Institute of Architecture and Planning

Structures IV (Structural systems) ( 2AR414 )

Course Code : 2AR414 Semester : 4 Credit : 2.00
Lectures/week : 1 Practicals/week : 1 Tutorials/week : -
Exam Weightage Exam Hours
0.40 0.20 0.40 - -

Learning Outcomes

Students will become aware 

Firstly about main emphasis is on understanding of behaviour of advanced elements in structure.

Secondly about the study of steel as structural material and the role of properties of material and behavior of elements in evolution of structural system is carried out 


  • Determinate and indeterminate structures
  • Analysis of indeterminate structures. Introduction to stiffness and distribution factors, introduction to moment distribution factors, introduction to moment distribution method
  • Indeterminacy of a frame, comparison of post and lintel system and portal frames. Importance of portal frames in resisting horizontal forces
  • Arch as a curved element. Arch in history, efficiency of an arch. Three hinged arch. Simple problems to illustrate the importance of the shape of an arch, rise end conditions and loading
  • Steel as a structural mater