanning  over  two trimesters.  This project runs parallel with their regular academic   schedule.  Every student completes this project under the guidance and supervision of a faculty.  Similarly MBA (Family Business & Entrepreneurship) students work on a business plan under the guidance and supervision of a faculty. Thereafter, a   panel of faculty members assesses the students' performance.

Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Knowledge Sharing in Cross Functional Teams Jyoti Verma April 2013
MFI In India Swati Gupta January 2013
Enablers and disablers Job satisfaction and academic performance Aputva lagwankar April 2013
Formalisation of HRM in small and medium firms Sharaboni Bhattacharya January 2012
Appreciative enquiry and change management Harsh Vardhan 2011
ANtecedents of employee engagement in Diamond industry Joohi Gupta 2011
Student's choice making behaviour for electives Gauri Jain 2013
LMX Natashaa Kaul 2012
Psychological contract violation and its impact on work place deviance Meeta Sharma 2012
Antecedents of change management Debjani Dass 2013
Factors affecting customer satisfaction at petrol pumps Aman Suveer 2013
Corporate university Neha Wadhwani 2013
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Ahmedabad scoller academy,2009 GOYAL ABHINANDAN KAPALKUMAR 2009
Hospital Services Marketing Management Ashwini July 2007
Impact of visual clues on buying behavour-an empirical study Ankush Sharma June 2011
Event Management company MR. GANDHI AMAL HEMENDRABHAI 2010
Manufacturing of Denim ADISH KAMLESH SHETH 2012
A study on Indian life insurance industry with specific focus on various avenues for distribution of Life Insurance products in Gujarat State Mitesh Jaiswal February 2013
Comparative Study in Higher Educational System in India and abroad--a services marketing approach Jashwant Thakkar April 2012
Marketing of Vijay Vilas palace beach Resort MODI AASHIL KAPIL 2009
Isis Adventure desert resort Modi Abhijit Rasikbhai 2009
Manufacturing of Industrial Fastener Ashish Jindal 2010
Manufacturing of processing spices Mehta Ami Kiritkumar 2010
Mfg. of Copper based alloy Jhawar Aashrik 2012
Customized bicycle for kids Gaurav Mundra 2013
Unique Theme base Restaurant Sharma Ami Yatrinda 2013
Mango pulp processing unit Khan Ajazahmad 2013
Opening a cineplex in Anjar Kutch Soni Aakash Shivlal 2013
Designing and launching of a Fashion and Lifestyle magazine Podar Nupur Harishankar 2012
"Company : Forbes & Company Ltd. Acharya Vishal Pradip 2013
To study and analyse the successes of various FMCG brands in the area of RURAL BRAND MANAGEMENT and find ways to replicate the same for other industries like Telecom. Omkar Joshi 2012
Studying the impact of internet and new media marketing strategies in education sector Ankur Verma 2013
Consumer Behaviour -Comparison of Involvement behaviour of consumers in different product categories Mukul Jain 2013
Consumer Behaviour -Comparison of Involvement behaviour of consumers in different product categories Avinash Jain 2013
Consumer Behaviour of 3G uers & its potential Customers. Jyotrendrasinh 2013
Brand Communication Strategies for Rural India Akashna Anand 2013
Factors affecting migration of customers from traditional branch banking to alternate channels of banking Ankit Anand 2011
Effect of Branding on Consumer Purchase Decision in FMCG Goods and Durable Goods Priyanka Gupta 2011
Consumer response towards products’ country of origin – comparison between high & low involvement product Sagar Dilipbhai Shah 2013
Effect of Mobile Marketing on Youngsters of Ahmedabad City. Nikhilesh Tiwari 2012
Impact of Brand Elements on the buying pattern & behaviour of consumers.. Harshal joshi 2011
Study of Advertising Effectiveness and Product Positioning of a Shampoo. Rohit Naidu 2012
Brand communication in Indian Rural Markets Aniket Deepk 2011
A Study Of Store Design And Buying Behaviour For A Departmental Store Arjit Anil Gupta 2011
Branding of Commodities Durga Naga Anilkumar 2012
Branding of Commodities Durga Naga Anilkumar 2012
Impact of endorsement in Brand Building Sawat Chaudhary 2013
A study on retail value proposition of pharmacy retail chains in Ahmedabad Dhrumit Ramesh 2011
IT improving the Rural Retail Mix Kitu Rajpal 2011
Consumer Behaviour Nitesh Tambi 2012
Live Project at BPCL Vinesh Goel 2012
Feasibility of Franchising for a particular service in city of Ahmedabad Rohan Wahi 2012
Effect of Brand elements on consumer behavior across different sectors Kinjal Pandya 2013
Factors influencing selection process of restaurants in Ahmedabad Raj Pujara 2013
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Role of social media by telecom service providers Madhura Madhav Kane 2014
Effect of Supply Chain on Ecommerce Nitika Agarwal 2014
. Anshita Shrivastava 2014
Consumer perceptions,attitude and purchase intention towards private labels in different product categories. Purva Rajesh Agrawal 2014
Measurement of effectiveness of content marketing on customers. Deval Vinod Nagrecha 2014
. Hitesh Gulati 2014
Digital Marketing Ankita Choudhary 2014
Restaurant chain at highway THACKER BRINDA PRAVINBHAI 2014
Manufacturing of coir ply CHANDRA KAANT R 2014
Trading of yellow pine PATEL CHINTAN RASIK 2014
Attachment and spare part of demolition equipment NAGODRA ADITYA DUSHYANTBHAI 2014
Fly ash bricks AJAY CHOUDHARY 2014
Analysis of factors affecting brand loyalty towards different cigarette brands in India. Kapil Mandloi 2013
Creating And Managing Personal Brand's Avinav Gaurav 2013
Impact of celebrity endoyement on consumer buying behaviour. Harish Bansal 2013
To study the effect of online and offline brand image on brand loyalty. Sudeshna Banerjee 2013
Scale Development for Consumer Perceived Ethicality. Mahima Singhal 2013
An Evaluation of Sachet Marketing of Consumer Goods. Abhinav Chittora 2013
Opportunities and Challenges for Green Marketing Anurag Asopa 2013
Comparison of Retail Value Propositions (RVP) of different online retailers and how it is affecting consumer buying behaviour. Ishan Datta 2013
Study of consumer preference in mobile phone attributes for smart phones. Jaydeep Ratnakar Suryawanshi 2013
"Study of Business feasibility in Solar Energy sector in India ... " Mayur Gupta 2013
consumer variety seeking behavior and brand loyalty Pranav Sood 2012
Study of corporate governance in Microfinancing Rajiv Mehra 2012
Analysis of social network advertising Saurabh Shrivastava 2012
Innovative retail strategies and their impact on consumers in Tier I and tier II cities Srikant D V 2012
Study of Means End Chain Model for Cosmetics Ajay Singh Tomar 2012
Study of impact of personalities and values on consumer behavior Gaurang R Khot 2012
Study of various facets of concept of Consumer Value Co-creation and proposal for road ahead utilizing potential of emerging social media communication tools. Nikita Pareek 2012
Private lablel Vs National Brands: A Comaprative Study Surabhi Chauhan 2012
To investigate factors that makes celebrity endorsement effective Anurag Tiwari 2012
An analysis of intentions and behaviour of customers towards green products. Deepika Bhatt 2012
Study of marketing tactics adopted by financial services frims Manpreet Singh 2012
Overchoice- and its impact on Consumer behavior, product offering and marketing communication Prachi Pouranik 2012
a comparative study of consumer perception of over the counter drugs (otc) with prescription drugs and its harm full effects Ankur Maheshwari 2011
Study of the Consumer Behaviour of the sub-urban areas of the Pre-paid customers of Vodafone Sharma Chandramauli Sureshkumar 2011
Branding and promotion of Banking products to acquire NRI customers(like strategic Tie-Ups, events organisation) for Kotak Mahindra Bank. Dheeraj Raj Jain 2011
Effectiveness of Single as well as Multi-Celebrity Endorsements in Advertisements Shreya Dasgupta 2011
A Study Of The Service Quality Dimensions Of Restaurants In Ahmedabad Kushal Paul 2011
Drivers of Herd Mentality in service industry Palak Sharma 2011
Study of the role of Brand Communities in Co-creating Customer Value. Banerjee Santayan 2011
