Department of Design

Department of Design at Nirma University

Department of Design at Nirma University is in its second year today, having commenced in 2017. Being the youngest programme on the University campus, it started with Nirma Management’s vision to complete the circle of educational avenues open to students seeking higher education. In today’s Information Age, increasingly, there is need for inter-disciplinary orientation. Business, Research, Industry, Governments- all are looking for the system thinking approach in their endeavors and ‘creativity’ and ‘visual thinking’ methods are sought along with digital technology, for problem solving and new opportunity mapping.

Department of Design offers two disciplines of learning- Industrial Design and Communication Design.The 4 year Undergraduate programme begins with a common Foundation year in Design. There is intense 15 weeks of ‘learning’ in each of the 7 semesters in studios, classrooms, workshops and throughfield work. Learning through Internships and Apprenticeships happens during the 10 weeks’ summer vacation period, each year. The 8th Semester is a 4-month Industry project, on the basis of which the final Degree is granted.

The programme is Research and Industry oriented with students getting a chance to work with leading Industries of the country in Digital Media, the varied Manufacturing sectors, Retail Industry, Social organizations, Independent Design Studios, Educational Services, Advertising & Media Services, etc. The philosophy of the programme is Inclusive Design with focus on Universal as well as Cultural and Contextual needs. Being located in Ahmedabad, the design capital of the country, the programme draws from the expertise of hundreds of design practitioners and design academics resident in the city.