Management Institute

Enrichment Programmes

Capstone-Business Simulation:
Capstone  is  an  internationally  acclaimed,  rich  and  complex business  simulation  designed  to  teach/reinforce  core  business functions.  Capstone  is  used  in  over  700  leading  management institutions  globally  and  in  about  40  leading  management institutions  in  India.  A  large  number  of  the  Fortune  1000 companies use Capstone.

The  main  objective  behind  Capstone  is  to  learn  business  by running  a  business.  Learning  by  doing,  applying,  making mistakes,  experimenting  in  a  realistic  and  competitive  simulated business  environment.  It  aims  at  building  better  management people and better business acumen. The programme is  typically of 6-8 weeks duration. Students work in  teams  on  online  simulation.  It  runs  parallel  to  the  existing curriculum.

Workshop on SPSS:
The  Institute  conducts    regular  workshop on MS Excel,  SPSS  and other  tools  to  acquaint  students  with  financial  and  statistical functions.A workshop was conducted by nmore, Hyderabad, in March 2013 to train students in being adept with SPSS, a market analysis tool. More such workshops are planned.

Other Workshops:
The  Institute  offers  a  variety  of  workshops  on  Personality Development such as Effective Presentations and Interview Skills, Psychometric  Testing,  Business  Etiquettes,  Creativity  and Innovation,  Mind  Mapping,  Skills  of  Highly  Effective  People,  etc. These  workshops  are  in  addition  to  the  workshops  related  to specific  areas  of  management  such  as  Analysing  Financial Statements, Logistics Management, Selling Skills, and Workshops on  MS  Excel,  SPSS,  and  other  tools  to  acquaint  students  with financial and statistical functions.

Certification Program in Big Data Analytics:
The Institute  in  association  with  Aureus  Analytics  have come together to set up an Advanced Analytics Lab at  the  campus  as  part  of  its  Campus  Connect program. This  lab  would  be  used  for  developing actual business  scenarios  which  students  can  work  to build viable solutions in the area of data analytics. The  30  hour  certification  program  in  Big  data analytics  trained  the  participants  in  advanced  data management  in  R  as  well  as  data  mining  in  R  to make the students more industry ready.