Management Institute

MBA in Family Business and Enterpreneurship Courses in India

Option for INTERNATIONAL Immersions

Electives in Marketing, Finance, Information Management, Operations Management, OB & HR

Programme Design
This Programme is targeted towards two distinct audiences:
(a) young graduates with or without family business but who exhibit entrepreneurial ambitions, and
(b) the next generation of Family Business Owners.

Programme Outcomes:
After going through this Programme, the students will be able to:
  • Operate as Effective Family Business Owner-Managers,
  • Develop themselves as successful Entrepreneurs
  • Use conceptual frameworks and best management practices
  • Conduct as socially responsible businesspersons.
The programme is spread over two academic years. An academic year is divided into three terms of about twelve weeks each. The first three terms consist of compulsory (foundation) courses, while the next three terms consist of mostly elective courses offered in two streams of specialization: (a) Entrepreneurship (MBA in Entrepreneurship), and (b) Family Business Management (MBA in Family Business Management). The curriculum also includes 4 weeks' duration summer internship where the students are required to work in an organization on a real management problem. The summer internship is scheduled during summer break at the end of the first year of the programme. The students are also required to prepare a Business Plan in the second year. Besides, they are required to undertake an industry visit either in India or abroad and prepare a report on their visit.

Curriculum Architecture:
The curriculum of the Programme is developed on the basis of in-depth interactions with family businessmen, entrepreneurs and subject experts and consists of compulsory and elective courses. The compulsory course package provides the students with the foundation of a business.

The main pedagogical methods are lectures, case studies and project works. They are supplemented and complemented by role plays, simulations, syndicate discussions, etc. The actual mix varies with the nature of a course. Elective courses on the other hand are offered in the second year with objective to specialization either in Family Business Management or Entrepreneurship.