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News of January 2017

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A workshop for faculty members, research scholars, industry personals and students on "Molecular Biology Techniques: Cloning to Expression" was conducted by Institute of Science, under the aegis of Center of Continuing Education, Nirma University. The main objective of the workshop was to train young researchers and faculty members in techniques of recombinant DNA technology and acquaint them for research in molecular biology. This was achieved through brief theoretical sessions followed by hands on training. The workshop got very good response and total 16 participants attended the workshop, which included five internal students, three external students, three external research scholars, two external faculties and three industry personnel. The sessions were conducted by our internal faculty Dr. Shalini Rajkumar supported by her research scholars.

  • January 20, 2017

A workshop "Big Data Analytics with Hadoop and Spark Framework using Python Programming" for students, faculty members, research scholars and industry persons was conducted jointly by department of Information Technology and Computer Engineering under Center of Continuing Education (CCE), Nirma University.

The objective of the workshop was to introduce the concept of Big Data and recent trends in Big Data Analytics using Python based Hadoop and Apache Spark framework. The workshop emphasiseda on enabling participants to effectively utilize Hadoop Ecosystem for solving Big Data related problems in their respective domains. A brief overview of Deep Learning techniques and their applicability in solving several problems was also provided. Lab sessions were conducted to demonstrate all practical aspects of using Apache Spark in Python so as to provide hands on experience to participants starting from configuration. Participants gained knowledge which helped them apply concepts and practical knowledge availed from this workshop in applications including Multimedia Processing and Recommender Systems.

Total 25 participants attended the workshop among which 13 were from outside institutes or industry. The workshop received very good response from all participants. The sessions were conducted by our internal faculty (Dr Priyank Thakkar, Prof JaiPrakash Verma, Prof Swati Jain, Prof Sapan H Mankad, Prof Smita Agrawal).

  • January 02, 2017