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Nirma University and its constituent Institutes have been accredited by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with Grade 'A'. The achievement once again manifests that the University is committed to Quality Teaching-Learning and Research and is accomplishing the promised. There is a continuous attempt to meet the standards of quality in terms of its educational practises and outcomes, research, teaching-learning, evaluation, administrative processes and structure and student services.

The University, at every stage, has believed in self-assessment and self-evaluation with the objective to re-confirm the direction, thrust and momentum with which we move ahead towards achieving our Vision and Mission.

  • November 18, 2015

The Finance Club of IMNU started off their first prodigious  Annual Conclave  with a bang! “ARTHODAY” means continuous progress in terms of getting financial richer. It was organizes to let students aware about the emerging trends going on in financial sector in India such as Corporate Restructuring, Developing Indian Debt Capital Market, Dynamics of Risk Management, Emerging Scenario of Investment Banking, Financial Inclusion and Effectiveness of Pradhanmantri Jan Dhan Yojana, Future prospects in Banking Industry, Changing Face of India's International Trade, Role of Venture capital, Experimenting With Small Finance Bank To Achieve Financial Inclusion etc. The  conclave  helped  students  in  getting  better  knowledge  of  Indian  Financial  sector. Speakers like, Shri. P. C. Sahoo, Mr. Chetan A. Shah, Mr. Rakesh Valecha, Mr. Prosenjit Kundu,  Mr. Mahendra Lodha, Mr. Mahendra Lodha showcased the emerging trends in financial sector in India. They exerted a lot of effort into their  speech explaining a scenario  with various Q&A  over the course of six hours  and members of the Fine$$e club were helping around the auditorium for the success of the event.

At  the  start  of  the  event,  Dr  Somayajulu  Garimella,  Director,  Institute  of  Management,  Nirma University,  gave  welcome  address  to  all  the  present  people.  Following  that  the  conclave  went smoothly till the end.  The speakers started the speech with their choice of topic and delivered a speech and also let the students’ queries solved by answering them.

The event was a huge success with more than 250 students’ presence. They came out of the program satisfied with the results and students were grateful for the perfect organisation of the conclave. The core idea of the conclave that is, to aware the students about the emerging trends of the Finance sector in India was pretty much fulfilled. They were conveyed the information related to the topic and were satisfied with solution of their queries related to the topic.

  • October 31, 2015

The Institute of Management, Nirma University celebrated the ALUMNI DAY on 3 October 2015.

We welcomed almost 200 alumni and their family members for the nostalgic reunion. The two-day event was organized by the Kaizen Committee of IMNU.

The theme this year was 'AMERICAN BLUES', complete with music, costumes and a photo booth with photographs as souvenirs. Welcomed with badges and goodie bags, the Alumni roamed around their campus after registration. The committee had stalls for purchase of IMNU merchandise & handicrafts created by children of Saral Foundation, the on-campus NGO. The alumni planted saplings within the campus as part of the environmental initiative 'GreenIMNU'.
A faculty interaction presided by Prof. M. Mallikarjun was organized, where current trends in the industry were discussed.

A play by the young Saral children then took place with a relevant message highlighting the importance of education. Pavan Soni, an alumna of the batch of 2007 shared some profiles of her batch mates which exemplified how the pursuit of passion wins over that of placement offers and job security, and how one must always go for what one’s interest lies in.

This was followed by a performance of a medley of songs by Club Fiesta- The Music and Dance Club of IMNU and a spectacular mime by Chehre - The Dramatics Club of IMNU. Fiesta then had a group dance to liven the event even more. 'WALK-A-THON: A walk by the alumni' started at the Institute main gate and ended at the Back Lawn were dinner was served. A dance music night followed where everyone danced together to the beats of energetic songs.

As the evening progressed, a friendly match of Football was organized between the students and alumni. The alumni strolled around the campus till late in the night to re-live the memories of their days at IMNU.

