Institute of Law

Post Graduate Projects

Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Critical Analysis of Legal framework relating to Municipal Solid Waste Management with special reference to Gandhinagar in the State of Gujarat Ms. Rashmi Kumari July 2014
Corporate Criminal Liability : A Critical Study of Constructive Liability Ms. Ripal Gupta October 2014
Corporate Tax Policy in India : Development, Reforms and Challenges Thakkar Love Dilip Kumar (11MLB06) April 2013
A critical analysis of compensation to Rape Victim Priyanka Bhati (14ML301) August 2015
An analytical study of Indian internet banking : With Special reference to users satisfaction Rasmi Kumari (11MLB07) April 2013
Electronic Evidence : Relevancy and adminisability under Indian Evidence Act, 1872 with possible challenges to it. Akash Shah 14ML503 August 2015
Issues related to Cartel Enforceemnt in India : A comperatibe study with special reference to India, UK and USA Sudhanshu Shekhar Jha (12MLB002) May 2014
Evaluation of Corporate Social Responsibility Activities in the State of Gujarat Nilay Praful Chheda (14ML103) August 2015
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
A Crtical Study of Industrial Sickness in India-Causes, Remedies and Preventions Mr.Deepak Upadhyay 11MLB01 LL.M. Business Law 2011-13. March 2013
Rethinking Markets with special reference to ‘Aftermarket’ under Competition Act, 2002 Hetal V. Chavda 12MLB001 LL.M. (Business Law) 2012-14 March 2014
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Formulation of Rules and Regulations of Gujarat Water Supply Sewerage Board   2013
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Mapping Politico Legal Dillemmas associated with Climate Change Refugees   September 2017
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Corporate Social Responsibility: A Roadmap for future transformation on Indian Corporate sector Mittal Parmar 11MLB004 2013
A critical study on Clause 49 of Listing Agreement with special reference to Corporate Governance and practice in India Dishant Thakkar LLM Batch 2012 2014
Criminalization of Politics : Judicial Intervention to save the Democracy Singh Navna 14ML015 2015
Right to free and Compulsory elementary Education in india : A Study of history and Development Amarutiya, Komal 13MLP001 2015
Analytical study of Social & Legal issues involving Surrogacy in India : Need for Legal Framework Dhanya,S 14ML007 2015
Manual Scavanging in India - A Critical Analysis in Light of the Statutory and Regulatory Mechanism Bihani, Aditya 15ML201 2016
A Study of Writ Jurisdiction of High Courts in India with Special Reference to Judicial Errors: 2010 -2015 Rathod Abhimanyu 15ML206 2016