Management Institute

Subjects - MBA-Family Business

MBA (FB&E) First Year


Term : I

Subject CodeSubjectCredits
FBE501 Fundamental of Entrepreneurship 1.50
FBEC501 Managerial Economics 3.00
FBMA501 Financial Accounting 3.00
FBMM501 Marketing Concepts & Practices-I 3.00
FBBC501 Business Communication 3.00
FBOB501 Organizational Behaviour 3.00

Term : II

Subject CodeSubjectCredits
FBMM502 Marketing Concepts & Practices-II 1.50
FBHR501 Human Resource Management 3.00
FBMA502 Cost & Management Accounting 3.00
FBEC502 Macro Economics 3.00
FBGM501 Government & Business 1.50
FBGM502 Business Laws 3.00
FBQM501 Quantitative Techniques in Management 3.00

Term : III

MBA (FB&E) Core Courses-Second Year

Subject CodeSubjectCredits
FBGM603 Business Plan 3.00
FBGM604 Industrial Orientation 1.50

MBA (FB&E) Entrepreneurship Electives-Second Year

MBA (FB&E) Family Business Management Elective-Second Year

Subject CodeSubjectCredits
FB604 Managing A Growing Organization 3.00
FB502 Family Business Management 3.00
FB609 Entrepreneurial Marketing 3.00
FBGM602 Business Tax Planning 3.00
FB632 Doing Business with Government 1.50

MBA (FB&E) Finance Electives-Second Year

Subject CodeSubjectCredits
FM610 Investment & Portfolio Management 3.00
FM626 Indirect Taxes 1.50
FM609 Working Capital Management 3.00

MBA (FB&E) Information Management Electives-Second Year

Subject CodeSubjectCredits
IT603 Enterprise Resource Planning 3.00
IT615 Technology Enabled Operations Management 3.00
IT605 Managing Electronic Business 3.00

MBA (FB&E) General Management Electives -Second Year

MBA (FB&E) Marketing Electives-Second Year

Subject CodeSubjectCredits
MM602 Business-to-Business Marketing 3.00
MM621 Strategic Brand Management 1.50
MM608 Services Marketing 3.00
MM604 International Marketing 3.00
MM612 Rural Marketing 3.00
MM603 Consumer Behaviour 3.00
MM614 Customer Relationship Management 3.00
MM617 Sales Management 1.50
MM620 Product Management 1.50
MM606 Retail Marketing 3.00

MBA (FB&E) Operations Management Electives-Second Year

Subject CodeSubjectCredits
OM603 Supply Chain Management 3.00
OM606 Project Management 3.00
OM601 Logistics Management 1.50

MBA (FB&E) Organizational Behaviour -Second Year

Subject CodeSubjectCredits
OB603 Personality Development and Business Etiquette 3.00
OB602 Negotiation Skills 1.50

MBA (FB&E) Human Resource Management-Second Year

Subject CodeSubjectCredits
HR605 Performance Management 3.00
HR608 Training & Development 3.00