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A workshop for the industry persons and students on the “Programmable Logic Controller” was conducted by Instrumentation and Control Engineering Department   , under Center of Continuing Education Nirma University. The workshop got very good response and total 12 participants attended the workshop. The main objective of the workshop is to provide knowledge of Programmable logic controller (PLC) hardware, selection of PLC for different application, ladder programing for IQR series Mitsubishi PLC using GXwroks-3 software and HMI and PLC interfacing with Graphical user interface. Most of the practical sessions was conducted by expert from Renault industry in the field of factory automation like Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt ltd., Ahmedabad, Neutron system Pvt Ltd. Ahmedabad and Radiant system Pvt ltd.

  • August 02, 2017

Engineering Graphics, as one the foundation courses to students of all engineering discipline, a 3 Days Interactive Orientation Program titled as “Engineering Graphics – A Language of Engineer” for aspiring engineering students was conducted by Mechanical Engineering Department, under Centre for Continuing Education, Nirma University, Ahmedabad. The objectives of program are to understand the importance and application of engineering graphics, to understand the drawing instruments, to know methodology for preparing the engineering drawing to develop approach for learning the course with few fundamental topics and to develop visualization with the help of audio – visual aids and models.

The program got very good response and was participated by 38 aspiring engineering students. The fundamental topics of Engineering Graphics like Introduction to Engineering Graphics, Drawing Instruments and their use, Projection of Point, Projection of Line, Projection of Plane, Projection of Solid, Orthographic Projection, Sectional Orthographic Projection and Isometric Projection were discussed. The program was coordinated by and all the sessions were conducted by Prof. Anand S. Patel (Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department). The sessions were conducted with audio – video aids, models and animated solution of problems to understand and to develop visualization & imagination. The reference solution of problems was also shown to participants for better understanding of actual drawings.

  • June 22, 2017

A two day faculty development program on “Embedded Systems Design” was organized by Centre for Continuing Education, Nirma University during May 25-26, 2017. The program was conducted under the coordinator ship of Dr. Sachin Gajjar, Associate Professor, Electronics and Communication Engineering Department and Dr. D. K. Kothari, Professor of Electronics and Communication Engineering Department, Institute of Technology, Nirma University.

Ten Sessions were conducted on topics such as Embedded System Architecture, Embedded Processors, Embedded Programming, Real Time Operating Systems, Programming with FPGA, System Level Design using FPGA, Embedded Systems for Internet of Things and Single Computer boards and their programming. Hands on sessions were conducted on Tools for Embedded Hardware Design.

The program was attended by 25 participants from various institutes like SVBIT, TeamLeaseSkills University, GLS University, M S University, PDPU, NMIMS University, Nirma University and industrial organization ERDA. The participants were Industry personnel and faculty members from different streams like Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering.

  • June 12, 2017

This workshop focused on introducing the fascinating field of Speech Signal Processing to novices. The theme of the workshop was specially designed for those who wanted to just begin their career in this area of research. The objective of the workshop was to deliver to the participants sufficient knowledge of physiological aspects of Speech Science and necessary signal processing background which could serve the purpose of a prerequisite course and give them a kick start to learn fundamentals of Audio and Speech Processing. Some famous applications were also discussed including a few applications such as "Speaker Verification" as case studies. The workshop received a good response from the participants and some of them showed willingness to join Speech Research Group running at the department.

?Dr Hemant Patil from DA-IICT, Gandhinagar gave expert talks on Feature Extraction aspects for the Speech Processing tasks. Dr Swati Jain and Prof Sapan Mankad also delivered talks during this workshop. Total 21 participants attended the workshop among which 17 were students from CE, IT, EC and CL branch from Institute of Technology, Nirma University and 4 participants were faculty members and research scholars from nearby institutes. The workshop received very good response from all participants. Many participants suggested to keep workshops of this kind with hands-on and of longer duration in this field. They also provided their willingness to attend more such workshops in future. 

  • April 13, 2017

Centre for Corporate law Studies, Institute of law, Organised in Collaboration with Centre for Continuous Education “Certificate Program on International Taxation” scheduled on 22nd January to 26th February (6 Sundays). The course was counducted with an objective to provide orientation with the basic concepts of international taxation, covering income tax and transfer pricing, which affect the corporate entities in India. This course is designed to provide participants with the essentials of international taxation. 

The followin experts conducted 30 sessions in 6 sundays for the completion of this course

Dr Anjani Singh Tomar,

Associate Professor of law, Gujarat National law University, Gandhinagar

Shri Y.K. Batra,

Former, Commissioner of Income Tax (Appeal), Ahmedabad

Jigar Patel

Executive Director of International Tax & Investment Consultants, Ahmedabad

Visiting Professor, GNLU, AIIM.

Pradip K. Modi

Chartered Accountant, PK Modi & Co.

Board Member, PKM Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd

Amit K Kashyap

Asst. Prof of law,

Head, Centre for Corporate law Studies

Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad

Arpit Jain

Director, International Taxation

K C Mehta & Co.