Effect of Service and Non-service parameters on Purchase Intent of Electronic Consumer Durables Aditya Kaul 2011
A study of the Customer perception about the private health care sector and strategy to overcome the limitations Amitesh Jain 2011
Constituent Factors of Brand Extension : Study of Unrelated Product Categories Purohit Shilpa Subhash Hemlata 2011
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Comparative Analysis of Sick Units & Revival Strategies Ms. Rajashri Pincha 2013
Food Security Bill & its Macro Impact Gaurav Kulkarni 2013
Volatility in Indian Stock Market & Its relationship with International Capital Markets Anubhav Awasthi 2013
Corporate Financial Strategies for SMEs Goswami Ashish Giri 2010
Marketing & Financial Strategies for MSMEs Abhinav Agarwal 2010
Performance of MFIs in India Abhishek Shrivastava 2012
Ethical Implications of Merketing Strategies Arpit Dangayach 2012
Comparative Analysis of Credit Rating Agencies in India Chandani Maheshwari 2012
Global Comparision of Financial Inclusion Methodologies Anjul pathak 2012
Strategic Management in Pharmaceuticals Industry Aditya Thakker 2012
BASEL II norms & its impact on Banking Sector in India Ojaswita Singh 2012
Performance analysis of Venture Funds & Private Equity in India Tapas Gupta 2012
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Application of Lean Six Sigma in Industries Abhishek Shukla 111304 2013
A Comparative Analysis of Vendor Selection & Evaluation Models. Deepak Suresh Bhandari 111317 2013
Recycling of waste plastic to be used as substitute for coal SHARMA BHAMINI RAVI 124109 2014
Manufacturing of Harware and sanitary fittings PATEL CHIRAG PRAFULBHAI 124110 2014
Expansion in existing family business by making PP bags for cement Industry. PATEL NIRAV BABUBHAI 114140 2014
Women's readymad garment and trading ANKIT CHANDAK 124209 2014
Tea processing and pacaging plant PATIDAR ANKIT RADHESHYAM 2014
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Car washing and dealing facility VEKARIYA ISHAN VIRJIBHAI 2012
Organic farming PATEL ISHAN NITINKUMAR 2012
Stock brokerage and financial services RUPANI DISHA JAYESH 2011
Furniture show room PATEL BIJAL MAHENDRABHAI 2011
H-20 purified water JAIN CHERISHA LALIT 2011
Send Casting Javia Brijeshkumar Dineshbhai 2010
Manufacturing of Turpentine Products Bunty Fogla 2010
Fast food Restaurant Nayyar Chintan Naresh 2010
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
A study on size and returns of the Indian Stock Market 121336 Nikita Agarwal 2014
Potential of Islamic Banking in India 121351 Siddharth Nagori 2014
Hedging 121238 Purva Modi 2014
Examination of returns distribution of option prices 121130 Manasi Puranik 2014
Basel norms compliance at State Bank of India 121320 Hemant Arjun Nathani 2014
Analysis of IPO grading and subsequent performance of stocks post listing. 121239 Pushkar Ravindra Godbole 2014
Evaluation and comparison of growth funds of different mutual fund companies 121248 Sagar Nimeshkumar Madrasi 2014
Analysis of the impact of derivative trading on Indian stock market 121338 Rahul Mertia 2014
Analyzing the relation between currency futures and exchange rate risk 121359 Vipul Mahendra Shah 2014
Does the Buy and Hold strategy really work amid the current high volatility on equity markets? 121251 Siddhant Srivastava 2014
Empirical study of preferred financing mix by a company based on its lifecycle stage 121304 Aditi Jain 2014
A study of risks across public and private sector banks using multivariate analysis 111118 Gaurav Rathi 2013
An empirical study of application of credit risk management policies, tools and techniques in Indian Bank. 111128 Mahavir Das 2013
Impact of stock split on share prices 111131 Mauli Shaileshbhai Shah 2013
Ventura Capital & Private Equity in India: An Analysis of Challenges & Threats in Investment & Exits 111230 Karan Deepak Bhadra 2013
Effect of mergers on performance of a company 111238 Nishith Kirtidev Khatri 2013
Managing Credit Risk in Agricultural Lending 111261 Vishnoo V 2013
Response of Market to Mergers during the phase of Announcement till Closure of deal 111316 Brahmjyot Kaur 2013
Role of Commodity derivatives market in physical market price making in India and its effect on Inflation 111345 Shantanu Nilosey 2013
Risk analysis in selected mutual fund companies 111360 Yash Murarka 2013
Study of accounting implications of international activities of selected indian companies 101104 Aditya Chilappagari 2012
Study of various multifactor models and their relevance in Indian Context 101109 Anshul Rathi 2012
Test of Black's Approximation in Indian context 101117 C. Viswanathan 2012
Validation of relation between volatility and volume of trade in Indian Context 101147 Srikant Mohanty 2012
To find Implied Volatility across different options available in India 101226 Jigar Nileshkumar Jajal 2012
Study of managerial choices related to capital structure across various sectors 101227 Jyotsna Shrivastava 2012
Scope of currency and commodities market in INDIA 101263 Bhashit Deepak Shah 2012
Asset and Liability Management in Banks 101341 Rikant Garg 2012
Profitabilty performance and stock valuation of indian PSUs and private sector banks 101345 Sahil Sukhija 2012
Approaching Equity Valuation through Option Pricing 101348 Savir Bansal 2012
Impact of FII/DII investment and Monetory policy on Indian Stock market 101358 Pratik Amit Bhatt 2012
Share price behaviour around Buyback Announcement by the Company 091125 Maheshwari Manojkumar Arjankumar 2011
Empirical Investigation of CAPM in Indian Capital Market & Study of pricing differentials as a function of Management Efficiency 091163 Soneji Parth Yogeshkumar 2011
Study of the relationship between yield spreads of corporate bonds and their credit ratings. 091211 Ashu Madan 2011
An Empirical Study on Capital Structure Decisions of Indian Companies. 091216 Chhetariya Hamirbhai Karabhai 2011
Study of Financial Parameters & Performance with referrence to the stage of industry in its Life Cycle 091225 Shah Manish Pradipkumar 2011
Risk Management Through Derivatives 091260 Manpreet Singh 2011
Studying the impact of derivatives trading upon capital market 91301 Abhinav Sinha 2011
Comparision of the existing Performance measures of the Bank to Market-Book value ratio of banks 091303 Anchal Punjani 2011
Corporate Capital restructuring 91319 Baldwa Kartik Arvind 2011
Analysis of Working Capital Management Performance in select industries 091338 Rohan Mathur 2011
How does inclusion or exclusion from the market index (NSE Nifty and/or Sensex) impact on the liquidity, stock price and cost of capital for firms? 091350 Subramanian S 2011
Offering Maid services 124125 AHIR KHUSHALI JITENDRA 2014
Home Bakery 114218 BOTADRA HARISHA RAJIV 2014
Testing market efficiency industry-wise in accordance to their industry life cycle and company size in these specific industries 091354 Vaibhav Gupta 2011
SSB Bricks manufacturing 124259 PATEL ADHEET SANJAY 2014
Retail chain of floral shops 114113 CHOKSHI DARSHIL MANGESH 2013
Leasing of Volvo buses to operators 114117 DHOLAKIA DRUMIL MANOJKUMAR 2013
Manufacturing plant of domestic pressure cooker 104214 DHANUSHI AGRAWAL 2013
Touch pad technology 104114 PATEL HARDIK JITENDRABHAI 2012
Dazzle home, High quality modular and distributor 104209 AKSHAT GUPTA 2012
Share Broking 094108 POPTANI DEEPAK MANOHAR 2011
Doorman Services 094109 SHAH DEVANSH BHARATKUMAR 2011
Manufacturing of notebook and cover page 094208 PATEL ANKUR NATWARLAL 2011
Trading of synthetic fabrics 094209 GARG BHARATKUMAR RAMAKISHAN 2011
A Holiday Resort in Rajasthan 084110 Bhoomi Joshi 2010
Opening up of a Pre school 084111 Ankola Bhumi Kantilal 2010
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Potential risk factors and their mitigation in supply chain management Atul Goyal 2011
Comparative analysis of the various tracking systems (bar-code, rfid, gps, telematics et al) in fields as transport systems,goods,human resource,asset management et al. Tandon Devika Arun Anjali 2011
A theoretical and a comparative study of cultural differences of practices followed in the manufacturing industry across continents/societies. Barge Harshad Mahadev 2011