  • October 09, 2015

The third batch of two days ‘Total Dealership Management’ programme was organised by IMNU for 18 dealers of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. These dealers represented different urban and rural areas of Gujarat State.

In this programme, topics like CRM, Self Development, Team-Building, Brand Management, Sales Management, People Management and Profitability Analysis were covered.

Inaugural session was graced by Mr.Sanjeev Kakkad, (DGM-Retail Sales– IOC-Gujarat), Mr Bimal Pathak (Chief Manager-Retail Sales-IOC-Gujarat) and Prof. Bindi Mehta (Strategy Area) shared her views to participants during the  session.

  • September 15, 2015

HR Conclave - Pravartan 2015

The Human Resource conclave, Pravartan 2015, organized by Institute of Management, Nirma University commenced at 10 AM on September 12, 2015. The theme for the conclave this year was Make HR to “Make in India”.

The conclave started with a welcome address by Dr. S. Garimella, Director, Institute of Management, Nirma University. He started the inauguration session by emphasizing on the need to switch focus in the direction of untapped talent residing in rural India by creating job opportunities. He mentioned that rural part of the country could bring in great opportunities for the nation.

The inaugural speaker Mr. H N Shrinivas, Advisor, Tata Sons, started the session with a critical analysis of the present state of education and training in the country. He went on to speak about the lack of skill development in the country. He also stressed on the need of skilled labor and man power in order to actualize “Make in India”. In the same context, he talked about certain training institutes in the country which focus on quality of training. He further stated how on one hand, the country needs a large number of well-trained youth, while on the other hand, the major problem of poverty and unemployment are staring at us crying for a solution. This, he said, is the opportunity to “Make in India” and develop skillsets in India. He thus highlighted that bridging the gap between raw talent and skilled labor is the need of the day and that is the key to effective skill building in the country. Mr. Shrinivas quoted Dr. A P J Abdul Kalum’s famous words in this context- “India will become a super power by 2020” and said that it would come from an amalgamation of both rural and urban India. He spoke about his firm belief that India will soon become the HR hub of the world, given the fact that a wave of skill development and training has already begun in the country. Mr. Shrinivas concluded with a quote by Albert Einstein: “-A hundred times every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life are based on the labors of other men, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received and am still receiving.”

  • September 12, 2015

The second batch of two days ‘Total Dealership Management’ programme was organised by IMNU for 21 dealers of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. These dealers represented different urban and rural areas of Gujarat State.

In this programme, topics like CRM, Self Development, Team-Building, Brand Management, Sales Management, People Management and Profitability Analysis were covered.

Inaugural session was graced by Mr.Sanjeev Kakkad, (DGM-Retail Sales– IOC-Gujarat), Mr Bimal Pathak (Chief Manager-Retail Sales-IOC-Gujarat) and Prof. S. Garimella (Director-IMNU) shared his words of wisdom during the  session.

  • August 14, 2015

American dignitaries from Drexel University Dr. Frank Linnehan, Dean, LeBow College of Business, and Dr. Julie Mostov, Vice-Provost for Global University, visited Nirma University Campus and also Institute of Management. The interaction between the visionaries was very enlightening and brought in new dimensions in the domain of Management studies.

Visited Campus: May 28, 2015

  • August 10, 2015

A two days ‘Total Dealership Management’ programme was organised by IMNU for 30 dealers of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. These dealers represented different urban and rural areas of Gujarat State.

In this programme, topics like CRM, Self Development, Team-Building, Brand Management, Sales Management, Emerging HR Practices and Profitability Analysis were covered.

Inaugural session was graced by Mr. N. Srinivas (GM-HO-IOC-Mumbai), Mr. Sanjeev Jain (GM – IOC-Gujarat) and Sanjeev Kakkad, (DGM-Retail Sales– IOC-Gujarat) and Prof. S. Garimella (Director-IMNU). Prof. Anup Kumar Singh (DG-NU) shared his words of wisdom during the valedictory session.

