Managerial Skills for Supervisory Personnel

Supervision is about building working relationships with employees. Building a trusting relationship takes time. One of the most challenging aspects of supervision is evaluation of employee performance. Evaluations can be a tool to improve performance by establishing goals for and recognizing outstanding performance. They are expected to obtain better performance from their human resources and to do so in an environment that is constantly changing. Good supervisors provide training and development for their employees and are glad to make the investment in refining employee skills. This can benefit the employer by retaining employees and meeting future business needs.

Today’s supervisors whether they are in factories, nursing care units, business offices, or retail stores are not successful by using authoritarian direction and close control. Coaching and mentoring of employees is very crucial than directing for supervisors for achieving desired results. They are also responsible for managing quality of product or service in the organization. The program aims at honing managerial skills of supervisors.

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