Optimizing Inventory Management and Reduction in Rejection. Tushveen Kaur 2011
Preparation of strategic and operational plan for Ahmedabad air cargo complex- for next decade Chirag M Thakkar 2011
"GREEN SUPPLY CHAIN The objective with this study is to clarify the advantages - both economic and environmental - that manufacturing industry can draw from managing their supply chain and adding a green aspect to it." Mehta Krunal Mayur Chetna 2011
Coping with the Raw Material Procurement and Finished Goods Delivering Challenges of Kalpataru Power Transmission Ltd. using the concepts of Operations Management. Ganatra Gaurang Kamlesh 2011
supply network design and co-ordination Shaikh Ghazi H.Shaifullah 2011
Study of Supply Chain Management Cycle of Indian Telecom Industry. Saurabh Sharma 2011
A study on the supply chain and market selection dillemmas of Indian diamond industry Arnab Nag 2012
"A study of Green Supply Chain Management: current practices and contribution " Neha Rau 2012
"A study of Green Supply Chain Management: current practices and contribution " Neha Rau 2012
Understanding the challenges and identifying opportunities in the Transportation and Logistics Sector of India Ameya Rajan Wagle 2012
Reverse logistics - Managing End-of-Life (EOL) Computers Anshul Shirish Talokar 2012
Viability of setting up Supply Chain Unit - Inland Container Depot/ Container Freight Station Ravikumar K Patel 2012
Reverse logistics - Managing End-of-Life (EOL) Computers Ankit Satish Shah 2013
Study on Supply Chain Management in E-Waste(Recycling of Electronic waste) Business Hardik Shailesh Brahmbhatt 2013
Impact of Inventory Management on Firm's Performance Sukarn Tiwari 2013
Using Supply Chain Management for removing inefficiencies Vikrant Gupta 2014
Analyzing Supply Chain inefficiencies Rajat Garg 2014
Fourth Party Logistics[4PL] S.Soma Deepti Nambiar 2014
Effect of Inventory on supply chain management Chirag Bhatnagar 2014
Manufacturing plant of chili and flakes SHAH JAYMINE KAILASH 2011
Healthy Flour manufacturing KHAKHAR JIGAR JITESHKUMAR 2011
Polysacks bag for cement JAISWAL AKANKSHA MANOHAR 2011
Construction of Private Jetty and Oil terminal KANGAD HETAB SHAMJIBHAI 2011
Packaging of coconut water MANAN NAHAR 2012
Opening of Multi purpose club LALWANI MEHUL RAJENDRAKUMAR 2012
Diamond cutting and polishing PATEL DHRUVA SANJAYKUMAR 2012
Security services & security on wheels AMBEGAONKER HARSH RAVI 2013
Software development & outsourcing of tablets PATEL HITESHKUMAR KANUBHAI 2013
Opening a theme Restaurant GANDHI DISHA RAJENDRA 2014
Set up of velvet manufacturing unit and another unit of textile manufacturing with rapier looms PATEL DIXITKUMAR BHARATBHAI 2014
SARTHI Training and Research institute for Disabilities GARIMA MISHRA 2014
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Dissertation Projects  
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
A Study of Knowledge Sharing in Cross Functional Teams Jyoti Verma 2013
Exploring Informal Firms of Indian Diamond Industry Principal Investigator: Indu Rao, Post Doctoral Fellow,IIMA 2015
Analysis of Integrated Energy Policy 2006 Tanya Chaturvedi Vegad 2011
Exploratory Study of an Upcoming Industrial Cluster in Gujarat: Value Addition through Embroidery Process   2010
Analysis of Cotton Ginning Operations in Gujarat: Challenges and Opportunities Biraj Kukadia, CEPT University 2010
Emergence of Industrial Clusters in Gujarat: Challenges and Opportunities   2010
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Marketing to Retired Consumers- The second honeymoon Pankush Kapoor February 2014
Are characteristics of products/topics and advertisement related to word of mouth? Sidhhant Gupta February 2014
Impact of Online Community on Loyalty Behaviour Jaikiran Alinkil February 2014
Study of consumer behavior with regard to online shopping portals in India. Pankti Manek February 2014
Tourism Destination Marketing:Perceptual Analysis of selected Indian States and Enhancing Brand Image of a State Aakansha Rawat February 2014
Role of Advertising in Brand Preference in FMCG Suraj Gupta February 2014
Factors Affecting Adoption of A New Food Product Hardik Duvani February 2014
To study the effect of brand image on Consumer Purchasing Behaviour on Clothing Viral Shah February 2014
Impact of advertising on consumer buying behavior Sakshi Goyal February 2014
Impact Of Customer Orientation of Service Organisations Koustubh Shirish Kunjalwar February 2014
Effect of celebrity endorsements on consumer behavior Shilpa Gupta February 2013
Study on Impact of Advertisements on Sales of Soft Drinks. Aman Choudhary February 2013
Role of Automobile Dealer Performance & Customer Preference in the Indian Car Market. Rohan Manoj Shah February 2013
Study on the long run impact of online advertising on consumer behaviour and response Ikramjit Singh Bhatia February 2013
Study of Consumer Behavior in making online purchase of apparels Rahul Patel February 2013
Study of consumer behavior with regard to online purchasing Anshul Kaushik February 2013
Brand image formation in children Brand image formation in children February 2013
Analysis of Customer Value Creation for Buyer's Perspective. Varun Malhotra February 2013
Study of Brand Extension in India Ankit Mishra February 2013
Marketing of Luxury Brand in India Devang Bharat Sanghvi February 2012
Preference towards online shopping among Urban Population Nikita Khandelwal February 2012
Market Research and Sales Analysis of Paracetamol Intra Venal Nirmal Himanshu Patel February 2012
Comparative study of Cafe Coffee Day and Barista in Ahmedabad Ankit Navlakkha February 2012
Consumer Behaviour for Mobile Commerce Gagandeep Singh February 2012
Study of Luxury Branding in India Gargi Roy February 2012
City branding Taran Shah February 2012
A study on Online Consumer Behavior Jigar Satishchandra Modasia February 2012
Impact of Sales Promotions on purchase behavior of consumers with respect to Consumer Durables and Apparels Segment Romil Kirit Doshi February 2012
Study of Affiliate Marketing as an emerging online marketing strategy Roshni Kumar February 2012
Study of impact of word of mouth on consumer behaviour Nupur Bharat Shah February 2012
Business Plan on Food Processing Unit Jay C Ghelani February 2014
Business Plan on Manufacturing plant of fasterner Jimit H Maniar February 2014
Business Plan on Feasibility of a restaurant Yasmeen Baig February 2014
Business plan on Ready to eat fesh cut fruits and home delovery based distribution systems Henal A Patel February 2014
Business Plan on Ceramic tile plant Kartil Jindal February 2014
Business Plan on Production of surgical cotton Sarnik A Shah February 2013
Business Plan on Home solutions-Decorative paints Ishani H Shah February 2013
Business Plan on Port logistic services Jeet R Parikh February 2013
Business plan on Mystique' A multi cuisine restaurant Nikita S Goyal February 2012
Business Plan on Domestic Employment Agency KESWANI NIMESH KEWALKUMAR February 2012
Business Plan on Manufacturing unit of Boiler Bed material PARIKH NIRAV RAJESHBHAI February 2012
Business plan on Plastic bottle and textile parts production DOSHI HARDIK MAHENDRAKUMAR February 2012
Business Plan on AGUA - Flavored drinking water PATEL HEMANG BIPINBHAI February 2012
Business Plan on School in semi urban areas GOHIL HARSHAL MANOJ February 2011
Business plan on Car carrier Manufacturing Unit PATEL HEER NIMISH February 2011
Business Plan on Pet shot, growing and spa services KHAMBHATTA JANHAVI VINITBHAI February 2011
Business plan on Sugarcane bagasse based power generation unit JAVIYA DUSHYANT JAGDISH February 2011
Business Plan on Online Medical Portal TILVA HARIT BHARATKUMAR February 2011
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Implementing Innovation in Road construction Deepali Agarwal March 2013
Opening a Multibrand cosmetic retail store Dharmarajsingh Jadeja March 2013
Opening up a Cashewnut processing unit Deepkumar Patel March 2013
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Health Care IT: B-Plan   2015
Virtual Reality Device: B-Plan   2015
