Management Institute

Extra-Curricular Activities

The Institute strongly believes in all round development of students. In order to facilitate this, there are a number of student committees and clubs at the institute. These entities are comprised of and run by students themselves. Faculty guides are assigned to each club and committee with an objective to channelize and explore the hidden potential among the students. The activities carried out by these groups help the students in getting an experience of working in teams, organizing various types of events, and developing insight into multiple functions of management. The Institute actively supports sports, cultural, literary and other recreational activities. Apart from this, the students are also encouraged to avail the facilities of a fully featured Gymnasium. Students are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities and competitions organized at other reputed B-Schools. The following extra-curricular clubs and committees are currently functioning at the Institute.

• Fiesta (Music Club)
Fiesta is the youngest club at Institute of Management. Club Fiesta was initiated to address a bunch of needs of the students, namely, relaxation, fun, learning and creativity. It is the Dance and Music Club of IMNU. The club organizes Workshops (Latin, Hip-hop, Freestyle, Guitar, Keyboard, etc.), and Lectures by prominent exponents of music and dance. Read More..

• Sumantra (The Book Club)
Sumantra promotes extra-curricular reading by conducting reviews of management books, fiction as well as other non-fiction books. Authors of popular Management books are also invited to talk about their books. The club regularly conducts a meet which consists of students volunteering to give book reviews, author introductions, games and quizzes. The club also brings out a newsletter which contains book reviews, poems, articles, essays and other fun reading material that is relevant to literature. Club Sumantra organises two major events every year - A Drop of Ink [English Poem Recitation] and Shabdanjali [Hindi Poem Recitation].

• Xquizit (The Quiz Club)
The club aims to provide opportunities to the members and interested students to develop entrepreneurial skills and help polish their abilities so as to prepare them to face the challenges of the business world.  It also helps them to set up a business by providing all possible information. The club also organizes business quizzes, business plan competitions and seminars on current issues.

• Pratikriti (The Photography Club)
The Pratikriti club of Institute of Management is conceptualized to promote photography and appreciate the creative work of photographers at Institute and also to provide the students a stage to showcase their work. Read More..

• Cultural Committee
This committee organizes all the social and cultural activities of the Institute. Read More..

• Literary Committee 
This committee organizes activities like quizzes, book reviews, debates, group discussions etc.

• Chehre (The Drama Committee)
This committee organizes plays and dramas under the banner of the dramatics club. Read More..

• Sports Committee 
This committee organizes all the sports events on the campus -the major one being the “Nirma Championship League’, a seven days sports tournament. Read More..