Two week FRP conducted on ‘Art and Science of Thinking and Research: Augmenting Interdisciplinary Approach in ICT Era’

As per mandate of UGC and NAAC, every academic institution is required to maintain high academic standards and teacher quality. In order to promote research culture and dissemination of research related tools, methods and acumen, a Refresher Program for faculty members of ILNU was conducted between 25th June to 7th July, 2018. The two week Refresher Program was titled ‘Art and Science of Thinking and Research: Augmenting Interdisciplinary Approach in ICT Era’. The Refresher Program was organized by Institute of Law under the aegis of Centre of Quality Assurance and Academic Development (CQAAD), Nirma University. With a total learning / training of 72 hours, the program invited scholars, practitioners, technocrats, ICT experts and researchers from prestigious institutions such as Jawaharlal Nehru University, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Gujarat Institute of Development Studies, MS University Baroda, Indian Law Institute, Delhi, IP University, Delhi to name a few. Prof. GS Bajpai, Prof. Afzal Wani, Prof. Vidyut Joshi, Prof. Tara Nair, Prof. Madhusudan Bandi, Prof. Arun Pratap, Prof. Ramadhar Singh, Prof. Lajwanti Chatani, Prof. Vijay Raghavan, Prof. Suman Mitra, Prof. Bhaswat Chakaborty, Prof. Lalita Narayanan are some of the nationally acclaimed speakers who enriched the Refresher Program for the benefit of the participants. Constituent Institutes on campus such as Institute of Technology, Institute of Pharmacy also provided expertise and resource persons in various aspects of inter-disciplinary aspects of developments in research process. Prof. Dhawal Pujara, Prof. Urmil Dave, Prof. Santosh Vora gave sessions on research output presentation techniques, Nirma University Research Policy and use of SCOPUS respectively. Participants took the inputs given by experts and developed various research proposal components such as Statement of Problem, Literature Review, Critical Review and Case Comment on the chosen area of study. At the completion of the program, faculty team was able to identify their thrust areas, research methods, ICT Tools, Statistical Methods and various research methodologies. It is expected that faculty / research teams will finally apply the inputs of the FRP in desired thrust areas and come out with Minor Research Project Proposals.