Impact of online Marketing on Consumer Behavior in Ahmedabad: Dissertation   2015
A Robust CAPM   2015
Analysing Consumer’s Perception towards brands in Health Food Drinks Industry   2015
Comparison of supply chain risk within service industry   2015
Factors affecting the choice of e-commerce websites in India   2015
A study of retail industry trends in India   2015
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Study of Implications of strategic factors in Equity Research Jyot Patel 2014
Economic Performance & Bankruptcy: A Study of Indian Firms Ankit Sinha 2014
Financial Decision Making: Heuristics and Biases Neelima Krishnan 2014
An Empirical study of Effect of Stock split on Share Prices Nikhil Lath 2014
An empirical study on Financial Literacy and its impact on Personal Financial Planning Aayushi Jain 2014
A Study of Effect of offshore of Non-Deliverable Forwards Markets on Rupee volatility Aditya Singh Lodha 2014
European Union Sustenance: Issues And Challenges Jatin Keswani 2014
Determinants of Exchange Rate and Factors Influencing Exchange Rate Volatility Mitalee Negandhi 2014
A study of impact of macroeconomic factors on Indian stock market Sagar Bhayani 2014
Validation of Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) in Indian context Darshan Pradeep Shah 2013
Effect of demographic and macro-economic factors on stock market performance Ishan Onkarbhai Trivedi 2013
Building and testing of Credit Rating model for Sovereign Jigar Hiteshbhai Atha 2013
Empirical Validation of Expert Opinion in Stock Market Hardik Ramesh Yagnik 2013
Mutual Funds: Attributes and Performance Harshil Nayan Parikh 2013
Impact of Macroeconomic Policies & Macroeconomic Variables on Stock Prices Rishita Jagatbhai Sarabhai 2013
"Study the effect of quarterly reports on the stock price of the company " Sunil Babulal Sancheti 2013
"Empirical Study on Optimal Hedge Ratio and Hedging Effectiveness in Indian Equity Futures Market" Kenil Doshi 2012
Valuation of M&A in different sectors in India Rahul Garg 2012
Bubbles in Commodities Mudit Gupta 2012
Statistical Arbitrage algorithm application on Nifty 50 stocks using high frequency data Devashish S Gantayat 2012
Study of Announcement of Stock Split on Share Prices Himank Sharma 2012
Carbon Credit Valuation Abhinav Agrawal 2012
Study of FDI and FII investments in India and its impact on economy Manali Parmar 2012
Capital Structure Management across industries Thomas Manish John Annamma 2012
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Dissertation Project  
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Financial inclusion in bharuch district : An Analysis of opportunities , accessbility and obstacles with reference to banks and individuals PG 2014
Total Quality Management PhD
NPA Management PhD
"Corporate Social Responsibility: An analysis of it's imapct on performance of organization" PG
Customer satisfaction of bancassurance of public v/s priveat bank PG
MSMEs and Barriers PhD
Future Prospects of Debit card and Credit card in Bharuch City PG
Factor affecting the adoption of internet banking in Bharuch PG
Imapct of cloud coomputing on banking system: a comparitive study on public v/s private banks PG
Corporate Resturctring and its Implication : An analysis of various company PG
SME's access to formal financing: A study of SME's and Banks  
Capital Budeting in MSMEs PG
Operational Risk Management  
Working Capital Management and Profitability : An analysis of Pharmaceutical companies in Gujarat  
Micro finance and Women Empowerment  
More than 150 projects guided til date PG
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Personality Parameters and Career Management Mridula Singh (Roll No.091322) 2011
Developing Training Modules For the Staff of Bank of Baroda. Mansi Jain (Roll No. 091320) 2011
Role of Mascots in Brand Building. Vipul Agrawal (Roll No. 101158) 2012
Work Life Balance in Top Notch IT Firms. Ritika Lakhani (Roll No. 111248) 2013
Comparative Study of the Training and Development Practices in the Hotel Industry between India and the Gulf Countries. Reema Shah (Roll No. 111246) 2013
Competency Mapping in Piramal Pharmaceutical Development Services Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad. Sachin Padhya (Roll No. 111343) 2013
CSR Initiatives at Mercedes Benz India Pvt. Ltd. Isha Shah (Roll No. 111321) 2013
Organization Citizenship Behavior: Relationship with Employee Engagement. Suhani Tiwari (Roll No. 121353) 2014
Manufacturing of Master Batches. Komal Ranasaria 2010
Distribution of Tata Sky. Mansi Mehta (Roll No. 084129) 2010
Graphics and Design Company. Namrata Desai (Roll No. 094134) 2011
Dehydration of Vegetables and Fruits. Abdulrasid Shaikh (Roll No. 094132) 2011
Restaurant Where People Can Relive their Childhood. Pooja Kanani (Roll No. 104138) 2012
Corrugated Box Manufacturing. Mayank Badlani (Roll No.104229) 2012
Sports Café and Bar. Mihir Shah (Roll No.104230) 2012
Bio Script Discovery New Science. Miraj Shah (Roll No.104231) 2012
Handbag & Footwear Store. Monika Nahata (Roll No.114137) 2013
Music Recording Studio. Nikki Thakkar (Roll No.114138) 2013
Customized Women Footwear Rima Shah (Roll No.114244) 2013
Club, Game Zone, Gym - Caféteria Priya Somani ( Roll No.124131) 2014
Setting Up Shirt Manufacturing Puja Jain (Roll No.124132) 2014
Opening a Café Shweta Paryani (Roll No.114151) 2014
Expansion of Achyut Ayurvedic in New Regions with New and Different Marketing Strategies Krishna Shah (Roll No.124232) 2014
Green Marketing: Analysis of Attitude and Behavior of Consumers in Ahmedabad   2015
A Comparison of Women Empowerment In The Public And Private Sector   2015
Factors Influencing Purchase Decisions of Consumers for Private Labels in Electronic Market   2015
"Effect of Food Packaging: A Study on Consumer Buying Behavior   2015
Green Mobile Spa - Relaxation On Wheels YASH BAGRECHA (Family Business & Entrepreneurship) (134165) 2015 Jeyur Desai (Family Business & Entrepreneurship) 2015
Pet Friendly Cafe Jinal Choksi (Family Business & Entrepreneurship) 2015
Komal Crafts (Ladies Wear Manufacturing Unit) Komal Doultani 2015
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Seed Money  
Study of Technology Enabled Supply Chain at Adani Gas Piyush Bhatia, FT II Batch 2012-14 2014
Service Supply Chain Management in Restaurant industry Sudheer Kumar Reddy Malyala FT II Batch 2012-14 2014
Measuring effectiveness of SCADA systems in Adani Gas Limited Vikram Kumar Vemula FT II 2011-13 2013
Study of semiotics for hedonistic brands in luxury segment Gaurav Dhama FT II 2010-12 2012
Use of IT in new product development Araghya Biswas FT II Batch 2010-12 2012
Consumer wiliness to pay for firms environmental initiation for electronic goods Anuj Kiran Avashia FT II 2011-13 2013
A Study of Gap Analysis in perception of Social Media Presence by Organizations and Consumer in Indian context Ashish Kumar Agrawal FT II Batch 2010-12 2012
Feasibility Study of RFID Implementation in Industry Desai Aditya Vikram FT II Batch 2009-11 2011
Scope of RFID in Retail Industry Munish Mor FT II Batch 2009-11 2011
Open a Retail outlet for Home-made chocolates SHAH RAHUL PRADIP FB Batch 12-14 2014
The concept of Smart Class RASIWALA FARIDA SHABBIR FB Batch 12-14 2014
Online retail and customized apparels KRUPALI PATEL FB Batch 2012-14 2014
Feasibility analysis of guar gum powder processing DHOLU PUNIT HARILAL FB Batch 2011-13 2013
Expansion of product range of plastic moulded packaging product JHAVERI RAJVI SANJEEV FB Batch 2011-13 2013
TMT bars manufacturing Unit AGRAWAL PUNIT KAMALKUMAR FB Batch 2011-13 2013
Opening a workshop for emerging fashion designer DOSHI RACHANA KIRITBHAI FB Batch 2010-12 2012
To Open a Theme based Restaurant in Ahmedabad THANKI NIDHI SURESHKUMAR FB Batch 2009-11 2011
Collection and recycling of Industrial metal Scrap MADHUR VYAS FB Batch 2009-11 2011
Royal Tours and Travels KUM. MITALI THAKUR FB Batch 2009-11 2011
Oil Extraction from Spice KUM. MOHIT KOTHARI FB Batch 2009-11 2011
Diversification of the Present line of Business Mansi Vinod Mittal FB Batch 2008-10 2010
Expansion of Marwadi Store Jaju Maya Vishnugopal FB Batch 2008-10 2010
