Institute of Law

Activities and Publications


  1. Publication of Research Journal (Biannual)
  2. Distinguished Lecture in the field of Law and Governance & Public Policy
  3. Legal Awareness Activities in social set-up
  4. Essay Competition
  5. Debate Competition


While the Centre’s academic program produces scholarly research on law and governance, it also seeks to translate theory into practices of governance by initiating debate, sharing research and encouraging dialogue between the academia, government, civil society at local, national and global levels.

Research Journal:

Law & Governance Journal (LGJ) is an initiative of the Centre of Law & Governance. It aims to provide a forum for discussions and debate about public law, governance and politics in order to contribute to the inter- and intra-regional discourse amongst all the stakeholders of society, particularly the advocates, academics, researchers, NGOs and students academics. Nevertheless, the Journal addresses contributors and readers from all sections of society and welcomes contributions from all related sciences as well as from representatives of courts, executive authorities, and agencies of development cooperation. It also seeks to provide a peer-reviewed venue for academic analysis in which the legal lens allows scholars and practitioners to address issues of compelling concern to the India. The journal is multi-disciplinary – offering contributors from a wide range of backgrounds an opportunity to discuss issues of governance, jurisprudence, and socio-political organization, thereby promoting a common conceptual framework and vocabulary for exchanging ideas across boundaries – geographic and otherwise. It is also broad in scope, discussing issues of critical importance without treating the region as a self-contained unit. Through this approach, CLGJ hopes to contribute to shared understandings between peoples, and enhanced discourse on institutional and human development at the local and global levels.

Panel Discussion & Expert Lectures:

The Centre for Law and Governance aims to arrange panel discussion and public lectures of distinguished Persons, Judges, Advocates, Activists, Research Scholars to discuss recent developments in various fields of Law and Governance. This is with the view to enhance the knowledge and bring new insights on the various aspects of issues related with law and governance in India.

Research Activity:

The Centre for Law & Governance believes that such analyses fails to recognize that the origin, structure and pathologies of government and the legal system in India are at the core of the problems of governance and development and has therefore hamstrung our response to these problems. Hence, the initiative seeks to create new knowledge and restore the study of the structures and practices of government and the constitutive and instrumental role of the legal system to the core of our enquiry into the problems of development and governance. This research initiative engages with the field of law and development with a healthy skepticism towards instrumentalist claims about legal reform and with a view to develop the intrinsic values of a well-organized legal system.

RTI Initiative:

The Centre for Law and Governance, Institute of Law, Nirma University is planning to create a Right to Information (RTI) portal. Under the flagship of this portal, we are planning to achieve the following twin objectives:

Firstly, the Centre plans to create alertness among the students of our institute and if possible among the students of our university about this very important tool of awareness- the basic concept of RTI, its objective, the process of filing one and what are the after steps to be taken if the RTI goes unheard after the specified time limit defined for the public authority to answer it.

This initiative can be met by conducting a session by the Centre addressing the aforesaid or by calling in a RTI activist to do the same.

Secondly through the medium of this portal we want to lend our support to anyone who feels that he/she lacks knowledge of the legal and technical aspects of this programme or have some doubt about the same. The Centre aims in helping them in whatever way possible- by preparing brief of the case for them, searching for the specific department of government to whom the RTI has to be filed etc. The Centre can also in addition in its own capacity will to try to file RTIs on contemporary issues and prepare and submit a report on its website or newsletter.

You-tube Channel for the Centre of Law and Governance

Formulation and drafting of different statutes, rules and regulations by the legislature is an important and a tedious task but what really matters is the implementation of these statutes, rules and regulations and how it effects the common citizen of this country. We are blessed to have so many N.G.Os and various other organizations working day and night to make common people aware about their rights and duties also if needed, to raise their voice against the Government.

The Centre of Law and Governance, Institute of Law, Nirma University aims to bring legal awareness among the people and make them understand their rights and empower them to raise their voice against any atrocities.

To do this task differently from the other organizations who are already working in this field, we as an association of budding young lawyers and to reach maximum people, the Centre is pleased to announce that it is launching its own You Tube Channel under a flagship program with a view of make the society aware of the various legal happenings around the country and how the statutes, rules and regulations are affecting them in real life.

The Centre will be regularly uploading videos in the form of skits, plays and nukkad nataks to be performed by the students of the Institute of Law,

Nirma University so that it could sensitize the audience and be understood by a larger audience and they may share and forward this as media for spreading awareness in the different sections of the society.