Institute of Architecture and Planning

Bachelor of Planning



Planning is the art of shaping & guiding the physical growth of the town and thereby creating built environments to meet the various needs such as physical, social, cultural, economic, recreational and providing healthy conditions for all the people. Planning is a balancing act between resource conservation and creativity and living environment conducive to the life style and affordability of the people.


Planning is a versatile field and it can be regarded as an interdisciplinary branch ensuring overall perspectives of various fields. Planners need to develop a variety of analytical and creative skills to balance different stakeholder needs and resource constraints and to find solutions that are sustainable. The definitions of Planning have changed over time and across the globe.


There existed a gap between planning agendas and planning education both in space and time, which has compelled the planning education and its pedagogy to change and adapt to new contexts. The implication for planning education is that students need to acquire creative and leadership competencies alongside traditional professional knowledge.


The course work thus is interdisciplinary, promoting better life styles that prevent the deterioration of the environment and enhance quality of life. The development of alternative, sustainable settlement patterns requires specific skills such as forecasting, networking, collaboration as well as creativity.