Capacity Expansion, Technology Upgradation Shivlani Mayur Thakurdas FB Batch 2008-10 2010
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Effect of merger on stock prices in india Ishita Manglani 2014
Active Vs Pasive Investment Management Leepy Taneja 2014
A study on impact of merger on valuation of the firm Mitul Shah 2014
Portfolio Management in mutual funds Anurag Ganguly 2014
Market Timing, Selectivity and Mutual Fund Performance Aditi Sharma 2014
Effect of Quarterly Announcement of financial results on stock prices Shiv Singhal 2014
Performance Evaluation of Indian Banks Nidhi Agrawal 2014
Impact of Corporate Leverage on Financial Performance Ipseeta Dalai 2014
A Study on factors affecting P/E ratio of Indian Banks Shuchi Bhatnagar 2014
P/E ratio and its relevance to Efficient Market Hypothesis Vanditha M R 2014
A Study on factors affecting mutual fund performance Sahil Mirani 2014
Evaluating Fund Selection Models for Mutual Funds Himanshu Pahwa 2013
Performance Evaluation of Indian Banks. Janki Asnanni 2013
An Empirical Study of Impact of Mutual Fund Portfolio Size on its Returns. Pulkit Wadhwa 2013
The Functional Relationships Among Earnings, Cash Flows and Stock Returns Rajthilak S 2013
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Brand Loyalty and Buying Behaviour in FMCG products Akshat Bhatia February 2015
The Impact of Export Facilitation Programs of Firms, Export Performance – A study of major industrial clusters in Ahmedabad. Shivangi Singh, Research Scholar 2015
Impact of Visual Merchandising on Consumer Behavior with respect to Retail Outlets in Selected Product Categories. Dr. Neha P. Mehta 2016
The impact of Green Marketing: An upcoming Power with special reference to consumer preferences and green marketers Diljeetkaur G. Makhija 2017
A Study of Relationship between Personality Traits and Demographic Characteristics with Behavioral Biases of Individual Investors. Abhishek Sachan
Measuring Impact of Firm Specific Resources on Indian SMEs with particular study of Automobile and Textile Sector. Mr. Pranaya Srivastava 2016
The impact of Green Marketing: An upcoming Power with special reference to consumer preferences and green marketers Chitral P Patel 2016
International Market Exploration of Life Sciences Engineering; Algeria, Indonesia, Brazil and India at Elomatic Pharma Lab Consulting & Engineering Anshul Goyal February 2015
Reverse Logistics: Managing End -of-Life Computers Mayank Bhardwaj February 2014
Micro Finance in India: Current Scenario, Problems, and Needs Rahul Jagyasi February 2014
Influence of Brands on Consumer Buying Behavior in the Mobile and Laptop Industry Bhumit Atulbhai Patel February 2015
A Study of Consumer Behavior in Sports Goods Industry Shankha Suvra Mukherjee February 2015
Impact of Monetary Policy on Inflation and Industrial Production Milan Gantara February 2014
Empirical Study on the Impact of Global Crisis on Indian Economy Vishnoo V February 2014
Political Marketing Vinit Chandgothia February 2015
Business Plan on Real 3D: 3D Printing Professional Services Raj Joisar February 2015
Customer Acceptance of Internet Shopping in India: Impact of Shopping Orientations, Knowledge and Security, Ph. D. Thesis Dr. Darshan Parikh December 2010
Share Price Behaviour Dividend Announcements in India Manisha Agrawal February 2014
Effect of Bonus Issues and Rights on Stock Prices Anusha Jain February 2014
Business Plan on Processing Unit of Marbles Khushboo Devpura February 2015
Business Plan Titled as “Quench Your Thirst at Cane-O-Cool” - Flavored Sugarcane Juices Priyal Babel February 2015
Impact of Foreign Capital Flow on Indian Financial Market Saupan Upadhyay February 2014
Energy Drinks Market In India: Opportunities and Challenges for Tzinga Anshu Gupta February 2013
The effect of Brand elements on brand recall Ketki Vilas Paranjpe February 2013
Empirical study on India-China trade relations P R Balasubramanian February 2013
Study of domestic and international medical textile market Kunjal M Mamlani February 2012
Effect of RBI intervention on foreign exchage rates Shri Nath Pandey February 2012
To understand the factors which have led to development of telecom sector Kanishk Bhalla February 2012
Business Plan for Bio gas Diesel PARIKH PRIYAM BIMAL February 2011
Business Plan for Manufacturing of corrugated boxes PURUSHARTH BADJATIA February 2011
Business Plan for Coco combo DHOLAKIA NISHITA BHAVIN February 2011
Business Plan for Manufacturing and distribution mineral water and flavored drinking water JHAVERI ONEIL ASHIT February 2011
Business Plan for "Divine Info services PVT LTD" NADPARA RAVISHKUMAR CHUNILAL Divine Info services PVT LTD February 2012
Business Plan for Setting up Retail store for home furnishing industry JAIN RIKIN RAJESH February 2012
Businesss Plan for Gelativ Manufacturing SHAH NIDHI JAYENDRA February 2012
Business Plan for Punjabi food restaurant and tea bar chain NIKHIL GOYAL February 2012
Business Plan for Manufacturing of Plastic Drums SHAH NIRALI PRADIPBHAI February 2012
Business Plan for Illat candles PATEL SATYAM BHARATKUMAR February 2013
Business Plan for Emu bird farming MR. SIDDHARTHSINH P. VAGHELA February 2013
Business Plan for Green Biofuel PRAJAPATI ROHAN KANAIYALAL February 2013
Business Plan for Textile : Manufacturing and Distibution KHOKHAR MAYUR BALUBHAI February 2014
Business Plan for Cotton Spinning Industry DOSHI RIKINKUMAR VINAYKANT February 2014
Business Plan to Establish a new unit for manufacturing brass items SOLANKI KUNJAN BHARATBHAI February 2014
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
A study of factors influencing buyer-seller relations in B2B markets.   2014
Business-to-business sales process and different parameters affecting business buying center   2014
Rejuvenating the brand through private label   2014
Role of Discount Strategies in FMCG Products   2014
Effect of Social Network in Business to Business Marketing   2014
Impact of Brand Performance and Customer Satisfaction on cutstomer based Brand Equity   2014
Sales Force Management in different industries   2014
Are the brand non-singular? Can a brand exhibit more than one brand personality?   2014
Scope of online Grocery store/ Pharmacy store in India   2014
Role of Internal Branding in Corporate Brand Success   2013
Effects of Sale Promotions on Consumer Preferences (with special reference to FMCG products)   2013
Psycho-graphic Segmentation of Social media users   2013
A Study of the Indian Online Consumer's Attitudes & Perceptions Towards Internet Marketing & e-word-of-mouth in the web 2.0 context   2013
An In-depth study of Indian General News & Business News Channels : Problems, & Opportunities & the way ahead.   2013
Destination Branding in Indian Context   2013
The Hedonic & Utilitarian Values Affecting Brand Loyalty: Analysis of some Moderating Variables.   2013
Mall Mania in India - Changing Consumer Buying Habits   2013
Consumer behavior towards mutual fund and marketing of mutual fund   2012
Promotional Strategies of Fashion Industry   2012
Impact of celebrity endorsement in advertisements   2012
A study of the interactive marketing strategies being used to target digital consumers  
Perception towards Sachet Marketing of FMCG PRODUCTS IN Ahmedabad   2012
Analyzing service quality in Ahmedabad Restaurants   2012
Study of Marketing & Branding strategies in the 150-250cc bikes segment in India   2012
Scope & Development of Neural Marketing   2012
A study of marketing practices used on social networking websites   2012
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Analysis of Financial Instruments in India Harshil Anilkumar Soni 2014
Analyzing the macroeconomic fluctuations in India Nishant Shivnarayan Mantri 2014
Regional analysis of consumption and level of living in India Anuja Prashant Parikh 2014
Analysis of demand and supply of money in India Richa Jayeshkumar Kothari 2014
A comparative study of MCPM & CAPM in Indian Context. Nilesh Ajaykumar Sinha 2913
Corporate Governance in Micro-Finance Industry Nimit Babel 2013
Study of monteary policy action on Industrial Production & Inflation in India. Vibhor Dubey 2013
Micro Financing in India Jain Dipesh Nareshchandra 2011