  • July 23, 2015

Abhivyakti organized  the first event of Academic Year 2015  –  16  on July 23, 2015  from 2:30 PM  –  3:30 PM in the Student Activity Centre. The Event was “The Big Picture” wherein there were 36 participantssorted  into  6  teams.  Each  team  was  given  a  piece  of  the  painting  which   they  were  supposed  to replicate in just one hour. It was great to see everyone bringing out their hidden talents of painting and creating  great  masterpieces  with  their  team.  There  was  a  lot  of  teamwork  seen  across the  teams  as well  in  order  to  have  their  pieces  matched  with  their  counterparts  –  for  this  they  were  given  a dedicated time of 5-7 minutes

The event was a great success as all the pieces matched perfectly and the BIG PICTURE was achieved! It was  a  great  one  hour  activity  for  all  the  participants  who showcased  the  best  of  their  talents  in this event.

  • July 23, 2015

The Inauguration ceremony started with Sarasvati Vandana after which a Video on NIRMA University was shown to the guests present in the IMNU Auditorium. The audience comprised of the New Batch of BBA- MBA (Five Year Integrated) Programme, Parents, Faculty & Staff of IMNU.

The Welcome Address was given by S. Garamella wherein he mentioned that the BBA-MBA (Five Year Integrated) Programme at IMNU is fast becoming one of the most aspired Programme for the students interested in doing a Management Programme at the under-graduate level in the country. He further described the commitment that goes into training the students to be socially responsible citizens. He stated that this day would be a day to remember for the 2015 batch as they moved from school life to college life and assured them that the teachers would spare no efforts to groom the students and provide them the best inputs possible.
Chief Guest Mr. Sameer Joshipura then addressed the audience. He started by asking the students to maintain a high level of energy and enthusiasm for the next 5 years where they would have the chance to learn and do new things. He stated, "You need to make difference in the world." The discussion went ahead with an interactive session where he asked students the reason they chose the course. Reality was put forward to the students where he stated that only 10% of the MBA's are employable as there is oversupply of MBAs. He mentioned that over 200 plus B-schools in the country had shut down over the last 5 years and thus they need to put efforts to differentiate themselves and prove themselves.

  • July 20, 2015

The inaugural function of Executive Diploma Program (EDP) was held on 19 July 2015. Mr. Pankaj Popat, Vice President Retail Management, HDFC Bank was the chief guest of function.

EDP participants from different organizations such as Ford India Pvt. Ltd., M/s. Ingersall Rand Limited, Electrotherm India Limited, Airport Authority of India, Torrent Power, Adani Power, Tata Motors Ltd, Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd., HCL Infosystems Ltd., Infosense Pvt. Ltd., GHCL Ltd, and Tata Technologies Ltd. were present in the function.

  • July 20, 2015

The third Vichar Vinimay was at 2:00 p.m. on 16th July 2015 at E1 classroom. Prof. Monali Chatterjee presented her research work on the topic ‘Readiness is All: Preparing Students to Face the Placement Processes’.


The final placement process with which any professional programme particularly MBA, concludes is always regarded with hope and anticipation by students and faculty-members alike. It is the final placement in a dream company that determines a student’s eagerness or the lack of it to seek admission in a business school. Hence placement training has become the key lesson to learn for most students who are ardent seekers of their much desired career.
This research proposes the approaches that are appropriate to the dependent styles needed early in courses in preparation as well as more independent and mutual strategies. There is an identified need to prepare students to develop more independence in general and facing key points of evaluation in particular. The first part of the paper will explore the components that are commonly included as a part of the placement training process, if at all they are offered. The focus then narrows down into the components that related to communication skills through the accurate use of English. The paper concludes with observations about what teaching strategies best delivers and inculcates the most desirable qualities in students so that they become both suitable and necessary to the requirements of the recruiters’ organizations.

