Management Institute

Major Thrust Areas

General Management and Entrepreneurship are the two major thrust areas of research, as well as corporate engagements, in terms of management development programmes. In addition, each faculty member is an expert in specific subject area, and is accordingly engaged in conducting research in that field. The broad areas in which faculty members are involved in research are marketing, finance, operations, economics, international business, organisation behaviour, human resource development, and information technology

Faculty NameThrust Area
Dr. Mallikarjun M Financial and Spatial Econometrics, Poverty and Inequality
Prof. Deepakkumar Jaykrishna Danak Capital Markets, Shareholder Value Creation
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Jain Quality, Organizational Effectiveness, Project, Supply Chain Management
Prof. Ashwini K Awasthi Services Marketing
Dr. Nityesh Bhatt eGovernance, ERP, Technology Enabled Operations Management
Dr. Pawan Kumar Chugan Intl. Business, Economics, Supply Chain & Logistics Management, International Marketing
Dr. Prabhat Kumar Yadav Trust, loyalty, and opportunism in B2B relationships in traditional as well as online markets, new product adoption and diffusion, online buyer behavior, and e-Business models
Prof. Harismita Anubhai Trivedi Management Education, Communication in Organisations, Organisation Studies
Dr. Indu Rao HRM, HRD, OB, OD, IB
Dr. Subrat Sahu Customer Relationship Management, Business-to-Business Marketing, Services Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility
Dr. Jayesh Pankaj Aagja Consumer Behaviour, Contagion Marketing, Sales Management
Dr. Parag R Rijwani Corporate Financial Reporting, Strategic Cost Management, Behavioral Finance, Personal Finance
Dr. Sanjay Jain Marketing Communication, Brand Management
Dr. Nina Muncherji Team Work, Leadership, Stress Mgmt, Higher Education, Gender Issues
Dr. Sameer Sudhakar Pingle Cross Cultural Management, HR Practices in SMEs, Employer Branding, Management Education
Dr. Sapna Parashar Retail and E-retailing,consumer behaviour and rural marketing
Dr. Samik Shome Development Economics, Labour Economics, Strategy, Public Policy
Prof. Hardik Harshadkumar Shah Appreciative Inquiry, Team based working, Project teams, Empowerment, Employee Engagement, Performance Management etc.
Dr. Monali Chatterjee American Literature, Indian Literature, English Literature, Language Teaching, Higher Education
Dr. Chetan A. Jhaveri Inventory planning, Transportation & distribution Management, Supply Chain Optimization, Predictive Modelling
Prof. Khyati Manas Desai Strategy and Innovation
Prof. Khyati Suresh Shah Accounting & Taxation
Dr. Mahesh K c Directional Data Analysis, Robust Statistics and Statistical Finance
Dr. Meeta Amar Munshi Integrated Marketing Communication, Consumer Behavior, Cinema Studies
Dr. Ritesh Patel Shareholders Wealth, Behavioral Finance, Merger & Acquisition, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
Prof. Balakrishnan Unny Raghavan Software Project Management, IT Risk Management
Prof. Dhyani J. Mehta Economics, Econometric, Public Finance
Dr. Bhajan Lal kardam Human Capital, Organisational Commitment, Employee Satisfaction, Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviour
Dr. Diljeetkaur Gurbhejsingh Makhija Operations Management, Operations Research, Quantitative Analysis, Research Methodology
Dr. Tejas Rajeshbhai Shah Digital Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Services Marketing, Retail Management
Dr. Shreshtha Dabral Employee Engagement and Organisational citizenship behaviour
Dr. Nisarg A Joshi Corporate Restructuring, Financial Restructuring, Corporate Insolvency, Artificial Intelligence, Forecasting, Investment Strategies
Dr. Praneti Shah Operations Management
Prof. Sandip Gokalbhai Trada Channel Management, Multiple Channel Design, Business to Business Relationships
Dr. Bhoomi Ruchit Mehta Micro-finance, Working capital management, financial accounting
Dr. Punit Saurabh Family Business & entrepreneurship, Innovation Management
Dr. Dhiren N. Jotwani Economic Growth and Development, Financial Development
Dr. Sunita Guru Digital marketing, Consumer Behavior, E-commerce, Retail marketing, Operation research and Statistics
Dr. Nikunj Ramanikbhai Patel Accounting, Financial Management, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management and Behavioural Finance
Prof. Nirmal Chandrakant Soni Developmental Economics, Environmental Economics.
Dr. Naresh Nageshwararao Poturaju Cash and Futures Market, Stock Trading Strategies and Consumer Protection.
Dr. Amola Bhatt Micro-finance, Financial Services, Gender Studies
Dr. Shahir Bhatt Branded Apparel Retailing, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, Online Buying Behavior
Prof. Punita Rajpurohit Earnings quality, corporate governance, financial distress
Dr. Vishal Lalit mohan Goel Micro Finance, Accounts, Finance
Prof. Tripurasundari - Joshi Branding, Customer Relationship Management, Consumer Behavior
Dr. Shantanu Chittaranjan Mehta Accounting Disclosures and Investors Education, Cost and Costrol System
Dr. Bindi R. Mehta Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Gender Issues