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Study of Blood Banks   2008
A study on Bringing Improvement through Kaizen In a Textile Processing Unit Alok K. Bhadauria 2013
Supply chain management, concept and application at La-Gajjar Machineries Pvt. Ltd. Tejas Gajjar 2013
A Dissertation on Inventory Management Jiten Fichadia 2013
Operations management in service industry Dissertation Sujit Sethi 2013
Competitive Study of Service and Manufacturing Industry Aniket 2013
Supply chain mangement in construction industry Ankit Kothari 2013
Business analysis on procurement of BASF Sanjay Bellani 2013
Value chain analysis of dairy sector in Ahmedabad Ameya Pai Angle 2013
Supply Chain Management A Dissertation Ankit Ganatra 2012
Impact of RFID technology on process performance- in the FMCG supply chain Manish Bhatnagar 2012
A Dissertation on Supply Chain Network Design Sushant Jain 2012
Development of grass root innovation B-Plan Krushang Shah 2011
Expansion of an Architectural firm B-Plan Tuhi Thakkar 2011
Supply Network Design & Co-ordination Sushant Jain 2013
Business Plan on Vertical Axis wind Turbines Uday Choksi 2013
Evaluation of Suppliers and Supplier Network Yatharth K. Rastogi 2010
Mfg. & installation of wind turbine B-Plan Uday Chokshi 2011
Study of supply chain mangement in SMEs Ashish Parekh 2011
Lotus Pre-School B-Plan Saumil Patel 2010
Kissan Haat B-Plan RANGESH BIYANI 2010
Biscuit Shop B-Plan MEHTA RUPANGI RAKESH 2009
Retailing of Pharmaceuticals products through a chain of pharmacy store Parth 2009
Farming of eucalyptus B-Plan Pawan Narang 2009
Plan to set up tour operator business providing tourism services Roohi Gandhi 2012
Extraction of NEEM oil and Neem care manufacturing B-Plan Rumit Gajjar 2012
Restaurant business in Jaipur B-Plan Alka Sangwan 2012
Backward integration at Kashi manufacturing Navin Sukhlani 2012
Assessment of suppliers and the supplier network of an organization Yatharth Rastogi 2010
Study on clearing and forwarding of imports Anisha Gupta 2010
Flexibilities in the Supply Chain of Laptop Retailing Ankit Jain 2010
Supply Chain Management: Concepts & Application at La-Gajjar Machineries Pvt. Ltd. Tejas Gajjar 2013
Bringing Improvement through Kaizen In a Textile Processing Unit Alok Bhadauria 2013
Latest Commercial and Operational Trends in Power Industry Anis Mirza 2011
Effective Project Management to avoid cost overrun – Mehta & Associates Fire Protection Systems Pvt. Ltd Binal Shah 2011
Effective implementation of Statistical Process control tools in Newspaper Printing Pradip Das 2011
Understanding effectiveness of Supply chain management in International Business at Kalpataru Power Transmission Limited Tanmay Vora 2011
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
A study of the effect of employer attractiveness on the recruitment process of an organization. Anubha Jain, MBA (FT), 2012-14 February 2014
Impact of CSR on Employer Branding in Indian Service Organizations Ankita Sharma, MBA (FT), 2012-14 February 2014
Job satisfaction in Public Sector and Private sector: A comparative study in Oil and Gas Industry Bipasha Sarkar, MBA (FT), 2012-14 February 2014
Employer Branding: Effectiveness as a Medium of Attraction and Retention in Service Industry Chaynika Sharma, MBA (FT), 2012-14 February 2014
Antecedents of Employee Engagement in Indian Organizations Hemlata Jeswani, MBA (FT), 2012-14 February 2014
Managing Strategic HRM Practices in Indian Companies Pritisha Ganguly, MBA (FT), 2012-14 February 2014
A study of Human Resource Information System at GVK EMRI Rhea Ramchandran, MBA (FT), 2012-14 February 2014
An analysis of the factors contributing to employee satisfaction in Indian Service Industry Mohini Basu February 2014
Expatriate Management in IT & ITES sector. Devanshi Raichura February 2013
"Comparative Analysis of Different Sources of Recruitment" Shivani Vora February 2013
Study of Management Styles of Women Managers. Aditi Jagnani February 2013
Emerging learning and development technologies in Service Sector Saloni Agrawal February 2013
Study of the Expectation of Various companies from MBA graduates and the Business school training provided to fulfill the expectation which they perceive the companies are looking for. Shreya Chopra February 2013
Employee perception towards Employee Ownership Plans. Prabhleen Kaur February 2013
Training need analysis and effectiveness in banking sector Varsha Khanchandani February 2012
A Comparative study of Management Students Expectation about Prospective Employers Anup Eringhikal February 2012
Comparison of PMS and its impact on employee engagement in manufacturing and IT firm. Akshu Thula February 2012
Comparative Study of employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction in the Hospital Industry in Ahmedabad Ana Joshi February 2012
Study of Human Resource Management System in Arvind Mills Ltd. Bhumika Shah February 2012
Study of Performance Management System and Talent management for Telecom sector Foram Joshi February 2012
Critical analysis of expectations of corporate and management graduates Aastha Dhingra February 2012
Organizational study and HR practises in Zydus Cadila Himanshi Shah February 2012
Factors affecting buying behaviour of consumers for high end product categories Ruchi Patel February 2012
Competency Mapping and Career Planning Amrita Singh February 2011
Performance management system: A driver for high-performance organizations Sarang Dani February 2011
Determinants of performance effectiveness of an individual in an organization Vasudha Handa February 2011
Welfare Activities and Job Satisfaction Vidushi Sharma February 2011
What makes an Attractive Employer?: Significant factors from employee perspective Harleen Kaur Sodhi February 2011
Effect of Sales Promotion on Buyers behaviour: An Empirical study of Ahmadabad Retail Customers Prashant Kumar February 2011
A study of Work Life balance for service sector employees Shilpa Agarwal February 2011
Expectations of Expatriates from Human Resource Practices in IT/ITES Sector Vrinda Sood February 2011
HRM: Pay satisfaction of employees in Indian Organizations Soumya Saxena February 2011
Commercial Goatery Sahin Patel January 2011
Dairy Farming Mrugit Gajjar January 2011
Boutique Pooja Dhandharia January 2011
Nidhann Pharmacy Rajat Gupta January 2011
Expansion of Kamron Sohan Laskari January 2012
Event management Rutu Shah January 2012
Manufacturing of Ethnic Footwear Shachi Agarwal January 2012
Expansion of manufacturing plant of PET bottles Vaidehee Kothari January 2013
Spice Grinding Hirenkumar Patel January 2013
Ro purified drinking water at rural area Ketan Goti January 2013
A Musically themed multi cuisine restaurant Shitij Jain January 2014
Brand Building Sumeet Dass January 2014
Developing Green building residential project Parth Patel January 2014
Managerial Perception towards Organizational Change Debjani dass 2015
Manufacturing of Aluminium Cylinder blocks Shubham Botadra January 2014
Corporate Social Responsibility and Its effect on Employee Behaviour Noopur Naik 2015
Effects of Psychological Contract on Employer and Employees: An Empirical Study Shobhana Jha February 2015
Study of Potential Appraisal practices in Manufacturing Organizations’ Anshula Vaid February 2015
Study of Industrial Relations Practices at Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) Nishatparveen Shaikh February 2015
Designing Engagement Policies For Multigenerational Workforce Priyal Maniar February 2015
Perceptions of Professionals in Public Sector Undertakings Regarding the Performance Management System” Neha Arora February 2015
Analysis of Talent Acquisition Practices and their Effectiveness  
A Study of Online Recruitment process of Corporate Sector: An Empirical Study Rupali Kulkarni
Challenges Faced by RPOs Sumit paul 2016
Employer Branding: Does Demographics Matter? Shailja Singh 2016
Study on Influence of Visual Merchandising on Consumer's Buying Behaviour in Apparel Retail Store in Ahmedabad Ruchi Naithani 2016
A Study on Consumer's Buying Behaviour in Consumer Durables Segment in Multi-Channel Retailing Sujash Baid 2016
