Management Institute

Ph.D (Full Time)

In its quest to promote excellence in management, the Institute launched an autonomous doctoral programme in 1999 leading to the award of Fellow Programme in Management (FPM). However, after the Institute of Management becoming a constituent of Nirma University in 2003, the degree of Ph.D. of Nirma University is granted on completion of the programme.

The primary objective of the programme is to prepare young men and women for challenging opportunities in teaching, research, and consulting. The programme is designed to impart knowledge, develop skills and create attitudes relevant to teaching, research and consulting. The programme requires coursework in general management as well as in the area of specialization, followed by a doctoral level dissertation. In addition to the Institute faculty, resource persons are also drawn from reputed business schools in India and abroad.

Curriculum Architecture:
The programme emphasizes both skills and knowledge in management. Some of the skills are generic in nature: self-development, communication, qualitative and quantitative research methods, computing and information technology. Other skills are more specific to functional areas of management. In a similar vein, a general appreciation of management concepts is provided through the courses at preparatory level, while research based knowledge is imparted through advanced courses offered by the functional areas.

Pre-Registration Course-work:
Requirement of pre-requisite course work before formal registration for Ph.D.
The candidates would be required to undergo one-year pre-requisite course work equal to 32 Credit Hours before formal registration to Ph.D. Programme.

Ph.D. Course Work:
The candidates to would be required to study Ph.D. courses equal to 16 Credit Hours. The course work shall be treated as prerequisite for Ph.D., preparation. A minimum of four credits shall be assigned to one or more courses on Research Methodology, which could cover areas such as quantitative methods, computer applications, research ethics and review of published research in the relevant field, training, fieldwork, etc. Other courses shall be advanced level courses preparing the students for Ph.D. degree.
Programme Structure: Duration: 3 Years
1. Requirements:
Pre-requisite: Minimum 32 Credit Hours Course Work

2. Ph.D. Candidacy:
One Credit Hour: 10 sessions of 75 Minutes each
Course Load: 3 & 1.5 Credit Hours

Research Publication:
The student must publish at least two research articles in his/her area of research in refereed journals. It is a pre-requisite for scheduling the final oral defence. However the DPM Committee may consider a student’s request for final oral defence in case a student has not published his/her paper, but the same is accepted or conditionally accepted for publication. The DPM Committee will also approve the list of journals to be considered as refereed Journals.

Passing Standards (Pre-requisite Course)
For successful completion of prerequisite course work a student is required to obtain a minimum Cumulative Grade point Average of 2.165 Apart from this s/he should not obtain any 'F'  or D's in any of the courses.

Passing Standards (Ph.D.)
A Ph.D. scholar has to obtain a minimum of C+ grade in each course and minimum CPI 6.00 in order to be eligible to continue in the Programme.


The average duration for the completion of the progamme is 3 years including course work and minimum of 6 years [Till submission of thesis].
Provided however that the Director General, on the recommendation of the Research Advisory Committee (RAC) and Dean, Faculty of Doctoral Studies and Research, on completion of 6 years, permit the research scholar to renew the registration on payment of due fees up to 7 years.

The women candidates and Persons with Disability (more than 40% disability) may be allowed a relaxation of two years in the maximum duration i.e. up to 9 years. The women candidates may be provided Maternity Leave / Child Care Leave once in the entire duration of Ph.D. for up to 240 days and male research scholars shall be eligible for paternity leave as per University rules once during their entire tenure.

Attendance Requirement:
A research scholar, who is pursuing course-work as a part of his Ph.D. Programme, is expected to have full (100%) attendance in each course. However, a maximum of 30% attendance deficiency may be condoned by the Dean, Faculty of Doctoral Studies & Research for genuine reasons.

Award of the Title:
After the doctoral students of the Institute has satisfied all the requirements of the Ph.D Programme, he/she will be awarded the title of 'Doctor of Philosophy" by the Nirma University.