Institute of Architecture and Planning

Message from the Director's Desk

Prof. Utpal Sharma
We welcome you all at the B.Arch. Program at the Institute of Architecture, Nirma University. We would like to congratulate all and assure you that you are at the right place to learn and fulfil your ambitions at one of the premier institutes, known nationally & internationally, for its distinct teaching pedagogy.

In India with the economy rapidly growing, there is an urgent need to address the issues related to urbanization and development. Architecture is the field that integrates and combines different aspects of development, both tangible and intangible, through physical manifestation and helps in creating better society and environment.

Architecture in itself goes beyond functional aspects of design and buildings, and helps in creating vibrant environment thereby enhancing the quality of life of the people and the overall aesthetics of the place. It is the field that encompasses various aspects like urban design, land utilization, energy conservation, sustainability, ecology, landscape, conservation & the likes, both at micro and macro level.

The B.Arch. programme at Nirma University is unique five year program that focuses on providing education through exposure to indigenous and traditional techniques of building design using modern technology. It provides intellectual platform and opportunity for the young aspirants to interact and learn through integration with various other programs of the institute in the field of engineering, law and management.

The architecture program is challenging opportunity for all budding architects who wish to contribute to the society by making it more sustainable through adaptive designs and professional practices. It is an inclusive program that integrates one’s art, research and experimentation desires amidst practical aspects of human life and the nature.

We thank you once again for choosing our programme and look forward to learn together and take the profession to new heights.

– Prof. Utpal Sharma