Establishing Relationship between Personality Traits and Specialization Selection of MBA Students Aditi Rana 2016
Consumer Behaviour towards Private Labels in E-Commerce Industry Riju Choudhary 2016
Online Portal of Tradional Items Kailash Deora 2016
Pop-up Retail Outlets Sunand Sarodia 2016
Eat Right- A Grocery Store Dyna James 2016
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
The Impact of Sport Sponsorship on Brand Equity Ashish Surendra Singh 2014
Effect of Packaging on Consumer Behaviour Atul Lohia 2014
Effect of Hedonic and Utilitarian Aspects of Consumer Behavior on Purchase Intention of Smartphones Chaitanya Razdan 2014
Role of Females in Family Buying Decision-Making in India Vishant Kumar Rastogi 2014
Impact of Advertisements on Consumer Buying Behavior Neha Chabra 2014
Effect of Sales Promotion on Consumer Behavior Vinit Sharma 2014
Lifestyle Marketing- The New Rising Approach In Marketing? Mansi Parag Doshi 2014
Analysis of How the Marketing Stimulus Affects the Impulse Buying Behavior in Fashion-Oriented Products Rohit Singh 2014
The Study of Relationship between Service Marketing Mix Elements and Customer Based Brand Equity with Special Reference to Mobile Telecom Service Provider Monik Manubhai Patel 2014
Analysis of Consumer Decision Making Process in Purchase of Smartphones Ranotosh Banerjee 2014
Customers Perception Pertaining To The Parameters Towards The Purchasing Decision Of SUV’s Amber Krishngopal Sharma 2013
Study Of Hedonistic Brands Pemmi Ashok Kumar 2013
Study of Cultural Similarities and Differences in Manufacturing Organizations Across India, China and Russia Sumit Agrawal 2013
Brand Community & Customer Involvement in Royal Enfield Dhruv Jitendra Patel 2013
The Impact of Online Advertising on Consumer Behaviour Pradip Maganbhai Shingala 2013
Brand Semiotics in Soap Category Vineet Sharma 2013
Role of Mascots in Brand Building Abhishek Gupta 2013
Rebranding Process: Perception and Acceptance Levels of Consumers Nishant Thakkar 2013
Study on the Hedonic Dimension of Consumer Behaviour Randeep Singh Arora 2013
Impact of Celebrity Endorsements on Consumer Behaviour Sahil Agam Vyas 2013
Out of the Box Campaigning - A Consumer Point of View Joy Mukherjee 2012
Brand Perception of Shampoos Manali Burman 2012
Factors Affecting the Selection of GSM Service Providers in Ahmedabad Rahul Bhandari 2012
Customer Reaction Profiling Based on Advertisements Rohit Vyas 2012
A Study on the Hidden Proposition of Brand Value For Indian Brands Kodela Sushanth 2012
Study of Effect of Brand Extension on the Parent Brand Ruchi Sachdeva 2012
Brand Personality: Offline & Online Vaibhav S Pansuria 2012
Experiential Marketing : A Tool For Building Customer Relationship Management in Consumer Durables and FMCG Sectors Rajesh W Sawant 2012
Study of Attributes Affecting Consumer Perceptions of Fast Food Restaurants in India Safal Jain 2012
Analyzing Marketing Communication in Brand Communities Nihit Surendra Kshatriya 2012
Aqua Yoga and Spa Treatment PATEL SEEMUL BHAVESHBHAI 2012
Manufacturing of Renaultory Products CHHAPPAN MARGI RAKESH 2013
Rock Mining and Stone Crushing MAYURKUMAR BHARATBHAI PATEL 2013
Manufacturing of Soya Milk NEEL PATEL 2014
Integrating Business Plan Strategies SHAH NIDHI RAJENDRA 2014
Service Apartment in India PAREKH NISHITA HIRALAL 2014
Magra Handicrafts SALONI JAIN 2014
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Strategising Website Optimization for Business Development Apurba Bhatta Unitedworld School of Business, Ahmedabad April 2013
Branding & Visual Merchandising at HARRA Prachi Sharma UWSB, April 2013
Marketing Analysis of Mutual Fund and Portfolio Management Prayas Singh UWSB April 2013
A Study of Branding & Positioning Success at Mahindra & Mahindra Varistha Lata UWSB April 2013
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
DissertationNiche or mass : The future of Jewelery Retail Darshil Jhaveri 2010
Summer Training  
"Innovations: Elixir of Product management. Area: Marketing" Kshitij Prasad Tiwari 2010
Retail business model for Post paid customer Kapasi Sandeep Ashok Chandrika 2010
Business Plan  
Managing Social Projects  
A study on consumers' retail outlet selction & decision making Thejaswi Kumar Reddy A 2010
Sports Marketing: An Analysis From an Indian Perspective Prateek Katoch 2010
Impact of various promotional tools on Brand building , across different product categories. Patel Deep Kanubhai 2010
An exploratory study on online social media Karan Chawla 2010
Advertisement Effectiveness of Informational and Transformational Appeals Raj Shah 2010
Study of the impact and scope of Subconscious marketing through various communication channels Deepak Krishna 2010
Perceptions of consumers for service quality in Hospitality industry with special reference to Ahmedabad Mehul Joshi 2010
Study of Facebook as a Marketing Medium for NGO's , NPO's and For Profit Organisations. Deval Ashokkumar Sarang 2012
Use of Mascots in Marketing Megha Mehashwari 2012
Branding of start-up firms Shravan Krishnaraj Kemtur 2012
Study of Store Design Parameters and Market potential with respect to "Vishwa Gallery": A home appliances store in Upleta Tarnang Desai 2012
Study of Branding Strategies and Marketing in Sports Nirav Anandbhai Dave 2012
Retail Value Proposition and Growth comparison in different categories of the luxury products industry Apoorva Chawla 2012
The Interdependence of Retail Value Proposition & Supply Chain Strategy. Deepesh Sharma 2012
Believability of advertisements in Indian market Namrata Majumdar 2012
Comparative Study of Multi-channel Marketing Strategies in different product categories (special reference to Chroma and Crossword) Rajesh Mahendra Samiani 2012
Study Of Consumer Behaviour In Financial Products: Stock and Bond Market. Ankit Kailashchandra Sharma 2012
Co-Branding & It's Impact on Brand Equity of the products in Indian Context Kashyap Vittal Rao 2013
Destination branding and its impact on perception of people in context of the states of Goa, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat Ashish Kothari 2013
Online apparel market prospects. Arpen Vora 2013
Meaning of branded products and role of interpersonal influence on buying behaviour Pranoti Bidwalkar 2013
Study on TV Program Connectedness Vivek Patel 2013
Visual Merchandising: A study of selected online and offline stores. Yaxit Patel 2013
Study of factors affecting buying behavior in online retailing Vivek Shah 2013
Effect of Brand Extension on Brand Equity Saurabh Kumar 2013
Multichannel Retailing and its implication on consumer behaviour Harsh Nathani 2013
Multichannel Retailing and its implication on consumer behaviour Harsh Nathani 2013
Organized sports retailing 34 2013
Manufacturing of Notebooks PUTHAWALA MOHDSAQIB AIYUB 2010
Fast food restaurant SINGH SHILPA GURUDAYAL 2010
E-Trading of ethnic wear ZALAK PATEL 2012
E Selling of Medicine and related products SUMEET DASS 2013
Manufacturing and Retail of Footwear DHOLAKIYA SUVIDHA BHAVESHBHAI 2013
Retail store for woman redaymade garments MADANI PRATIK SANJAYBHAI 2013
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
A study on Technological Convergence leading to Product Innovation Ameya More December 2013
Feasibility study of setting up agriculture producing unit in Uttar Pradesh Tarun Arora December 2013
Vertical Integration In textile business with reference to Indian Textile Industry Smit Mehta December 2013
The impact of customer relationship marketing tactics on customer loyalty with special reference to mobile operator Malhar Patel December 2013
Impact of Microfinance Institution on Financial Inclusion & the Socio-economic Factors in India Siddharth Shah December 2012
Marketing in SMEs Akash Tibrewala December 2012
Study on the Roles of Consumer Oriented Sales Promotion in FMCG Sector Amit Vijayvargiya December 2012
To study and compare the contribution of different branding tools used in Pharmaceutical Industry towards brand building amongst customers Vinod Vidhani December 2012
Football Marketing Vivek Poduval December 2012
Study on strategies for promoting retailers' brands Krishnan Gandhi December 2011
