Faculty of Doctoral Studies & Research

Faculty Science


Dr. Dalai Sarat Kumar

  Dr. Vijay Kothari
Assistant Professor
 Plant antimicrobials, Biological applications of microwaves, Bioacoustics, Quorum-sensing, Biofilms, Halophiles, Strain improvement

Dr. Sriram Sheshadri
Assistant Professor
Hepatocarcinoma, Probiotics and gut Immunology and Gut Microbiota alteration in Diabetes, Understanding the role of mitochondria in male reproductive physiology

Dr Shalini Rajkumar
Associate Professor
 Molecular plant microbe interaction and Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) - Breach of Rhizobial Legume symbiosis; Actinomycete diversity; Catabolite repression of MPS phenotype
  Dr. Shibu G. Pillai
Assistant Professor
 Supramolecules, Polymer, Nanotechnology, Heterocyclic chemistry, Metal Complexation
  Dr. Bakshi Sonal Rajiv
Assistant Professor
 Molecular genetic determinants of human congenital disorders mainly Ideopathic mental retardation with dysmorphism, and cases of multiple spontaneous abortions; In vitro assessment of genotoxicity of various agents and compounds for cancer risk asses
Dr. Nasreen S Munshi
Assistant Professor
 Functional Microbial Diversity, Bioremediation, PGPR
  Dr. Ankur Pandya
Assistant Professor
 Industrial Control, Process Control, Control Theory, Instrumentation, Interdisciplinary Systems R&D, Navigation and Control

Dr. Ankur Dwivedi
Assistant Professor
Research interest includes Photochemistry, Water treatment, Corrosion chemistry, Chromatographic techniques, Pharmaceutical method development, method validation and characterization of bulk drugs.


Dr. Nair Amee K
Assistant Professor
Neurobiology of Epilepsy & diabetes


Dr. Chetna Chauhan
Assistant Professor
Nanophysics, Condensed Matter Physics, polymer composites