Shaktiyoga Ashram Residential Workshop

Students of IA-NU attended a three-day residential workshop at the Shaktiyoga Ashram near Lonavala between February 15th-18th 2015. Organized by well-known Indian classical Dancer, Mandakini Trivedi, It included lecture-demonstrations on concepts of Language of Indian Dance, Ravindra Smriti, Temple in the Ear, Aesthetics and Space, Nature and Architecture etc. Among other invited artists and professionals were Educationist and Bharatnatayam Dancer- Vandana Alase Hazra, Poet and Hindustani Khayal singer Pandit Anand Thakore and environmentalist Prashant Mahajan and Sudha Iyer.  Every morning started with meditation and yoga session. The environment of the ashram, amidst nature and the hills, away form distractions, ensured a highly energizing immersive learning experience. The accommodation was simple and students enjoyed this as much as the excellent food. Last night at Ashram culminated with an excellent music and dance performances celebrating Mahotsav of Shivratri.