Perceptual study of Word of mouth marketing in different product categories Vishal Kukal December 2011
Study of the communication mix of banks Zubin Tilwankar December 2011
To understand the factors which make sports wear retailing effective in ahmedabad city (reebok, adidas, nike, puma) Chinmay Dave December 2011
Understanding consumer behaviour of high-end mobile in service industry and students Ishan Bhaway December 2011
Designing marketing program for High End Luxury Products Keya Panjwani December 2011
Live Project at BPCL Praneta Shukla December 2011
Financial and Operational Strategic Framework for Small and Micro Enterprises Harsh Dhavale December 2010
New Product Development: Plastic Cover for Bags Prashant Shah December 2010
A study on consumer perception towards service quality of Indian Banking System Reecha Mittal December 2010
Boutique for Women Tasneem Baig December 2013
Retail outliet of electronics in Ahmedabad Umang Kariwala December 2013
Manufacturing of WPC Sheets Purvin Shah December 2013
Marketing and communication agency working in providing full sollution for marketing to corporates Rachit Patel December 2013
Spice business Suprit Patel December 2012
High street fashion store Aanchal Goyal December 2012
Packaging solution of FMCG Nakul Kathrotia December 2012
Online business of diamond and jewelry Surbhi Jain December 2011
Float glass Manufacturing Shachi Sheth December 2011
Business plan for a school Shruti Jain December 2011
Kids garment Swapnil Shah December 2011
Tyre pyrolysis oil Tanumati Gurnani December 2011
Stock broking and investment consultancy firm Yuvrajsinh Solanki December 2011
Theme based Restaurant Ria Patel December 2010
Education solution provider Vandan Kamdar December 2010
Bulk drug manufacturing and supply Umesh Wadhwani December 2010
Packaged Mineral Water Roma Dungarwal December 2010
Setting up a freight station at Mundra Ruchi Nahata December 2009
Expansion of Business into Retailing Rushali Shah December 2009
Starting Land developing Business Sanjay Thakkar December 2009
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Impact of consumer perception on decision stages in the two wheeler industry Krishna Sharma 2013
Business plans  
Summer projects  
Consumer behavior in smart phones Aseem Chandwani 2013
Customer Preference in Choosing a Retail Outlet  
Impact of Advertisements at various stages of the Product life cycle.   2013
A study on Visual Merchandising   2013
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Effectiveness of Advertising in Social Websites V. Keshavkumar Pappu 2014
Study of Latest Online Marketing Methods and their impact on Consumers Ayush Narain 2014
Business Plan for setting up English Medium School in Village Yash Pathak 2014
Business Plan for setting up a Solar Panel Manufacturing Factory Yogendra Praduman Bhati 2014
Business Plan on Crochet Manufacturing Plant Venus Harishkumar Jaichandani 2014
Study of effectiveness and feasibility of using GPS and RFID Technologies in Logistic Business Arpit Mundra 2013
Business Plan for setting of Cotton Textile Fabric Manufacturing Chirag Mahendra Mehta 2013
Business Plan for setting up a Denim Manufacturing Unit Dhaval Jayesh Majmundar 2013
Comparative Study of different Enterprise Resource Planning packages and its relevance to specific Industry Segment Alok Nath Jaiswal 2012
Use of Information Technology for Implementation of BASEL norms in Indian Banks Harshil Manojbhai Kothari 2012
Business Plan for setting up a Ready Mix Concrete Plant Udit Agarwal 2012
Business Plan for setting up a Plant for Manufacturing Liquid Ammonia for Refrigeration use Vikas Sureshkumar Agarwal 2012
Business Plan for setting up a Paper Mill Vishal Bharatkumar Parwani 2012
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Corporate Capital Restructuring Mr. Gagan Gupta January 2011
Study the effect of quarterly reports on the stock price of the company. Iyer Ganesh Ramakrishnan Gouri January 2011
Macro Determinants of Mergers and Acquisition - Indian Perspective Vashi Pooja Jayesh January 2011
Analysis of the way Indian companies finance themselves, considering debt & equity, and banks & markets and study how their choices have been evolved over the time. Rohit Mangal January 2011
Mergers and Acquisition in Banking Sector Mehta Rutu Bharatkumar January 2011
Price and Liquidity effects of stock splits and bonus stocks on the Indian Stock Markets Choudhary Shiwani Ramesh January 2011
Implication of BASEL-II and BASEL-III on Indian Banking System. Tushar Jain January 2011
Valuation of issue prices of Indian IPOs and the impact of mis-valuation on its performance. Himanshu Agarwal January 2011
Corporate Capital Restructuring Thadeshwar Jaydeep Bharatkumar January 2011
Weather Derivatives Magiya Nidhi Rajesh Madhvi January 2011
Exploring Take out Financing, its implementation and the regulatory perspective Tanvi Dhamija January 2011
Role of derivatives in the development of debt market in india. Ashutosh Raj January 2011
A study on electricity teriff structure & subsidy in Gujarat Mr. Abhinav Ved February 2012
M&A in India - Strategic & Financial Implication Nitin Agrawal
Pricing of weather derivatives using exotic options Swati Sharma February 2012
Pricing strategy in soft drink industry Dhawal R Patel February 2012
Valuation of an IPO and the impact of its misvaluation Kuldip Bhadrayu Buch February 2012
Opportunity of M&A in telecom sector Rohit R Bothara February 2012
Arbitrage opportunity in Mergers and Acquisitions Sanket Agrawal February 2012
Shareholder value creation/destruction through M&A Shareholder value creation/destruction through M&A February 2012
Stock market reaction to announcements of M&A- Testing the form of semi-strong efficiency of the market. Shikha H Shah February 2012
Financial & strategic issues & impact of mergers & acquisition on telecom sector Sourabh Bose February 2012
Valuation and Liquidity effects of stock splits Nimbar K February 2012
Valuation of Private Equity Raj Shailesh Kantawala February 2013
Mergers as a Strategy in Telecom Sector. Shubhra Sharma February 2013
Study of Valuation of companies before and after merger. Akshita Jenawat February 2013
Study of Multiple Asset Pricing Models Ghazal Suresh Goyal February 2013
Stock Market Reactions to the Announcements of Mergers & Acquisitions in the Banking Industry - Testing the form of Semi-Strong Efficiency of the Market. Mithil Ashwinbhai Shah February 2013
The study of repo rate impact on reverse repo rate, banks’ lending rate, deposit rate and stock indices (Sensex & Nifty) Abhinav Kumar Sharma February 2013
Performance Analysis of Selective Banks Sanket Sureshbhai Chheda February 2013
A Study of the Mergers in the Indian Banking Industry Anisha Khanduja February 2014
Capital Structure Decisions in Indian Companies- Determinants and Trends Harshit Nitesh Desai February 2014
Efficiency of Banks Arpit Jain February 2014
Impact of Education Gunjan Jain February 2014
Effect of Agricultural Subsidy on output Mugdha Garg February 2014
Impact of Education Gunjan Jain February 2014
Effects of the Fertilizer input subsidy Diksha Parasramka February 2014
Returns to Education in India Suprav Talukdar February 2014
Study of Asset Allocation for Wealth Management Nirlep Kirtikumar Shah February 2014
Weather Derivative Keval Yogeshbhai Bhatt February 2014
Banking Regulations and Study of Basel Norms Deepak Agarwal February 2014
Financing of Road Projects in BOT model Niladri Sekhar Dey February 2014
Green house farm PATEL CHIRAG PRAFULBHAI February 2011
Restaurant PURVITA SONI February 2011
Jewelry Industry VAVADIA ZUBIN PARESH February 2012
Revolving Restaurant MS. GUNEET HODA February 2012
Tea room SHAH DHWANI BHARAT February 2013
solar power plant in Rajasthan GEHLOT DIGVIRAJSINGH YOGENDRASINGH February 2013
Textile SHAH HARSH TARUN February 2014
Marriage event organising company LADHA VIVEK SHIVNARAYAN February 2014
Theme base Restuarnt GARIMA JAIN February 2014
Retail chain of lab chemicals and fine chemicals DHRUVIN JEETENDRA SHAH February 2014
1. Preliminary Welfare Analysis of Electricity Price Subsidy Mr. Abhinav Ved, MBA,2012