Institute of Architecture and Planning

History and Theory I (Early civilisations of World) ( 2AR216 )

Course Code : 2AR216 Semester : 2 Credit : 2.00
Lectures/week : 2 Practicals/week : - Tutorials/week : -
Exam Weightage Exam Hours
0.40 0.20 0.40 - -

Learning Outcomes

Students will understand & get aware about material culture in small-scale communities of early agro-urban civilizations.

Students will understand about Architecture as a direct response to contextual factors.

Students will realize the disciplines of space and form: evolution of architectural order. 


  • Some nomadic and tribal communities in India – settlement, dwelling, and community space – a reflection of social, economic and contextual factors
  • A comparative community in Africa/Polynesia/ America
  • Indus Valley culture – City building, large-scale organizations, urban form, dwelling, social institutions
  • Comparison to early urban cultures of Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, Central America
  • Cities and early religious architecture in India. Rock-cut architecture and early temple forms
  • A comparison to the urbanism and architecture of Greece<