RANGOTSAV - Rangoli Competition-2018

In order to promote the artistic skills of students, RANGOTSAV  - Rangoli Competition was organized by ICNU on the theme "INDIAN CULTURE". The teams showcased their artistic skills beautifully.

The winning team illustrated the theme of "ATITHI DEVO BHAVA". The winning team comprised of:-
Ms. Nancy Bijrajka (Sem - V) - IC161163
Ms. Taru Kulshreshtha (Sem - V) - IC161152
Ms. Anjali Bijrajka (Sem - III)  - IC111103

The runner-up team articulated the fusion of  Indian Classical Musical Instruments with Tri-colour Indian Flag at the center exhibiting patriotism. The team comprised of:-  
Ms. Rajnandini Rajpurohit (Sem - I) - IC181150
Ms. Saumya Dalwani  (Sem - I) -  IC181160
Ms. Srishti Agarwal (Sem - I)  -  IC181163

ICNU thanks the students for participation and  congratulates the winners!