  • July 17, 2015

Mr.  Jagat  Shah,  founder  and  CEO,  Global  Networks and a renown personality in the field of International Marketing, addressed the vibrant new batch of IMNU on 17th July, 2015.
In  the  session  Mr.  Jagat  Shah  shared  his  insights  on various important and sensational topics of marketing. He  discussed  with  us  the  attitude  we  should  carry while  dealing  with  any  real  life  scenarios.  His  stories were highly inspiring and motivating for all who believe in bringing a change however small or big.
As  the  session  progressed  Mr.  Shah  shared  with  us many inspiring  stories  including  the  beautiful  story  of  Farista from Afghanistan. This story very clearly taught the  use  of  Art  and  Creativity  in  Business  model  and showed  how  simple  idea  enforced  using  right  set  of people can change a simple business to global business as  it  had  happened  in  this  case.  Through  his  various other  captivating  narration  of  real  life  incidents,  He taught us 7 forms of Capital for an entrepreneur, most important  of  them  being  Culture.  He  explained  that how if we can indulge others into our own culture it becomes easy to start a marketing and trade relationship.  He  delved  into  details  of  how  showcasing  of one’s  culture  help  customer  &  seller  bond  and  build trust  in  each  other.  China  following  the  same  trend always  keeps  a  cultural  programme  before  any  trade fare.
He ended the session with a great lesson for everyone to  remember  -  “Any  Social  Problem  is  a  chance  of Business  Opportunity.  Develop  an  eye  to  identify  & spot problem & change it to business opportunity."

  • July 17, 2015

The Big Data Analytics workshop is being conducted by Institute of Management, Nirma University. Officials from Capgemini, a leading multinational firm have kindly agreed to be the resource persons for the same. The workshop comprises of 32 hours of classroom training, and is being conducted over four days, 11th, 12th, 18th, and 19th of July 2015. The first part of the training was conducted on 11thand 12th July. Dr. Bhimappa Desai, the Head of Big Data Analytics, Capgemini was the trainer for these sessions.
The first two days of the workshop dealt with big data and its capturing and storage. The sessions started with the welcome of the Guest by Prof. Rajesh K. Jain, GM Area Chair and the Coordinator of the Workshop. Dr Desai covered topics including Introduction of Big Data, its Uses and Applications, the applications and concepts of upcoming software such as Hadoop, Hive, Pig. The sessions not only covered the theory behind the working of these software languages but also gave time for hands on training of the machine level commands used in these. The VMPlayer software was used to initiate a Virtual Machine and work on data.
The amount of data being generated through several sources like social media, sensors, e-commerce etc. is huge and increasing rapidly day by day. This big data finds its use and applications in various industries. Hence, the knowledge and training of the coverage in the workshop would be very beneficial to the students and would provide them an edge when they enter the corporate world.
The next part of the workshop will be conducted in the coming weekend by Mr Yash Sowale, Big Data Expert at Capgemini and will comprise of the analytics part of the Big Data Analytics.

  • July 16, 2015

Speaker: Mr. Umesh Krishnappa, Executive Vice President & Head - New Car Programs & Platforms,Operations,Business Excellence,SCM, Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt Ltd

Topic: Business Excellence in Product  and Eco System Creation  a Case study of Mahindra Reva Green Car Creation with a Green Eco System  A Case of Make In India

