Institute of Architecture and Planning

Related Study Programme II ( RSP II )

Course Code : RSP II Semester : 2 Credit : 2.00
Lectures/week : 1 Practicals/week : - Tutorials/week : -
Exam Weightage Exam Hours
- - - - -

Learning Outcomes

Students will get exposure & awareness of various built environment at different geographical places of architectural relevance across the state, region, country & world.

Students will get the understanding of “synthesis of learning from various courses” by observing, registering & photo documenting of above stated places.

Programme outcome will be extremely valuable in creating knowledge base on architecture field not only in India but of nearby countries as well.

Production of classified images, sketches, notes on first hand experiences. of many a monument, institution, settlement in India, which become a basis for future research. 


The Related Study Programme (RSP) at the Institute of Architecture is a unique contribution to Architectural education. Initially called measure drawings, it is intended to take the students out into the field to get first hand experience of traditional built