Department of Design

Message from the Director's Desk

Prof. Amit Sheth
The Department of Design at Nirma University is a place of learning and not teaching. When you walk through the portals of our institute you will feel the difference. Through our pedagogy, you will be able to enrich yourself and be able to really grow into confident and excellent professional human beings. Not just good designers, but designers with empathy for the users that you will be working around. You will have the opportunity to question, to experiment, to explore and to create. Design is about breaking the rules. Continuous evaluation will ensure that not only do you enjoy various forms of learning but you will be able to comprehend and build on what you learn. Today’s world is one of continuous change both in the social spheres as well as in technology. The B.Des. programme at Nirma University is dynamic in form and will challenge you to keep abreast of the best that is developing in the rapidly changing world of design. From basic hand skills to digital platforms; from semiotics to cognitive science; the student will be exposed to a wide range of learning’s to apply in their design thinking and problem solving activities.

Design learning in its truest sense is an open, 24x7, universal and sensorial activity. You might start with a sketch conceived in the studio, but you will have to meet the user, build models and prototypes and test them in the real world. That will be the true test of how good your design solution really is.

Under the umbrella of Industrial Design you will have the opportunity to work on Human Centered Design, Universal Design, Healthcare Design as well as the other disciplines like Furniture, Textile, Ceramics and Product design.

In the field of Communication Design, besides working on Typography, Photography and Publishing Design, you will also be exposed to Brand Communication, Wayfinding Design, Interaction and New Media Design.

We insist on the all-round development of our students. Our aim is at producing not only good professionals but also good and worthy citizens who can empathize with the user who they are working for.

Thank you for joining our programme and look forward to hours of creative learning together.

– Prof. Amit Sheth