Venue: Institute Auditorium


  • July 10, 2015

The BBA- MBA (Five Year Integrated) Programme Students of Institute of Management, Nirma University had a wonderful opportunity of meeting and interacting with 30 students from UK. The event was an initiative of the British Council and Ingenous – a Delhi based organization which organized the programme. From IMNU, Prof. Nina Muncherji (Chairperson , BBA- MBA Programme) coordinated the event. A group of 30 Students from UK and 30 Students from Institute met on 5th July, 2015 at Alpha One Mall, Vastrapur.  Twenty students from 3RD Year (2013-18 BATCH) and ten students from 2nd Year (2014-19 BATCH) of the BBA-MBA Programme from Institute were selected for the same.  
The event at the Mall started at 11:00 am where the students from Institute were accompanied by 2 faculty Prof. Shahir Bhatt and Prof. Monali Chatterjee.  They met the foreign students and welcomed them by exchanging introductions. Then the coordinators from UK divided the students into several groups comprising of 3-4 British and Indian students respectively and were asked to carry out an activity together. The activity was planned in a manner wherein all the groups could get to know each other and communicate effectively. The activity comprised of finding answers to questions such as:
1. Find out 3 UK brands at the mall.
2. Find out the place of origin of all the movies at Cinepolis Theatre.
3. Find out 3 handmade Indian products at the mall.
After the activity, all the groups were given a sum of Rs 1800 to have lunch. All the Nirma students in their respective groups made the foreign students try some authentic Indian food.  They really appreciated the hospitality and affection provided by students of Institute of Management, Nirma University.  
The students from UK were looking forward to the next meeting at the University Campus. “Always good to share our culture with the ones with a different one”
After the Mall challenge on 5th July, 2015 at Alpha Mall, Ahmedabad, 30 students from UK visited Institute for half day. The day commenced with an ice breaking session by Prof. Reena Shah who had arranged a battle field game and the teams of 6 members each had to go through the battle field. Then the teams moved for the treasure hunt which was a sort of campus exploration. Two teams had a tie and won prize of vouchers by Crossword store.
This was followed by an Expert Lecture on Bio-tech manufacturing by Dr. Vibhor Saraswat from Zydus Cadila.
With this ended the two day programme and the students (both from UK & India) left with loads of insights and memories. It was great initiative by all the authorities involved and had a great learning experience for the institute of management students.

  • July 05, 2015

This talk was by  by Peter Donnelly on 'How juries are fooled by statistics'. This was based on a real case where a mother was charged with murder of her 1st and 2nd child. This death charge was was a result of statistics done in a faulty manner.

It was a huge response. This screening gathered more than 100 viewers.

  • July 03, 2015

MBA (FB & E), Batch 2015-17 Inauguration was held on July 1, 2015 at Institute of Management, Nirma University. Mr. Sandeep Engineer, MD, Astral Poly Technik Ltd. was Chief Guest for the same. He spoke about challenges faced during his entrepreneurial journey, lesson learned from the same and way ahead. Mr. Engineer also highlighted significance of succession planning and professionalizing family owned businesses.

  • July 01, 2015

The Institute of Management, Nirma University organized an eight day orientation program for the new batch of MBA (FT) during 23 June – 30 June, 2015. The main objective of the program was to make the students familiar with the institute, curriculum, activities, industry expectations and other issues before they begin their formal classes and studies.

The program helped the students in acclimatizing with the institute environment and culture as they come from diverse backgrounds in terms of education, experience, geography, language, etc. During this activity students came to know about the MBA program, industry expectations from MBA graduates, learning and evaluation processes, students clubs and committees, Corporate Relations Cell & its functions, etc.

  • June 30, 2015

The 2nd batch of Adani Diploma in Management Programme has been launched institute of on 20th June.  This is a post graduate programme in general management with tailored courses from different functional areas in management like Human Resources, Marketing, Accounting, Finance  as also integrative courses like Strategic management, Management Control Systems and Corporate Entrepreneurship. Skill based courses are also included like Business Communication and Leadership. The programme is designed based on a needs assessment exercise carried out in consultation with the business heads and the human resources personnel of the Adani group.

The nominated participants are high performing managers who hail from various strategic business units of the Adani group of companies. It is a year long  weekend programme with a customized curriculum design and evaluation pattern. The best in class faculty are roped in for course delivery and mentoring. Innovative pedagogy is employed for delivering both conceptual and practical inputs with direct relevance to the roles and responsibilities of the participants.