Dhinal Shah

Partner, Ernst & Young LLP,


The Course was coordinated by Prof. Amit K Kashya, who can be contacted at amit.kashyap@nirmauni.ac.in

  • April 11, 2017

A workshop on the "Computer Aided Drug Design Software" for the UG and PG Pharmacy students, research scholars and faculties was conducted by Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Institute of Pharmacy under Center of Continuing Education, Nirma University. The main objective of the workshop was to give conceptual insight as well as demonstration of important software used for computer aided drug design. The workshop got very good response and total 22 participants attended the workshop, out of which 11 participants came from outside colleges. The sessions were conducted by internal faculties; Dr. Jignasa Savjani, Dr. Bhumika D. Patel and Ms. Palak Parikh.  

  • February 18, 2017

Institute of Management (IMNU) organized a three days Management Development Program (MDP) titled “Managerial Skills for Supervisory Personnel” under the aegis of Centre For Continuing Education (CCE), Nirma University on February 06-08, 2017 for industry professionals. Its Programme Leader was Prof. Sameer Pingle,  Chairman and Associate Professor in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management  Area of IMNU.

11 participants from Three organisations attended the programme. These organisations were  Gujarat State Petronet Limited (GSPL), GSPL India Transco Ltd (GITL) and Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Ltd (GMDC). Organisation wise participants list is enclosed.

Total SIX faculty members from IMNU engaged 14 sessions in THREE days (schedule attached). On last day, each participant gave their inputs on how they will develop an action plan on Managerial, Leadership and Decision Making Skills which they will cultivate in their organization. Prof. Sameer Pingle provided certificates to the participants. Overall, participants showed high satisfaction from the programme.

  • February 15, 2017

Big system design is the recent buzzword in the market for learning, understanding & implanting the big systems and their working as a whole. The Center for Continuing Education, NIRMA UNIVERSITY recently arranged a practical seminar on the big system design which was hosted by Mr bhavesh Shroff. This seminar emphasized on understanding the big system design around with a practical approach to it.

Electronics, A field which is evolving on a daily basis needs the same sort of dedication to embrace new technologies and new breakthroughs. Big system design is the major field evolving on a biblical scale. Automation is the need for growing tomorrow from transport to production, from medical to industrial each and every sector of human life is o

n the verge of a paradigm shift in terms of Technology. We as humans need to understand and cope with the technology which keeps on evolving itself with each passing day.

Big system design seminar, an approach by center for continuing education NIRMA UNIVERSTY, has touched upon the points to help its student understand the basics of system design on a practical level. The event took off with the differentiating between the types of system and understanding the meaning of big system. A big system is many systems working within a system to make it function on a large scale. The event laid its emphasis on practical designing of the system by the students of INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, NIRMA UNIVERSITY and evaluation of the design including the discussing of ideas and approaches put forward by the students. The event not only assisted in making the approach right but also encouraged the student to present their ideas in front of the audience and learn the art of evolving and iterating their ideas and systems.

To learn the approach the designing of systems, 3 example systems were taught to build to the students which included the modern metro IT infrastructure, food delivery App and Taxi App. These examples cleared the thought process of students and guided them to the path on which they can widen their thoughts and evolve their ideas from the external inputs.

  • February 14, 2017

A workshop for faculty members, research scholars, industry personals and students on "Molecular Biology Techniques: Cloning to Expression" was conducted by Institute of Science, under the aegis of Center of Continuing Education, Nirma University. The main objective of the workshop was to train young researchers and faculty members in techniques of recombinant DNA technology and acquaint them for research in molecular biology. This was achieved through brief theoretical sessions followed by hands on training. The workshop got very good response and total 16 participants attended the workshop, which included five internal students, three external students, three external research scholars, two external faculties and three industry personnel. The sessions were conducted by our internal faculty Dr. Shalini Rajkumar supported by her research scholars.

  • January 20, 2017

A workshop "Big Data Analytics with Hadoop and Spark Framework using Python Programming" for students, faculty members, research scholars and industry persons was conducted jointly by department of Information Technology and Computer Engineering under Center of Continuing Education (CCE), Nirma University.

The objective of the workshop was to introduce the concept of Big Data and recent trends in Big Data Analytics using Python based Hadoop and Apache Spark framework. The workshop emphasiseda on enabling participants to effectively utilize Hadoop Ecosystem for solving Big Data related problems in their respective domains. A brief overview of Deep Learning techniques and their applicability in solving several problems was also provided. Lab sessions were conducted to demonstrate all practical aspects of using Apache Spark in Python so as to provide hands on experience to participants starting from configuration. Participants gained knowledge which helped them apply concepts and practical knowledge availed from this workshop in applications including Multimedia Processing and Recommender Systems.

Total 25 participants attended the workshop among which 13 were from outside institutes or industry. The workshop received very good response from all participants. The sessions were conducted by our internal faculty (Dr Priyank Thakkar, Prof JaiPrakash Verma, Prof Swati Jain, Prof Sapan H Mankad, Prof Smita Agrawal).

  • January 02, 2017