ILNU Model United Nation Conference 2017

We feel privileged to invite you to the 3rd Edition of the Institute of Law Nirma University Model United Nations Conference 2017.

The 3rd Edition of the Institute of Law Nirma University Model United Nations Conference is taking place on 27th-29th January, 2017 at the Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and is aimed towards providing a memorable experience to all the participating delegates, as they will be acquainted with the real essence of diplomacy, international relations and the true simulation of the United Nations.

In our country, Model UN conferences have become very prevalent, giving the participating delegates a chance to try their hands at a certain form of debating. But at ILNU Model United Nations Conference, we aim towards the formulation of a humane world. We provide a chance to every participant to act as a Diplomat/Representative of a Sovereign Member Nation. We give them a platform wherein they can experience the most authentic simulation of the United Nations. This is the reason which inspires us to strive and work hard to make the ILNU Model UN Conference the best one in the country.

Keeping that in mind, the structure of the conference is designed in such a way which will primarily focus on Diplomacy. The councils to be simulated at the 3rd Edition of the ILNU Model UN Conference, along with their agendas, are as follows:-

1. United Nations Security Council [UNSC]
2. United Nations Human Rights Council [UNHRC]
3. United Nations General Assembly-Disarmament and International Security Committee [UNGA-DISEC]
4. United Nations General Assembly- Legal Committee [UNGA-Legal]
5. International Press [IP]

The link for the Delegate Application Form is:

The Registration Fee for the event is Rs. 1,000 without accommodation and Rs. 2,000 with accommodation. The conference even has a Best Delegation Prize which will be awarded to the Institute which has the maximum points as per the criteria set by the Secretariat. Attached herewith are the Invite and the Brochure, which will help you in having a more comprehensive idea about the conference. 

For more information, you can visit our Facebook page: or Click to download brochure

In case of any query, drop in a mail at:, or you can contact the following:-

Guneet Banga
Chairperson, MUN Committee
+91 9033422774

Prateek Mago
Secretary General, ILNU MUN 3.0
+91 9978007220

Mani Shankar
Deputy Secretary General, ILNU MUN 3.0
+91 7043702938

Siddharth Chechani
Deputy Director General, ILNU MUN 3.0
+91 7043395541