  • June 20, 2015

Nirma University, Ahmedabad, today organized its 19th Annual Convocation at its campus on SG Highway, Ahmedabad, wherein 478 students were conferred upon various degrees. Hon’ble Justice Mr. A. M. Ahmadi, Former Chief Justice of India, was present at the convocation as the Chief Guest, whereas the function was presided over by Dr. Karsanbhai K Patel, President, Nirma University.

The convocation began with welcome address by Dr. Patel, President of the university, who also conferred degrees to the pass-outs. The Chief Guest, Hon’ble Justice Mr. Ahmadi presented Scholastic Awards to the toppers of various disciplines before delivering the convocation address. The function ended with concluding address by the Director General of the University.

Dr. Patel highlighted that, Nirma University has set up new benchmark in the way the education system works and it has educated the students in a way so that they can take up the challenges of the new age and grow up to their potential.

Twelve students from Ph. D, 177 students from MBA – Full Time, 80 students from MBA – Family Business & Entrepreneurship, 7 students from MBA – Part Time, 1 student from LL.M. in Legal Pedagogy & Research, 101 students from B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) and 100 students from B.Com. LL.B. (Hons.) were awarded degree for successful completion of their academic courses. Several awards were also given to deserving students as a token of appreciation of their hard work while achieving their goal. Total 19 medals were given to students for securing first, second and third rank in their respective courses.

It is worthwhile to mention that Nirma University was established as a statutory university in 2003 (amended in 2006) under a Special Act passed by the Gujarat Government. The University Grants Commission (UGC) has recognized Nirma University under Section 2(f) of the UGC Act. On April 17, 2013, the University completed 10 years.

Nirma University consists of the Faculty of Technology, Faculty of Management, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Research and Doctoral Studies. The graduate, post-graduate, and doctoral level programmes offered by these faculties are rated highly by accreditation agencies, industry, business magazines, and students.

Innovation, quality, and excellence are the key driving forces on the campus which have translated the vision of these institutions into reality. Today, the campus vibrates with not only world class curricular activities but also with myriad activities like international conventions, symposia, conferences, student competitions, conclaves, short-term industry relevant programmes, cultural activities  etc.

  • May 07, 2015

Nineteenth Convocation of the University  will be held on April 25, 2015 at 6.25 pm.

Chief Guest: Hon'ble Mr. Justice A.M.Ahmadi (Former Chief Justice of India)

During the Convocation, the degrees shall be conferred to the students of Institute of Management and Institute of Law, in addition to Ph.D students of the University. The degrees shall be conferred by Dr. Karsanbhai K. Patel, The President of the University.

Click Here for Live Streaming of Convocation

  • April 23, 2015

Institute of Management anounces Admission to following Programmes:

1. BBA-MBA [Five Year Integrated Programme] 

2. MBA (Family Business & Entrepreneurship) - Last date for submission extended till May 25, 2015

3. Ph.D (Full Time) - Last date for submission extended till May 25, 2015

4. Ph.D (External)

  • April 11, 2015

Indian Capital Market Evolution and Path Forward

Mr. Chauhan started the session by a motivational quote advising the students to have ambitions much higher than where they are today. He traced back the formation of capital market evolution from a historical perspective, right from the time of Columbus. Earlier India used to have single entry book keeping system which now has transformed to double entry book system. He threw light upon the incidence of boom and burst like tulip mania and the concept of Fiat money. He then described the transition of native share and stock association to BSE from a broker’s democracy to an automated version. He highlighted the importance of speed in stock market and how BSE implemented it. He ended the session by highlighting how IT has been changing and will further change the face of India in coming times.

February 6, 2015

  • February 06, 2015

The Second International Conference on Global Diaspora was held on January 10 and 11, 2015, at the Institute of Management, Nirma University. This conference had been organised with the joint cooperation of Nirma University, Ahmedabad, World Association of Global Diaspora Studies (WADIS) & The Research Center for Overseas Korean Business and Culture, Chonnam National University at Gwangju, South Korea and the State University of New York at Binghamton, USA.

