Faculty of Doctoral Studies & Research

Faculty Pharmacy

Dr. Manjunath Ghate
Director & Dean
Design and synthesis of ATP Sensitive potassium channel openers and analogues of Cromakalim and BMS series compounds. Total synthesis of Natural products - worked on the synthesis of 7-hydroxy-2-(4-hydroxy-3,5-dimethoxyphenyl) - 5,6 - dimethoxy
  Dr. Tejal A Mehta
Professor & HoD
Formulation optimization of fast dissolving dosage forms, novel drug delivery systems, nanoparticulate drug delivery system, Dissolution improvement of sparingly soluble drug.
  Dr. Priti J Mehta
Professor & HoD
Degradation behavior of drugs, Impurity Profiling, Solid state Analysis, QbD in Analytical method development, quantification of bio markers from Plants.
Dr. Vimal Kumar Singhai
Professor & HoD
Phytopharmacology of Herbal Drugs, Immobilization of Plant Cells, Herbal Drug Technology & Herbal Cosmetics
  Dr. Jigna S Shah
Professor & HoD
Preclinical Toxicity studies, Preclinical studies for Neuropsychiatric Disorders, Gastrointestinal Diseases, Cerebrovascular Diseases, Preclinical Pharmacokinetic studies, Pharmacological evaluation of Drugs of Natural Origin and NCEs, Pharmacoepidemiological studies.
  Dr. Renuka D Mishra
Assistant Professor
Formulation and evaluation of rapidly dissolving dosage forms, bioadhesive dosage form, transdermal drug delivery system and dissolution enhancement techniques
Dr. Shital J  Panchal
Assistant Professor
Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacy
  Dr. Sanjeev R Acharya
Assistant Professor
Development of Novel plant based Nutraceuticals, Cosmecueticals agents, Isolation and characterization of natural products, Standardization of Herbal extracts, Extraction efficiency through Quality by Design concept
  Dr. Mayur M Patel
Assistant Professor
Formulation development, NDDS with special emphasis on development of multiparticulate delivery systems like pellets and micro/nanoparticulate systems for targeting colon, and development of colloidal drug delivery systems for treatment of tuberculos
Dr. Hardik G. Bhatt
Associate Professor
Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry, HTS, Drug Discovery, Cancer, HIV
  Dr. Butani B  Shital
Assistant Professor
Formulation development and optimization of : lipidic drug delivery systems, controlled release formulations, Novel drug delivery systems, dissolution enhancement etc.
  Dr. Snehal S Patel
Assistant Professor
Industrial Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy
Dr. Bhoomika M  Patel
Assistant Professor
Diabetes, Cardiovascular Pharmacology, Cancer Cachexia, Pre-Clinical Toxicity Studies, Pre-Clinical Pharmacokinetic Studies, Pharmacological Screening of Drugs of Natural Origin/New Chemical Entities, Clinical Research
  Dr. Charmy S  Kothari
Assistant Professor
Analytical method development, validation, stability studies, impurity profiling, Isolation, identification and characterization of biomarker compounds from plants and formulations.
  Dr. Niyati S Acharya
Assistant Professor
Phytopharmacological screening of drugs of natural origin Isolation and characterization of biomarkers from plant sources and method development for the estimation in formulations. Standardization of herbal and ayurvedic formulations

Dr. Jignasa Savjani
Assistant Professor
Synthesis of small molecules Computer Aided Drug Design Co-crystal chemistry