Several distinguished speakers were present at the conference. The opening session was at 2pm, on January 10. The session was chaired by Dr. Anup Singh, Director General, Nirma University. Professor Manas Chatterji, State University of New York at Binghamton, addressed the audience about research issues related to diaspora. The guest speaker for this session was Dr. Yoginer Alagh, Chancellor, Central University of Gujarat, who has previously been associated with various reputed government institutions. Dr. R.J. Mody of Nirma University ended the session with a vote of thanks.

Over the course of the next day and a half, various technical sessions were held in classroom T1. Speakers from all over India, and a few from other countries were present. For instance, Professor John Chaffee, State University of New York at Binghamton, had chaired and presented. Professor Brij Maharaj, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, had also chaired and presented. Other notable speakers were Professor P.M. Kamath, Professor R. G. Gidadhubli, Professor S. I. Rajan and Professor V. Mohan. Dr. S. Iyengar, Vice Chancellor, Gujarat Vidyapith, was a speaker in one of the sessions. The Chairperson for the plenary session was Dr. Anup Singh, Director General, Nirma University.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner were arranged for the delegates throughout their stay. Accommodation was arranged in the university guesthouse for invited speakers, and in the student dormitory for research scholars. Certificates were distributed to all presenters towards the end of the conference.

  • January 21, 2015

The Institute signed an MoU with National Institute of Securities Markets (An Educational Initiative of SEBI) on January 12, 2015 at Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar in presence of Shri.J.Pandian, IAS, Chief Secretary, GoG.

The following are the objectives of the MoU:

  • To develop investors' awareness and education programmes to be offered at district headquarters and talukas in Gujarat.
  • To develop Management Developments Programmes for financial skill sets for companies coming up in GIFT City.
  • To conduct various studies related to the effectiveness of regulations, levels of disclosures and best practices.
  • To jointly conduct round tables and workshops.
  • Any other area of mutual interest, in connection with the attainment of the objectives stated in the MoU.

  • January 17, 2015

Nirma International Conference on Management (NICOM) organized by Institute The 18th of Management, Nirma University during January 8 – 10, 2015. Its central theme was “Transforming HR for Enhanced Organizational Capability” and it had five sub-themes namely Role of HR for Business Excellence, Innovative Processes for Managing Human Performance, Challenges in Developing Leaders for Future, Organizational Culture and Dynamics of Change and Linking HR with CSR. In total, 225 abstracts were received and 107 full papers. We had paper from India and abroad, from countries like Sri Lanka, Kampala, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The papers were sent for two rounds of blind review. Based on the feedback, select papers were published in three of books with ISBN number published Excel India Publications, New Delhi. Total registrations were 126 delegates, in addition to this 26 faculty members and 19 students were also registered since they presented papers in NICOM 2015. In total 111 papers were presented in 24 sessions organised in six tracks in three days.

In addition to the inauguration and valedictory sessions, there were four plenary sessions delivered by reputed national and international speakers.

The conference was inaugurated on January 8, 2015. The inaugural session was addressed by the Guest of Honour, Mr Maheshwar Sahu – Chairman, Gujarat State CSR Authority. He focused his discussion on how CSR is seen as a social responsibility by almost all the major organisations. He also spoke about the challenge of HR for balancing work with entertainment and delivery.The Chief Guest of the inaugural session, Dr. S Chandrasekhar– President and Global Head- HR, Dr Reddy’s Laboratory, in his mesmerising session discussed about the five trends for India Inc. which are skill shortage within demographic plenty, global ambition within local mind set, digital poverty within IT abundance, GenY music within an intergenerational symphony and corporate stability with socio-economic turbulence. The inaugural function was also graced by Dr. Karsanbhai K. Patel, President, Nirma University.Click

[Click for more information on NICOM]

  • January 08, 2015